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  1. Most Christians believe that the bible contains a reflection of the truth. That its contents are subject to the same kind of distortion and bias that can come from someone else telling you about something they saw. Very, very few christians throughout history, even at the hight of the church's power, believed the bible was literally word for word the truth. In any event, what version are you speaking of? Unless it cut out all of Leviticus (except specifically the part about homosexuality) perhaps 25% of the rest of the old testament, and about 10% of the new testament, there's still going to be some elements that need justification in the context of today's society. And even then, you would have to justify why the parts I mention were thrown out but the bit about homosexuality was kept. You can handwave central tenets of the religion, but actual social policy needs a better vetting process. P.S. The bit about it not being natural is debatable. Frankly however, that which is natural for us is far more often than not nasty, brutish, and horrible for those enduring it. I don't want things to be natural, and I suspect that you don't either, not really. I suggest looking at things as they are, not as how you think they are meant to be.
  2. Maybe he does, maybe he does not, but it does not matter either way. I brought up the running joke because it is commonly claimed, impossible to prove, and largely irrelevant. Mentioning it is not likely to earn you any sympathy or understanding, and may in fact have the opposite effect. Its a bit like declaring yourself worth listening to because you're a genius with an IQ of 150. In any event, I'm sorry, but the bible is not a valid reason on its own. There are many other things that the bible condemns and promotes that don't match up with modern society. I'm not saying that it cannot form a basis, but you need to justify why the portion of it concerning homosexuality applies to modern life, but the bits that condemn to death kids who disrespect their elders are ignored. That last little gem is actually only a few paragraphs away from the bit where it condemns homosexuals to death. (Ancient hebrews really liked the death penalty apparently)
  3. Why? The US government would have even more problems dealing with local renegades than in afghanistan. Even stronger unwillingness to harm the public to get at the rebels. The rebels would have access to better equipment, and more of it. And that doesn't even touch on the morale issues of sending soldiers sworn to defend the people against the people. Frankly, I suspect the first politician stupid enough to try and enforce such a law is likely to get literally thrown out of the building by his own generals.
  4. A couple of things: -There are no "bad guys" in this thread, not so far as I'm concerned at least. -TAK, you are correct in stating that there's a difference between a lack of support and acting against something. That is not in contention, at least not by me. -However, both of you claim to not judge homosexuals, but then list off reasons you think that it isn't right, good, or normal. This is a contradiction. By your own indirect admission, you do indeed judge them and find them wanting. It may be a fairly benign judgement, but it is there. -There's a running joke these days that every single homophobe in the world has a gay freind, or at least claims to have one. I'm not saying you fall into that category, just don't expect the claim to help your argument or how people percieve it. What I and at least a few others have been trying to do is get you to think about your position. So far, the arguments the two of you have presented in defense of your opinion have been fairly easily refuted. After which you've mostly retreated to just saying that it quite simply is your opinion. When this happens, it is time to reevaluate your stance. Not necessarily time to change it, you could find that you believe in it even more strongly after being challenged. But if you find you cannot rationalize your opinion, how did you come to hold the opinion in question? And are the reasons you did so actually valid? Yes, exactly! I let them be, but don't support their way. There are much bigger problems than this. I should have already mentioned this, but the only people I hate that are related to gay marriage, are the anti-gay people. We should focus more on getting dangerous criminals off the streets and other things that I won't mention. You all know what I'm talking about. People are crazy in this world now. I'm sorry if I've offended you guys, but I really don't hate gay people. I actually feel bad for the ones who want to be "straight". I agree with the priority ranking, at least in theory. However, the same amount of effort applied to this issue switched over to crime is going to have a negligible impact. In addition, the only reason the gay marriage issue takes any time and effort at all is because of the opposition. We aren't talking about building anything new, just deleting a single exception in the system already in place. Just like with every other civil rights effort in human history, it is a continual effort gaining the hearts and minds of the public, and abandoning the issue is likely to reset the clock, often meaning a delay measured in decades, or even centuries like we saw with the women's rights movement.
  5. I would consider that quite debateable, given that civilization is a very recent phenomenon, is heavily dependent on social change, not evolutionary change, and we have made no significant genetic changes in the millenia before or during the advent of civilization. In addition, it is difficult to confirm for certain given only bones (if that) with which to study our ancestors, but we have no reason to believe that the variables in the human gestation cycle which cause homosexuality have changed either. Which would in turn indicate that just as many homosexuals were born in primitive days as now. The fact that a similar phenomenon occurs with our cousins the apes would seem to confirm this. I do want to make something clear, this does not mean that homosexuality is "meant" to be a part of the human makeup either. It is an anomaly, a wierd variable coughed up by evolution. However, it is a part of humanity, and a harmless one to boot. Making a big deal out of it makes even less sense than doing the same for every individual born with reddish hair (a much more rare "anomaly") P.S. Of course heterosexuality is staying with us. Up until the day that humans become capable of spawning by some means other than egg meets sperm, it will remain necessary and a part of our species. I really am not sure what your point with that statement is.
