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  1. Woould you trade a pair of Large Regular pants for the Mediums you have? I have the same pants ...
  2. I want to make sure this is correct. You're selling a Real Steel EOTech 553 for $350? Can you take a pic of the serial #?
  3. How's the condition of the ESS V12? I have Goggles (x2), Boogie Reg's, Oakley Glasses and some Wiley X's . . . all seem to fog. I'm interested in these, but how's your take on them?
  4. Just built a rifle, so not looking . . . but wanted to say that Spike's rail looks awesome. If only real, I'd match it up with my Spikes lower. Nice rifle.
  5. Still have the WML? Is it working and do you know the lumens? Very interested and will take it for $40 shipped. Thanks -D
  6. Actually, there might be more, after another glance, such as TBB's, PTT and maybe headset, Lipo chargers and what's in the plastic bag?
  7. Any issues with the chrono? If not, I'll take it, if you'll accept $50 shipped, since shipping should be minimal.
  8. What size barrel is in this bundle? Matrix Custom Full Metal Receiver M4 Bundle - $50 Thanks,
  9. It looks like I would have to put in a lot of work or modify all the pieces to fit. Will you take $50 shipped? Any trades you might want?
  10. Kinda confused, as you mention both the top rail and the bottom. Are (2) DD rails included, along with the inner barrel and suppressor?
  11. Does the replica MOE tan grip have an end plate, cap or whatever it's called to keep the battery in?
  12. Thanks for checking my "I want" thread. I've got a bunch of real steel stuff, which I would like to rotate out of my airsoft play. Here we go: Replica EOTech under $50 T1 around $40 KWA P229 mags - non-leaky SCAR-L MC Chest Rig MC Crye-style Combat Shirts & Pants MC 3x1 open top mag pouch 50oz Hydro M9 (good brand) under $99 WML or scout type light with pressure pad Mosfets for (3) rifles, with wires and trigger contacts to deans I could go on and on, but we'll start there. I ahev a bunch of gear, both airsoft and real steel for trade + $ (of course) Thanks.
  13. Hi, I'd like to request access to hidden groups/posts/threads .... etc. I have recently become more active and have purchased and sold items here with no issue. I look forward to being more apart of the community. Thanks.
  14. Is there a link to the SCAR? Meaning, something I can check to see more about the rifle on a store page.
  15. Is the rifle in the pictures, at the bottom, for sale too? I don't see it listed
  16. If not already taken, I will.
  17. I'm really new to this, with only one, full-day, skirmish under my belt, but not at all to their real world counterparts. I bought a used G&G GR4 G26 at a really good price. Two of it's biggest selling features do not work, the integrated laser and integrated LED light. I have researched and can buy the components to fix this for under $60 . . . but a broken (toy-replica) firearm is like a blank canvas waiting for a new life as something else. The current polymer handguard is 7 inches, with a 2 piece barrel and muzzle device measuring 12.25 inches. The inner barrel is a total of 10.125 inches, stock diameter. I would like to get: an aluminum quad rail of about 9-10" a (1) piece outer barrel with the threads ending 1/2" forward of the rail. a stubby barrel extension - suppressor (about 3") a tight bore inner barrel running the length of the outer barrel and suppressor an upgraded hop up and bucking for more accuracy and distance a motor and spring combination getting me in the range of 350-400 FPS with increased ROF and anything else suggested by our experts here that I should do to the rifle that would fix common issues. And always looking for midcaps, BBs, and good replica optics. Thanks for reading and I look forward to any offers or suggestions. D
  18. Thank you for the comments . . . While it might be less expensive to purchase a rifle closer to my real steel version, I'm a tinker'er. I have already taken apart the whole rifle down to all individual components, just to see if I could and to understand the operation of the rifle. Luckily, when I put everything back together, it worked as it did before. At the very least, I'm going to take MP5User's advice and replace the inner and outer barrels, plus suppressor and other parts mentioned above. If I am to understand correctly, other modifications may not be a good idea with an EBB, such as powering it up and some external mods may not work because it's a G&G. I am not familiar with Compression Mods or the "jiggly door" model or even the pneumo mechbox. Again, I am new and apologize if these parts and topics have been discussed ad nauseum, I just don't what to look up concerning this rifle and appreciate any comments, as I want to learn more about this sport and the equipment involved. Thanks again. D
