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  1. Ok, so, I'm still new to airsoft and still debating if I want to drop the money on a decent set up... 1 thing that is stopping me is if I can even find a decent amount of people to actually play with (no pun intended). So, if I can get enough interest from people on here, I have nice area to play. No custom built things, all natural hills, trees, rock walls, etc. As stated, if enough people show interest, I will purchase a set up. Map is attached file.
  2. Alright so I think I have it finally officially narrowed it down. http://www.evike.com/products/32925/ Or http://www.evike.com/products/39075/ Can you recommend any upgrades for either? Sorry for all the question or if I missed something you mentioned. I'm browsing while on three clock at work haha. Thanks for all the help.
  3. Honestly to me, I don't mind if I have to upgrade or not. As long as its an option to upgrade the internals ill be pleased. I'm sure one day ill probably want to do that. And if I wanted to go with blowback, are you suggesting the gas blowback? I haven't quite learned the abbreviated terms yet lol
  4. Hmm, I like the KWA you recommended, however Im trying to stay just under 300 for the gun itself... Im looking at this one now, http://www.evike.com/products/33060/ Seems pretty good to me. Any upgrades you could suggest?
  5. So... I'm back to being hesitant again. Not sure if I want to go with the gun I had recently decided on. Any other m4 or m16 style suggestions? Prefer it to have RIS. And again, any brand that is most reputable. No cheap crap.
  6. And I will need a deans adapter yes? M or F?
  7. Alright, looks like ill grab that one. Thanks!
  8. ok, so with that said would this "v"type battery fit in the Evike Custom G&P M4 Stubby? I tried further searching around, but im not finding anything.
  9. lol I suppose hahah... and would 8.4 be okay? or do I want a 9.6v?
  10. So I have yet another question... What style(s) of battery would fit in this? It says butterfly type is recommended, however, from youtube reviews (heh) say a stick battery..
  11. I'm literally just getting into airsoft. I'll have everything within the next couple weeks. Also have a perfect spot to play...
  12. Lmao. Too funny. Last question (as of now) guys... Or maybe you could direct me to the right forum to post this in, but I live in upstate NY, and will be looking for somewhere to play. Only one I could find was Hudson Valley airsoft, but they are about 2hrs away.
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