  6. We were "ment" to be a collection of hunter gatherer tribes with a maximum lifespan of perhaps 30 years, and an average of closer to 20 (discounting the high numbers of dead babies) Nearly everyone reading this thread would be dead right now if they have been born into a prehistoric tribe of humans who lived as nature intended. -Females were meant to start having children almost immediately after puberty. There would also be a high chance of the child and/or mother dying. -Males in that time period, depending on location and tribe, had betwee a 30 and 60% chance of dying at the hands of another human (for perspective, had WWII followed that standard, the death toll would have claimed around a billion lives rather than a mere 60 million) -In spite of the last two statistics, the number one cause of death would be diseases that are easily treatable by modern society. -We weren't meant to live in social groups of more than 100-150 individuals. In fact a number of modern social problems can be traced back to the fact that are brains are wired to care about and for a limited number of other people. -We certainly weren't meant to drive cars, go into space, or sit on chairs while typing into a computer At this point humanity is far divorced from anything evolution/nature intended for us. And at least so far as I'm concerned, that is a VERY good thing. If you disagree, feel free to give it all up. There are a handful of tribes around the world that still live something fairly similar to our root origins that you might be able to join. I don't think any are still quite as primitive as those I described before, but what can you do? You might instead make the argument that homosexuality isn't what god intended for humanity. Which just might be true, I certainly don't know. The catch you need to be careful of is, who speaks for him? At any given point in time, there are millions of people that claim to speak for god. Pretty much all of them contradict each other on one point or another, and a very large portion of them have been proven to be deliberately decietful, preying on those who believe.
  7. The bible says a lot of things. I made a post about some of them not too long ago in this thread. Even within the context of personal religious beliefs you need to be careful about using it justify an opinion, including to yourself. But I'll leave it at that, I don't really want to get into it either. Reproduction doesn't have any impact on this issue. People don't become homosexual, they are born that way, and either accept or reject that part of their personality. Modern society has made it much more likely for a homosexual individual to admit to themselves and others this part of their personality and we see more of them as a result in recent years. However, homosexuals will never, no matter what is done, represent much more or less than about 10% of the population. As a result, allowing homosexual marriage has no direct effect whatsoever on how many children are born in either the short or long term. Which is too bad, because we actually need the population of the world to start shrinking for a little bit. We're already several billion people past the point that the Earth's resources can comfortably support.
  8. You're missing the point. You don't have to actively hate a group of people to cause them significant harm. You are also certainly entitled to your opinion, but you must always be aware of the impact translating your opinion into action would have Case in point, during Lincoln's era, when the debate over slavery came to a head, a very large portion of the pro slavery side did not hate or otherwise disparage those of african descent. Some were primarily concerned about the economic issues of suddenly losing cheap labor (they were right to be concerned, the south was almost completeley financially ruined by the 13th amendment). Others simply did not support the idea of Africans living in freedom, either believing that they weren't really able to live well without a master, and/or that servitude was their proper place in the world. I would also argue that no, homosexual individuals are not being treated equally. One group is able to marry those they love and wish to live with for the rest of their lives. The other group is prevented from being able to do so. And those preventing them have yet to come up with a coherent reason for it that doesn't hinge on religious beliefs.
  9. As already mentioned, inner barrel and hopup rubber. I pointed you at a decent IB in the other thread you made concerning this pistol. Frankly, unless something is actually wrong with what you've got, there isn't a whole bunch more that you CAN do aside from proper maintenance. Gas systems are both simpler in design and more difficult to tweak than AEGs.
  10. Leaving aside the issue of allowing an extremely old book cribbed from stories taken from other even older religions to influence modern policy... Especially in a society founded on principles of freedom or religion... The only part of the bible that clearly condemns homosexuality would be the book of Leviticus. Which is in essence a list of laws written by and for a tribe of desert bound savages. And I mean savages in the absolute worst sense of the word. Among other things, the book of Leviticus: -requires fairly frequent animal sacrifices -promotes slavery -promotes (and in fact in some cases REQUIRES) the unprovoked mass murder of innocent civilians, and various other war crimes. -requires that women act as the property of their husbands -condemns people to death for crimes that would earn no legal consequences in today's society (such as masturbation, converting to another religion, and being stubborn to your parents ) I suspect (and hope) you agree that the above items have no place in modern society, so why does the condemnation of homosexuality get special treatment?
  11. You're going to have a very tough time finding a spring pistol that is metal, or worth using for that matter. There are a few low cost AEPs that aren't too bad, but they typically don't look quite the same as the real thing and have their own problems. Is there a particular reason you don't want a gas pistol?
  12. You're probably tired of this answer, but it depends. A soldier's kit will vary widely based on his environment, his role, and his mission. With that stated, just look up images of army rangers and you should get a decent idea of typical setups. -The army has recently ditched ACU camouflage patterns and are currently using Multicam while they decide what's next. (I'm not sure why they ever thought a series of squares would work in terms of blending in) -MICH helmets are common in the army. FAST helmets are a variant of the MICH design that is a bit more popular with airsofters, not least because of better ventilation. -A vest or chest rig can vary hugely depending on what is being done on the field. Most standard soldier loadouts these days involve a plate carrier. But unless you are running a longer game and need to bring lots of junk with you, it is not only overkill, it will get in your way. Running shorter games? Just use a simple chest rig if anything at all. -Don't use rank or unit patches, or anything that says "army" or some other armed forces branch. Yes it fits the role, but most people take a dim view of wearing such if you have not earned it. Unit patches for something made up, and other things like flags, moral, and blood type patches are usually fine.
