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  1. Uh, no, can't say that I've seen that. In any event, if the masks actually do have too large holes, they shouldn't be renting them out. Check beforehand, just grab a bb and see how hard it is to force it through one of said holes. If they are too large, a second mask is likely to screw with how the first is worn, I would just use a cloth wrap instead.
  2. Have you looked at the G&G M14 HBA? Essentially the same design as the Classic Army, but a higher externals quality. Also a bit pricier at around $500. Also, I looked into the same stock issue before. The mounting points are radically different, and as a result, it appears the only means by which you can change the stock style would be to swap out or significantly modify the body. Assuming you don't have access to a machine shop equipped to make such modifications that aren't 100 times as ugly as the crane stock itself, swapping the body will cost you nearly as much as the gun itself, or even more if you're forced to go for a conversion kit. P.S. The Kart version of this gun, which has been rebranded to the Echo1, uses an unfortunately high degree of pot metal in the body. Unless you want to stage a dramatic scene where you snap your gun over your knee in an "impressive show of strength", I suggest avoiding it.
  3. In the sense that you won't have cells reverse polarity on you sure. But stable is not a word I would use for LiPo, they have plenty of other issues.
  4. Main thing you should know. Don't store LiPo batteries charged. It can damage them. If your charger was made for LiPos, it should have a storage/discharge function. If you aren't planning on using the battery for more than a day or so, hook it up and discharge it.
  5. A ref/marshal needs to have three things going for them. A good attitude, experience, and an ability to make sure the people they're overseeing actually listen to them. Generally speaking, the younger a person is, the less likely they are to have any of these attributes, much less all three. (not that there is any age group guaranteed to have them) That last one is particularly tricky for a young person, however mature they may be, many people are not especially willing to take them seriously. However, if they are one of the exceptions, and do genuinely have all three factors, a referee could be 12 years old for all I care.
  6. Hakkotsu thunder B's Not entirely reuseable, but paying about a buck per grenade toss isn't bad. And if someone steals the thing, I'm out $20 rather than $100 I've mostly used them to help clear out pockets of resistance that are difficult to root out by other means. Only catch is there's enough variation in the delay to make timing a breach and clear difficult.
  7. Its easier from a budget and legal standpoint to get your hands on airsoft equipment to model after, so it shouldn't be that surprising. That said, the odds that none of them knew the difference between an airsoft magazine and a real one are quite low. So it seems likely that it was deliberately left in.
  8. A good AEG DMR can and will save your when stealth fails you, I wouldn't discount them entirely. Yes they make a bit more noise, but unless you are shooting at a long range target while another enemy is 15 meters away, it is not likely to make a difference given the usual chaos of the battlefield. Also, even the loudest AEG can be made to be almost completely silent, although it can take quite a bit of elbow grease and upgrade parts to manage it. A spring sniper rifle is going to be the easiest to work with for your stated goal, but they too take quite a bit of upgrade work. Mostly in terms of upgrading them to the point where they actually have a practical advantage over the AEGs. Gas rifles (preferably non blowback if you can actually find one) are also on the table. However, all of this belies the main point. No amount of equipment is going to make up for a lack of skill in the role, and to be perfectly frank and blunt, being a true sniper can be quite boring for most people. It takes patience, quick thinking, and a nack for planning ahead. My suggestion? Get a simple but good quality gas pistol, bring something to make melee kills with, and play a few games using nothing but those items. Do well, and you MIGHT have it in you to make getting a sniper rifle worth the money and effort.
  9. At the moment, I'm playing with a group of mixed levels of experience. Quite a few kids with only a marginal grasp of tactics. As a result, the closest thing to a battlecry I've been using has been "stop hiding back there and move up with me!" A situation which is particularly frustrating when trying to organize a quiet flank.
  10. What possible advantage would there be to doing this? It sounds like an excellent way to make a buttload of unnecessary work for those involved in marriage licences while pissing off pretty much every single citizen.
