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  1. I am interested 🙂 Are thery still units avaiable? Or has anybody else a Project like this? Looking for a Bagpack-feeding system.
  2. Sehr gut! :D Nice german, I could unser stand ist ;) I won't do. They are humans linke wie all are. Do you think it is possible to install a P* engine in an Ares Tavor?
  3. Okay :) I just wanted to make an example, that the optical aspect does not matter that much. I am from germany, but I was scared to disclose, beacause I don't want to be stamped as a "nazi".
  4. Okay, from now on I'll say silencer :) I know that, u just wanted to ask if there are other tricks to do with a polarstar? I don't care if I will have a huge oil-filter can on my airsoft, the main thing is, that it will be silent. Sorry, I am not from the great US :)
  5. Ah, I am sorry :) In some forums is the word "silencer/suppressor" forbidden, beacause of any laws. I am talking about silencers, Post is edited.
  6. Hey everyone! I have a question: I want to buy a polarstar, and I want it to be very! silent. It will shoot only semi-auto. Are there any other things to do than buying a silencer/supressor? Are there special silencer/supressor fillings? Thank you all! the price does not matter :)
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