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  1. It was the battery connector. One of the pins was slid out and not making contact with battery pin. Wow. haha
  2. Will these work? http://www.redwolfairsoft.com/redwolf/airsoft/Accessories_GBB_Other_WA_M4_Parts_Airsoft_Surgeon_Slide_Stop_Pin_For_Marui_Hi_Cap_1911.htm Because I had an old we tech hi capa CQB master laying around and took the pins out of that but the pin that holds the slide lock doesn't extend far enough to come out of the hole. The one above looks longer but I am not quite sure. Also, I found some pins on ebay for real steel 1911 pistols and look exactly the same as the airsoft version. Will they work the same in the airsoft gun? http://www.PLEASE DO NOT LINK TO EBAY SITES. COPY AND PASTE AD DETAILS HERE - THEIR ADS GO AWAY AFTER 90 DAYS/itm/ONE-1-M1911-1911A1-REPLACEMENT-PLUNGERS-SPRING-slide-stop-safety-45-ACP-/131743252889?hash=item1eac828199:g:MrkAAOSwDk5UJbu3 Thanks!
  3. So I received my RM4 last night, shot it a few times since it was really late and worked fine. This morning I went to actually fire it outside and it wouldn't shoot! I press the trigger, it depressed but nothing happens. I tried to wiggle the little bolt switch inside the mag well that this video shows to do to fix (apparently a lot of people were having a non firing problem with this gun). It doesn't do anything. I got it shooting a few times, and both times it was when I took the hand guard off and touched the wiring. As soon as I put the hand guard back on it would stop shooting once again. This is very irritating and I need this gun for tomorrows game. the fuse seems to be fine as well as the wiring (from what I can tell). What could be causing this problem?
  4. It was more of a question whether the Scout version of the gun has upgraded internals (such as spring as you mentioned) due to the giant difference in listed fps. It didn't make sense to me that the fps would be so different in the 2 models just because of a 60mm longer barrel so I thought maybe it was something else that was in the scout. I am guessing the scout has a stronger spring than the CQB version of the gun.
  5. So I just bought the CQB version of this gun. The Scout was discontinued. Anyways, the scout is said to have 380-400fps while the CQB has 330-350fps. The barrel on the scout is about 60mm longer. Is the big difference in fps only due to the barrel? Does this mean the internal are the exact same? Also, can I just put in a tight bore barrel the length of the scout barrel and a silencer and expect same FPS? Thanks!
  6. So I have a Elite Force 1911 Tac. I watched a youtube video on how to remove the orange tip on it and used a blow torch to heat up the tip. The inner barrel/hop up assembly doesn't come out of the outer barrel assembly so I had to do it with it inside. The metal conducted the heat to the inner barrel and the hop up assembly as well. The hop up unit was hot enough to not be able to touch it but I do not think it was hot to leave a bad burn on my fingers if I held it for more than 3 seconds. But honestly I do not know, since it could have deformed at that temperature. Well to the shooting test, I measured with google maps and the fence from my front porch is 130ft. When I shot my pistol with the hop up all the way up I can no see the bb curling up at all like I would on an AEG with the hop up turned up, just flying in a straight line. The bb does have a nice straight trajectory and only starts falling after about 100ft and fully reaches the ground right at the fence (130ft, sounds like good range to me). Is this the sound of a functioning hop up on a CO2 gbb pistol? I can see the bucking move up and down when I move the hop up wheel but it also doesn't seem like it is 100% even on both sides as well, the bb doesn't curve left or right though which is good. Would hop up melt at a temperature that would hurt the fingers to touch but wouldn't burn them or is rubbers melting temperature much higher than that.
  7. So I bought a real glock 19 4th gen a while ago and was looking at accessories on amazon/ebay for it. I stumbled upon This Does anybody own this item, or know if it is possible to do some simple modifications so it is compatible with a real glock? Thanks.
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