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  1. So, ok. I found this one, is it great ?http://www.sportsmansguide.com/net/cb/Thom...n.aspx?a=682670 And here there's the previous links: http://www.hobbytron.com/ElectricThompsonM...MachineGun.html http://www.hobbytron.com/ElectricThompsonM...AirsoftGun.html http://www.hobbytron.com/ElectricKingArmsM...AirsoftGun.html
  2. Hi, I found some Thompsons, but I need you to tell me which one is the best one ? Because I really do not know which one should I get.. http://www.hobbytron.com/ElectricThompsonM...MachineGun.html http://www.hobbytron.com/ElectricThompsonM...AirsoftGun.html http://www.hobbytron.com/ElectricKingArmsM...AirsoftGun.html
  3. I Found that one but I do not know if that's this one : http://www.rsov.com/product.php?langId=1&a...cateId=0#review
  4. How can I find Jing Gong's 4th Generation G36 ? I've searched but I've find nothing
  5. I’m hesitating a lot, I do not know which one is the best .... so I’m not able to choose one. Could you tell me which one is the best ? I do not ask you to tell me « nothing is great » but just which one have I to take. Thanks Jing Gong or DBoys ? The first one: http://www.taiwangun.com/en/608-jg The second one: http://www.taiwangun.com/en/g-001-boyi
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