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  1. I took my new A&K SR25 out for a test drive and had some interesting results... CellusNZ - Airsoft DMR (A&K SR25) Duration: 5:00 [video=youtube_share;p2OAC6Ipsig]
  2. This is a compilation of my encounters with the Zombie at our Halloween game. I really enjoyed this game element, it made me have to pay attention (not well) to the action taking place on the field CellusNZ - That Darn Zombie!! (VFC HK416D) Duration: 2:40 [video=youtube_share;HpqpEBeOQxU]
  3. Here's some footage from a recent CQB game Airsoft CQB - Abby for the Win (VFC HK416) Duration: 4:02 [video=youtube_share;9vBkkqy6iTU] And here's me taking a grenade blast! Cellus's TidBITS - Airsoft's a Blast Duration: 0:14 [video=youtube_share;MXLTCsXZvQ8]
  4. This was the first time I played Border Patrol. Two even teams try to infiltrate each others base while a smaller group guards a thin border in the middle of the field. We couldn't go too deep in to either teams zone so I was spending a lot of time taking long shots to move enemy players away from the border. Airsoft Sniper - Border Patrol - JG Bar10 G Spec (ScopeCam) Duration: 5:01 [video=youtube_share;ZIu3E-GIqcA]
  5. This game was more of a lazy stroll for me. I was running the day and took more of a support role. Airsoft Tag - VFC/Umarex HK416D (GunCam) Duration: 3:31 [video=youtube_share;qCfrbxClkoI]
  6. It's been a while since I could get out for a game, the weather hasn't been the best and life's been busy. My Well MB08D has had a lot of upgrades in recent months but this is the first game I've had to test them out. It took me a bit to get used the rifle but once I got comfortable I got some nice kills. It would have had a few more kills if it wasn't for the minor issues you'll see at the start of the video :) Airsoft Sniper - Shooting Fish in a Barrel - Well AW338 MB08D (Scopecam) Duration: 5:43 [video=youtube_share;fI59GBrw4rU]
  7. I hadn't played a Juggernaut game for a while so it was great to get out and enjoy the chaos and rack up some kills! Airsoft Juggernaut - Bring the Pain! - VFC/Umarex HK416d (ScopeCam) Duration: 7:43 [video=youtube_share;uhiW_WXnVbA]
  8. We were on a VIP escort mission and had to deal will a number of ambushes. I was asked to lead the front by our CO and due to the close quarters of the battle and the fact I had a high-powered DMR I took a different role to get the job done. I basically bossed everyone around :) ANZAC Day Game - Team Work Duration: 4:13 [video=youtube_share;a0mdr2Iajmc]
  9. Here are some pics of my KWA Kriss Vector DMR and custom (3D printed) ScopeCam mount
  10. This is just a short clip of the final rush on the base we were attacking. ANZAC Day Game - Base Rush - KWA Kriss Vector DMR (ScopeCam) Duration: 1:43 [video=youtube_share;6yz7GQAiujU]
  11. After a lot of effort, time and money I finally got my Kriss DMR build out to a game. I'm really happy with the results and managed to get kills at ranges of 60 - 70 meters without lobbing. I had a few flyers but not enough to worry about. KWA Kriss Vector DMR (ScopeCam) Duration: 2:47 [video=youtube_share;WXlnCgNxebs]
  12. In this game I was helping a group of new players out in base defence. I tried to not get too involved in the action so that they could experience the thrill of Airsoft. Resistance is Futile - VFC/Umarex HK416d - TM P226 E2 (GunCam) Duration: 4:16 [video=youtube_share;G2dIEP9OV4E]
  13. I was editing some footage from a private game I helped run. I noticed a number of mistakes that made me laugh and meant my squad got owned during the skirmishes. I thought I'd point them out as tips for other players to learn from :) Airsoft Tips - VFC/Umarex HK416 (GunCam) Duration: 4:41 [video=youtube_share;rtOAxl6Y_6s]
  14. When TAR visited The Armory at the beginning of February I knew I had to start the day with my shotgun. I took my shotty all the way to Nationals just to use it in this CQB game and I'm stoked I did :) Shotgun Chaos <AT> The Armory - Tokyo Marui M870 Tactical Duration: 4:18 [video=youtube_share;LrJoDVWJNBo]
  15. This footage is from a milsim scenario run on Day 2 of Nats. I had been recalled from my squad to support a mission to seek and destroy an artillery gun. Why? because I was wearing a helmet, which made me an engineer. Once the gun was located we had to hold it for 30 minutes to then detonate a pyro and destroy it. ASNZ Nationals 2015 - Demolition Men - VFC/Umarex HK416 Duration: 5:33 [video=youtube_share;qfkPy4KRlQc]
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