  11. Or option C Pay some random script kiddie $500 to adapt a better database system from the literally hundreds of successful models that already exist. Frankly, for the amount of time and effort needed, that much money is probably overkill. Given that this is the US government, which likes to do things in the least efficient manner possible, they'll probably involve far more people working for far longer and given unrealistic stretch goals to boot, it will cost more and take more time. But it should still cost peanuts compared to their usual budget regardless. I don't know about you, but I tend to discount digital paperwork issues as a legitimate obstacle to human rights. Especially not in a case like this when the needed update should already have been done decades ago simply for the sake of not wasting time and money struggling with it.
  12. I tried a couple of times to come up with a polite and informative means of telling you why the opinion you expressed about genders and their role in raising children is both sexist and incorrect. But I failed. Instead, let me simply provide you with a warning. Unless you want to get reamed out in ways that the people in this thread haven't even come close to doing, never express that particular tidbit to a militant feminist. There are people in the world who have zilch tolerance for Christianity and/or religion in general and wish to see it eliminated or at least marginalized. Some have compelling arguments and reasons for this stance, others are just fools with a grudge. To my knowledge however, none of them are posting in this thread. I may have missed something though, feel free to point out anyone that stated or implied you weren't free to follow your beliefs as you see fit. All we are asking is that you extend that same consideration to others. All individuals in this country have the right to live their lives as they choose, regardless of the religious beliefs they or their neighbors hold to, subject only to laws that have a compelling secular basis behind them. That is among the most important founding principles of this nation. Furthermore, being a good citizen means standing up for the rights of all other Americans, even if that means defending the right of others to do something you personally disagree with. So long as you don't cross the line into harassment, you are perfectly free to convince them they are doing something fundamentally wrong, but you cannot use legal means to force them into that behavior, or allow others to do the same. Take the Westboro Baptist Church for instance. They are a strong example of why many individuals think Christianity/religion is a bad thing to have around. I myself loathe this particular group due to the actions they have taken and wish to see them disbanded, preferably in a humiliating fashion. In spite of this however, I will actively fight against any attempt to prevent them from following their beliefs. Even as I push for laws that would help protect the people they victimize.
  13. That cloth is pretty much essential for keeping your goggles clean and safe when not in use. I would keep it, and start using it if I were you. If on the other hand you really don't care, there's no point in keeping it on. You'd at least get a decent wipe out of it that way
  14. Two things: First, if you start worrying about what families kids are raised in, you need to ban a huge number of families from raising children. Almost no parent is ever really ready to raise children, and quite a few of them are woefully equipped to do so. Frankly, I would trust the average homosexual couple who wanted to adopt a child with said child more than the average heterosexual couple that forgot birth control. The former pair are much more likely to be prepared and have actually done their homework ahead of time. and it also pretty firmly deals with the issue of whether or not the parents actually WANT the kid. Secondly, marriage itself is not natural, nor are nuclear family units, nor is children being raised exclusively by their parents. Everything about the way modern society handles family life is an artificial construct of society. There isn't anything natural about it to begin with. It can't even be claimed that modern family life is like it was meant to be in the bible, these days we call what was described in there child abuse, slavery, and misogyny, among many other things that carry nasty prison sentences.
  15. And again, I rather wish they would slow down on that front. The population of the earth needs to start shrinking for a bit, or at least cease its expansion. Regardless, what makes you think this issue has any bearing whatsoever on that front? Keep the ban, and you've got a group of people leading generally lonely lives, not forming relationships with the opposite gender, and not having children. Get rid of the ban, and the same group of people at least have a shot at not leading lonely lives, are still not forming relationships with the opposite gender, and still not having children. If anything, the latter choice would boost overall childbirth rates by a little bit, since homosexual couples are likely to start adopting, and taking pressure off of that front. The only legislative means by which you could change the situation so that all men and women follow that particular image of domestic family life, is if you removed choice and control from the lives of others. And that my friend, is the mark of an evil tyrant, you don't want to go down that path.
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