  19. Last December, I bought my son an airsoft rifle and all the gear, as he has wanted to play airsoft for a couple years now. A month passed and he had yet to hit the field. He said, "Dad, will you go with me?" Well, I couldn't let me son down, so I scoured the web for something decent, and frankly, I had no idea what decent should be. I believe I made a pretty good deal on a slightly used G&G GR4 G26 EBB (giving it one name would have been helpful ). I already had a bunch of gear and kit, being a pistol, carbine and long range real steel (never thought I would use that term) shooter. The day comes and we're off to SC Village for our first scrimmage. Throughout the day, I got a lot of suggestions, some on my rifle, like wire to deans and others on my kit, like lose the multi-tool and hex wrenches (they'll only get lost), and an assault pack might not be necessary . . . I know for sure, I'm going to get more mags, as I have plenty more room on my PC and belt. While I'm still trying to figure out my "airsoft" loadout, one thing is for sure . . . I'm hooked and I want more. My Airsoft Rifle My Real Steel Rifle So what does that have to do with AEG's, well, I want to make that G&G GR4 G26 EBB better and closer to my go to real steel rifle and of course, shoot much better. 1. I would like to get rid of the polymer handguard and put on a 10" aluminum quad rail. 2. I'd like to remove the barrel and put one on that ends about a 1/2" or so, passed the rail, so a 3-4" suppressor can be screwed on, and goes slightly inside the rail. Question: How is the barrel measured, so I can get the above look? Do I get a 10" rail and a 10.5" - 11" barrel, assuming the suppressor takes in .5" of the barrel? What size inner barrel do I get, if that will always be the setup? 3. I want higher FPS, as I was chrono'd at 307 FPS, and my son 350 FPS . . . my son just gave me a smirk. 4. I noticed I had to arc my shots passed 75 feet, which made me feel like I was throwing the BB's not shooting them. So, how do I get more distance? I know this has something to do with the hopup, but I have no idea if the one on my rifle is good or I should just replace it, because better is always better and I like to Huhh, huhh, like Tim Allen anyway (some of you might not get that :) ) 5. Sights - I have a spare pair of MBUS on it and my real Eotech and Magnifier. I was told that probably wasn't a good idea. Does an optic really matter? I mean, if I toss on a cheap red dot, I couldn't imagine it to be accurate. Can't get a good cheek weld with that darn mesh bird cage thing anyway. So, as you can all tell, I am very new to airsoft, but I dig it . . . and where else can my son shoot me and not get grounded . . . I just shoot him back :)) Any and all help, comments, suggestions appreciated. Thanks D
  20. 7. LEVEL 2 SERPA holster for SIG P226. Coyote. Includes your choice of belt loop mount or paddle mount. MSRP $70, My price is only $20! 8. TROY AR15 dual QD rear sling plate for AR15 (will fit GBB AR's), black. $20 10. Magpul PTS RSA QD rail mount sling mount. $15 2. Mod-U-Lox Molle clip for Camelback hose. Also used for routing communication wires. $2 Matrix M3 Streamlight. Genuine CREE LED 230 Lumen bulb, 80% brighter than even a genuine Insight Technologies M3 Streamlight. Heavy duty fiber reinforced polymer body, real steel performance and construction. My price? Only $30. (Evike charges $50 + shipping for this same unit) Interested in the following, pending answers to a couple questions. #7 Will this fit a Sig P229 with rail? #8 – Will this fit real steel AR’s? I want to take off the HK plate on my AR and put it on my GR4 G26, the put the Troy on my AR. #10 Want to put this on my real steel AR, as my RIS Block II rail doesn’t have forward sling points. Possibly negotiate price with volume purchase? Oh yeah, and dummy plates. Thanks D
  21. What size is the IBH helmet? I'm looking for a small helmet for my son and can't seem to find a good one. Thanks D
  22. Will you ship the inner barrels and what size are they?
  23. Is that a (2) piece RIS that fits in a delta ring and against the Az front site? Also, length of RIS and inner barrel please. Thanks D
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