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  1. I am not buying from them, I use them to compare! :)
  2. I was looking at this CYMA http://www.airsplat.com/Items/ERM-CYMA-CM031B.htm The only upgrade I was considering out of the box, was a barrel and possibly a hop up, 6.01 but I don't know if I should bother yet!
  3. So what I've been looking at... I was comparing guns using the airsplat "accuracy proven" spread, and trying to find something very accurate... is this wise, or should I not even bother? I figured I will lean towards the AK's since I like how the real one feels JG AK47 All Metal EBB (not sure if the blowback is necessary or helpful) Cyma AK47 Full Metal I did take a look at the ICS MP5... for some reason on the airsplat site, the most accurate one is on an 8 week backorder ICS MP5 SD5 Electric Airsoft AEG Rifle I won't buy from them, but I like their site for comparison reasons, based on their "accuracy proven" stuff, it's the most accurate gun I've found This was my plan, get something a little lowerend... learn the ropes, and then upgrade the weak parts... or when they break.
  4. Will the cyma provide similar accuracy such as the TM? Or must one upgrade to achieve such results
  5. http://www.airsplat.com/Items/ERP-CA-AK-SAM7W.htm
  6. I guess that's exactly what I am looking for, something with decent range/accuracy. So I figured FPS is where I should look. I was looking at Tokyo Marui guns, since you mentioned them! Wow expensive :) thank you all for the advice!!! I will link a few guns that I am considering buying and getting approval because I am sure someone might point out a design flaw that might not be apparent, even though I throw the name of the gun into google and see what I get. Here is one I liked Classic Army AK47 Airsoft AEG Rifle Wood
  7. Hey guys, I did a lot of paintball and want to airsoft. I am looking to buy from airsplat, since I can then get another gun. So what I am looking is choosing a gun for fields. I careless about looks, and more about performance... therefore good internals, and not a lot of tinkering. I want decent range and ROF... most of my fields locally in San Diego allow 380-420fps... so I assume I should go for a 380 FPS gun. Which actual gun model? I don't even care, if it's AK or M4... I was considering a Classic Army, G&G, KWA, or Echo1 Here is one I was looking at $260 http://www.airsplat.com/Items/ERM-E1-AK-JP-75.htm also should I be getting one that is LiPo ready? Does it matter? as for the $1 gun, I was going to pick this up for CQB : Well R8 G3 A3 Electric Airsoft Rifle
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