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  1. Thank you all for your replies :) I am planning to change out the disconnector bar, leaf spring, and hammer/assembly. Hopefully this will resolve the problem :) Cheers, - E.
  2. Hi ASF, I have a KJW KP07 running exclusively on CO2. Various parts have had to be replaced over time that have worn down, and I'm still in the process of making it CO2 reliable (as far as it can go at least). That said, I've been noticing that it double fires occasionally. A single pull of the trigger will cycle the gun quickly twice. In recent games, it's even gone fully automatic for a short burst. I feel like something in the trigger mechanism must be wearing out because otherwise the gun fires perfectly, and it can't be related to the magazine. Should I tighten the little screw in the skeletal trigger? Advice from anyone? Thank you all, - E.
  3. Various Marui models find their way to the U.S anyhow. Seeing as the hop up unit is similarly specced to KJ and WE (minus the guide rod nub as far as I can see), I would imagine that someone would carry one. I found an AIP hop up on Airsoft GI but it's an expensive $47.00. At that point I might as well buy a CQB master complete upper slide and just snag the hop up from that… Your barrel and hop up combo wouldn't be for sale would it? I know this isn't the buy sell trade forum but… Thought I might ask :)
  4. Hey ASF, I've been running my KJW MEU (KP07) exclusively on CO2 since I purchased it and the metal bars inside my hop up chamber wore down so the barrel is no longer firmly held in place. I was told that I should use an adhesive or sealant to better pair the hop up chamber and bucking and to reduce barrel wobble, but I still want a replacement hop up chamber. Can anyone recommend a model or brand of hop up chamber that will surely fit an KJW 1911? I bought a T.S.C hop up chamber for a hefty thirty bucks, but the pathetic thing was either wrongly modeled (says T.M 1911) or mine was poorly manufactured, because it could not screw 100% shut with the bucking and barrel inside of it and all the hop up wheels and bars installed (done correctly, I assure you). Thus, the barrel/hopup assembly of my 1911 currently cannot enter and lock into the outer barrel, despite excessive sanding and wearing down of the hop up chamber's exterior to try and allow it to ease into position. Short of buying a replacement upper slide assembly from Evike or something, I can't seem to find a T.M 1911 hop up chamber for sale in the US, which makes no sense to me, seeing the popularity of the model. Any ideas? Thanks a ton, - E.
  5. Thanks again for telling me what you did. Upon breaking open the gun again, I found that the lugs you mentioned are in fact COMPLETELY gone. I've never noticed them slip out or snap but I can no longer see them, except for the silver marks where they must have stripped off of. I have concluded that it's time to acquire a new hop up chamber, and use teflon lining and a hard rubber bucking for this gun, since the CO2 and steel inner barrel seem to be putting a lot of stress on the internal surface of the chamber. A picture is below: Edit: okay, the photo seems not to be uploading correctly because of the other photo, which I now cannot delete for some reason... To confirm, will this chamber (the KJW being a Marui 1911 clone internally) I've linked fit a KJW? It looks as though it will… http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/t-s-c-cnc-hop-u...ml#.U589hVzfbiA Cheers, - Ellery
  6. Thanks for your reply! I have not looked back at the gun yet, but aside from replacing the hop up chamber or inner barrel, do you know of a solid fix? I know it's a stretch. I feel like it must be the chamber, as the angel custom barrel is steel and has no wear on it. Never thought to look at the hop up chamber itself. I suppose that would explain the hop up being torn, cause the ends of the inner barrel are very sharply machined, and I suppose any friction between it and the chamber would give the bucking the equivalent of a slicing edge to deal with… errkk. I suppose you can't ever CO2 proof a hopup/barrel assembly, can you? I bought a new hop up bucking by Modify, and I suppose I should be looking into a new hop up chamber? Thanks again! - Ellery *Quick Edit - This chamber <AT> airsoft global says it's for a Tokyo Marui Hi Capa however it looks the same dimension as the 1911 chambers, and has the nub for the spring guide that other Hi Capa chambers seem to lack. Des anyone think it's compatible w/the TM/KJW 1911 housing? http://www.airsoftglobal.com/shop/index.ph...oducts_id=16679
  7. Hey there ASF, Thank you all for being as helpful as you are. I wanted to ask for help from anyone who owns KJW or Marui 1911's regarding the hop-up bucking. I have a KJW 1911 MEU, running exclusively CO2 magazines. The installed upgrades are a 150% recoil spring, Angel Custom steel inner barrel (6.01), and that's about it. I recently purchased a REAPS hop up from evike and installed it in my pistol, and after about ten shots, the inner barrel started to move more and more forward, until when the magazine was empty, and the slide was back, the inner barrel protruded nearly half a centimeter out of it. Alarmed, I disassembled the pistol and found that the hop up rubber had moved back a significant distance from its position around the rear opening of the inner barrel. Also, a small amount of the rubber had been sliced off by either the inner barrel or the recoiling action (or a combination). A picture is below: As you can see, the rubber has been torn and the bucking itself has retreated. During installation, I used no lubricant (should I have), and hand-tightened the hop up housing screws as tight as I could (again, was that a mistake?). I did properly mount the bucking and I did ensure that the wheel and little bar that connects to it were all aligned properly. Can anyone provide better instructions as to how to install a hop up, including steps or things that I may have missed? Thank you! - Ellery
