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  1. I also keep seeing cylinders that have different sized posts to attach the bolt to. Does it matter which one I get so long as it is for MB06/APS-2/SR-2? Also, how does the bolt attach to the cylinder, I havent figured that out yet.
  2. So there is no good way to find used or boneyard parts in the US? and there are no good alternatives to replacing it?
  3. I purchased a WELL MB06 off of evikes boneyard. I then upgraded the spring. Unfortunately, this caused the end of the cylinder to rip off. I really need an upgrade for it, and I really would rather not spend 40$ on it. My local airsoft store said that a used one would cost me 10$, but they didn't have one. Where could I find a replacement?
  4. Im working on a few upgrade projects, and im wondering what the thread size is for the major brands of fill valves, if anyone can help with that, that would be amazing! Cheers!
  5. Well, I was looking at getting this pistol, but my friend has the Elite Force 1911 and is pretty happy with it, and I can pick one up for about $60, which is a big difference for me. Is the other one a better buy? Thanks again Cheers
  6. So Im looking at picking up a elite force 1911 handgun for a pretty good price, but I would really like the option to HPA it in the future, the easiest way to do this would be with a green gas magazine, but I would really like to know if I can get one that will work with the gun. Elite force doesn't sell green gas mags, and Im wondering which ones would be compatible. Cheers!
  7. Looking to buy GHK drop in mechbox mags, cheap as possible, would be fine with leaky or broken mags, PM me if you would like to sell!
  8. So does anybody know what that part is called? Thanks,
  9. Are they the same kind of mag? Also, any idea what they are called? And how would the transaction work?
  10. Sorry, I can't upload the picture I have, so here is a link. Im talking about the caps on the right. https://d3nevzfk7ii3be.cloudfront.net/igi/vJwxqcSsMQd4xANg
  11. I have recently taken apart my gas mag for my G&G Combat Machine GBB, Vll, and I am looking to find a replacement for the end caps on the gas reservoirs. Unfortunately, I cannot find the part, or even what they are called anywhere. Any help would be appreciated, Thanks!
  12. Well, I found it,http://www.airsoftstation.com/trigger-group-assembly-for-echo-1-asr-tsd-sd98-and-well-mb13-airsoft-sniper-rifles/ its kind of more than I'd like to spend, but, I probably will anyway. All of the parts inside of it I already have, and they all work, the only messed up part is the frame, but as you can't buy just that, I suppose I either need to buy it or make a new one. I have some milling experience, and a mill available, as well as a 3d printer, and an injection molder, but my experience with making molds is nonexistent, any input? Thanks!
  13. Airborne101, do you know where I could purchase a replacement for the assembly in the pictures? Or find a part number? Thanks!
  14. I purchased a sniper rifle here on evike's boneyard, and when I received it, it would not back, I could pull the bolt back, but the bolt would not lock in place. I would like to purchase a replacement trigger mechanism, but unfortunately, I cant find what it is. there is almost no documentation that I could find, and I cant figure out what trigger box should be used. im including pictures of what I got from the shipment. Thanks!
  15. I will try to do that, Thanks! The o-ring has been smashed up, so the diameter may not be correct, are they all standard, as in, not decimals or can I round the number? Thanks!
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