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  1. I already have a very nice AEG I have worked on a lot, a Ares/Umarex H&K G36kv. I wanted more realism, and the more recoil, more noise (with an Amplifier attached). So yes I do want a GBBR, I have a KWA ATP Auto, so I know a wee bit about gas guns, but not much.
  2. I have heard that the GHK G5 needs to have several internal modifications to make it reliable. Does anyone know what these are?
  3. Thanks. Do you have any suggestions for a good GBBR that is not an m4, AK-47, or the Kiss Vector?
  4. Hello I am wondering which of the two guns, the WE Scar or GKH G5 GBBR to get. Price does not matter, I have saved up enough for either gun. I play both woodland and CQB regular. In CQB I am the point man, and in woodland I am front line infantry. So what are the pros and cons of each gun? Which would you recommend. Thank you for responding
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