  8. Hi there ASF, I have a KJW MEU using CO2 magazines. Recently, during loading, I suppose my fingernail dug into the magazine follower a little too hard when I was loading it, and it snapped. I took apart the magazine and glued it, but it snapped again, predictably, a few reloads later. Does ANYONE know where you can get a replacement piece for a Tokyo Marui/KJW 1911 Magazine ("single" stack mind you) follower? It has the fat profile and notched nub of a HI CAPA magazine follower but I don't think it's the same, and it certainly doesn't have the same shape as a WE single stack follower. A picture of the part is posted: I only ask because these mags are thirty bucks each, and a damaged piece of plastic like this should NOT ruin such an expensive element of my kit (or anyone's :P) , even if they ARE designed to break. Thanks a ton in advance, - Ellery
  9. Respectfully, I didn't ask anyone whether I should care or not about color. The red nozzle is actually very apparent when firing the pistol in broad daylight and is visible from two angles when the slide is locked. Similarly to how people prefer black, metal muzzles to orange plastic ones, I'd like a black nozzle rather than a red one. I am under no illusion regarding color/quality indications. I know that the nozzle simply being 'red' doesn't mean that it's better or not. My question IS, however: Is the WE nozzle set I linked in the original post any less durable/capable than the KJW stock? If so, I will retain my stock component and be happy. if NOT, however, I am willing to pay ten dollars to bump up the authenticity of my favorite sidearm. Thankyou for your responses and I agree with what you're saying, but you haven't answered my question.
  10. Hey Forum, I wanted to ask if these grips: http://www.amazon.com/Hogue-Rubber-Govt-Fi...ogue+grips+1911 will fit on a KJW MEU (KP07). I understand that the convex in the grip on the KJW MEU for the CO2 cartridge will need to be milled/cut out of the grip, but otherwise will there be fitment or screw dimension issues? Thank you in advance! - Ellery
  11. I have a KWC desert eagle that needs a safety but is otherwise functional. Does anyone have a KWC desert eagle they've broken or would like to sell for under $20.00? I'm willing to pay the shipping cost and all that of course. Thanks in advance for any responses! - Ellery *Edit* - As an afterthought, the desert eagle I have is the new version with the metal slide that has a three-way selector (but it's only semi-auto), and is CO2 powered.
  12. The semi-auto variant of the KWC Desert Eagle fires in semi-auto in both semi and auto positions on the selector, as it has both selections but is just semi-automatic. Why KWC would make a fully automatic desert eagle, I don't know. It goes against realism and is impractical for play, and will wear the body of your gun dramatically faster than regular usage would. It's not a feature to miss, and it's likely that you simply received a lemon. That said, if you bought the gun new, and you really feel like you need that full-auto, ask for a refund or return. It's a possible fix that you could unscrew the safeties, realign them, and then screw them back in. That helped me at one point, and you should lubricate those parts as well, since the metal tends to grind against itself and it will become weak over time. It's nearly (if not) impossible to find replacement parts for a KWC Desert Eagle, as KWC themselves are unreachable by email (at least in my experience, they never respond and always send gibberish back that isn't even in any language). Hope that shed at least some light. Sorry I couldn't be more optimistic. *EDIT* - I just looked at my KWC manual for the semi-auto desert eagle: It also has a full-auto function. The diagram indicates I should be able to shoot full-auto. Never trust a manual for these things, since many most manufacturers simply use the same packaging, presentation, and manuals for different variants of the same platform. Unless making a different manual/box is lucrative, most companies are content to simply reuse the same thing.
  13. Hey Airsoft Forum, I had a quick question regarding nozzles. I have a KJW KP07 that came with a pre-installed red nozzle, apparently indicating higher durability than a "stock" nozzle for most other GBB's. I'm not too fond of the blazing red color and would like to replace it with a black piece. The only reasonably priced model I can find that's distributed by Evike is a "reinforced replacement nozzle set" from WE. Would this nozzle: http://www.evike.com/products/36956/ be of the durability necessary for CO2? As I understand, most WE Hi Capas can take CO2 magazines anyways… Should I replace the entire nozzle set or just the nozzle itself? Thanks in advance for your replies. - Ellery
  14. Hey there ASF, I have a WE High Capa Dragon 7.1 with a few upgrades. It has a custom grip, metal flared mag-well, extended slide release, rear-sight cocking grip, new grip screws, two non-leaking magazines, and its worn parts have been replaced with new stock parts, making it essentially new save for a small scratch on the slide. I've graduated from using it because I bought it impulsively when I was just getting into the sport and have realized its performance is poor in comparison to my newer JKW and TM Guns. My question is: The gun's parts combined add approximately to $190.00-$200.00. Do you think I could ask for $100.00? I know it's a stretch, and I don't know how popular of a model it is anymore. Advice anyone? Thank you! - Ellery
  15. I am sadly in a similar case. I have the same gun however its safety is busted. You would think that they would sell spare parts, esp. since it's s CO2 gun and a very popular model. Best bet so far would be to look for boneyard models as they come out, or try and find one on ebay. Ultimately I can't even get KWC to respond to my emails. Never even got a forum reply back from them. We're on our own as far as I know.
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