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  1. Ok thanks for clearing that up.
  2. No FET? The trigger contacts wouldn't be affected? I run a FET on every gun that uses a lipo.
  3. So recently I have been working on one of my buddies Cyma AK 104. I have put a Lonex A1 motor and SHS 13:1 gears, a sector clip, ASG aluminum cylinder head, Lonex half steel teeth piston, and a M100 spring. He wants to use a 20c 7.4 lipo along with this setup. Now just to be safe, I want to install a mosfet, but not break to bank or have to deal with soldering. I hear the Avacodos and the King Kongs are good, along with the Gate. Usually I would just put in the ASCU gen 3+ but as I said not breaking the bank. Thanks Nomad
  4. So of I did go down that route what gears would you recommend? I've heard SHS,g&p,Promo and siegetech are all very good, but what would you use?
  5. Recently I have started "teching" on other gearboxs besides version 2. I started on V6 for many reasons. A I heard it was ways to tech on and B the tech on my team went to V2 to V6 and said it wasn't much of a hard transition. So my ideal setup would be 20-25 fps <AT>360 fps. I've been searching for a motor that won't put so much stress in the gears and piston but will have enough strength to still get that 20-25. I was thinking 16:1 gears with a G&P white polycarbonate piston. I was also thinking about a poly piston head and m100 spring. Any suggestions for a motor that could get me there? Thanks
  6. Also the slide is very easy to pull back when the single action doesn't work.
  7. Recently I received the ASG CZ p-09. I opened it up and did a dry fire test. The single action did not work unless I applied some pressure going up on the hammer. This problem does not happen in double action. When I disassembled the gun the trigger mechanism seemed to be working properly. It seems like the hammer is just getting caught on something and not being able to go forward. Any solutions out there? Thanks.
  8. Thanks for the input and now looking farther into it I see why there is only like 1 xm8 out there
  9. Just recently my teammate and I were able to go to the range and fire the Beretta AR100. The ergonomics were very comfortable and the recoil was amazingly controllable. Then I had a thought "Isn't this a AEG?" So I get home and go do some research on the EF ARX160. After about an hour I stumbled apon guns like the SRC SM8 (XM8) and The Alien Pulse Rifle. The APR did not float my boat so I took a deeper look into the SM8 and the ARX160 The ARX seemed to get good reviews, but some said the polymer doesn't live up the expectations. I also could not find a single person who had posted something about how to disable the "blowback". I know it is something like the EF G36's but again, I do not know. The internals seemed good enough but I do not know the exact specs. The QD spring system seems like it would work, but if it is anything like ARES's I may have some worrys. I have not found much info about the SRC SM8, but I do know that it is a 8mm steel bushings gearbox, is almost completely polymer like the ARX, and has a included "Red Dot" that has many mixed reviews. I would like to know if the EF ARX has a polymer comparable to the real steel, and the exact internal specs. I would also like to know if the SRC SM8 is any good in all areas. Thanks
  10. Propane and 40 degree weather don't mix very well. I thought kjw was like we in Co2 and that new maruzen 5-7 was pretty good.I could be wrong though
  11. As the weather begins to get colder here in Michigan my green gas kwas start to become less and less effecient. Usually I stop playing around end of October begining of November. But I would like to countinue playing into the "snow" months for a added realism factor. And because I just want to play. I would like to know any new Co2 pistols that have come out or any that would actually be worth buying. Please keep the EF 1911 out of the equation. Thanks
  12. Recently my Firefield compact RDS got shot out, so now I am in the market for a compact tube like rds. The G&P T1 and the Firefield T1 sights had very good reviews and seemed to fit my needs and my budget. Only problem is though, I do not know the correct riser height to have a perfect cowitness on my G&P. It still has the front post sight and I have measured it to be 1 and a half inches or so high from my rail. I cannot seem to find any dimensions of the T1 anywhere so I have no clue on what riser I should get. Any suggestions?
  13. Even still the making of some parts in Denmark, then some in another European country, makes me more confident it won't be complete crap.
  14. I was scrolling through the ASGI new products and saw that ASG was making a Scorpion Evo. I have shot the real steel model and have had a interest in the CZ model guns. When I first saw it I thought it was just like APS's gas shotgun, overpriced, cheap plastic and crap internals. Then I started to look into it more. It is said to have a modified v2 or v3 gearbox, but can still take normal aftermarket upgrades and have Systems like electronics inside. Also it has Dupoint polymer construction, and with some other cool external features. Then I saw it was made in Denmark, not in China, where Asg makes most of their pproducts. So whats your opinion on this new gun? 450$ Systems or another overpriced POS?
  15. Really? I thought Reaps was good all around? Well aside from that what do you of the Promo? I use that in me CQB setups and the guarder in the field type loadouts. I've tried Reaps in my teammates TM g18 once or twice. I think I got a lemon because the accuracy was not even close to the stock Tm bucking.
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