  13. Really depends on my mood and in what context. Purely looks? I think I'm split between Koenigsegg CCX R and the Bugatti Veyron Pure function? Hummer (the army version, not that monstrosity made for the civilian world) Something cool I would actually choose to drive? Various iterations of the Ford Mustang Going with what my nerdy side wants? Delorean DMC-12
  14. So long as you have sensible rules on how they are used, they are absolutely great for field games. Both in terms of opening up tactical options and enhancing realism. We are talking about a combat simulation game, and vehicles have played a huge part in warfare almost since prehistorical times. Whether their role was scouting, offense, logistics, deployment, whatever. Having a large scale battle without vehicles available for use is a lot like going into combat with only half the men you need.
  15. Airsoft guns cost more than the real thing? That's a new one on me. Unless you're talking about Systema PTWs, but those are ridiculously overpriced. My M14 EBR for instance cost less than a seventh of the real version. In any event, it seems that you are going for as much realism as you can. In that case I would suggest a gas blowback rifle rather than an electric one. They aren't my cup of tea for several reasons, but the good ones are damn near identical when it comes to takedown and maintenance, and while the recoil they generate is not nearly as strong as the real thing, it is better than nothing. To more directly answer your question, all of those features are indeed available. I am confident they are all present at once in a fair number of models, but I'm afraid I cannot confirm which for certain since I have not looked into that myself. and finally, you're looking at a budget of $300-500, maybe a little higher or lower depending on what quality level you want Some general tips on your search: -Any TM compatible AEG will have low capacity magazines available, also called realcaps. GBBRs are usually in that range by default. -Most M4 AEGs with a standard LE stock will have the batteries up in the handguard. If however they have a saddle or crane style stock instead http://az321826.vo.msecnd.net/6296bc8112c2...x683-112933.jpg, the batteries are usually stored in there. -Regardless of where the batteries are stored by default, a little simple electrical wiring can move them to wherever you want them. Including outside the gun, (a common trick for instance is to store larger batteries inside fake PEQ boxes or what looks like a spare magazine.) -Most GBBRs that are of decent quality are going to have the same takedown pins. Many AEGs do as well, but they're... less predictable. EDITs for new stuff: We don't kick paintballers off for being paintballers. Many of us, myself included, migrated here from paintball for very similar reasons. If a mask is rated for paintball, it is nearly always rated for airsoft. A paintball has 10-12 joules of energy behind it, meanwhile an airsoft pellet is usually around 1 joule, with sniper rounds getting up to and occasionally beyond 2 joules. (of course, the airsoft pellet concentrates its force better, but I think you get the picture) The only reason a decent PB mask might not make the cut is if it has gaps that a 6mm sphere could force its way through. The gas chamber is usually located inside the magazines yes. However, unless your magazines leak, its a simple matter of hitting each with a few seconds of gas at the same time you load the bbs. It really isn't a big deal on its own. Are you planning to target shoot with this? Or play airsoft? Or is it a little of both? The thing is, while GBBRs do a good job of reproducing the real thing and are probably your best choice for training, in most games and situations they get pretty badly outperformed by AEGs.
  16. On the left hand side of the slide, there are two notches. Pull the slide back so that the one towards the back of the gun is lined up with the back end of the slide catch. There's a small tab attached to the catch that you should now be able to see. It normally prevents the catch from being removed. Once you've done that, push on that bump just above the trigger guard on the right hand side. If you lined the slide up properly, this will cause the slide catch to pop out by a little bit. Pull it out the rest of the way. Finally, remove the magazine if it is inserted, and the slide assembly will slide right off the front. To put it back on, just reverse the process. The only difference is that there's a small metal tab in front of the hammer that you probably will need to push down when putting the slide back on.
  17. Worry about what is functional first. You can buy gear that will mesh together well for an overall "cool" look as you go along. However, focus on getting gear that will help you perform, and the rest is likely to happen on its own. After all, real combat, which is what this game emulates, is pretty much the ultimate test of practicality. Playing long games without much in the way of a home base to return to? BRING WATER!!!!!!!! It can be in a canteen, bottle, camelback, whatever, just bring it. I cannot stress that enough, even if it is freezing outside you will need it. Working in close quarters with lots of crap to bump into? elbowpads and helmet (and kneepads, but those are good to get anyways.) Likely to need to transition between weapons? make sure you have a good sling appropriate to your primary. I could list other things, but I think you get the idea, and a great deal of it depends on your playstyle and what kind of games you play.
  18. True, but the M4 platform is so bloody popular that 80-90% of all aftermarket parts are made for version 2 or 3 gearbox rifles. Stray away from those and prices go up while availability goes down.
  19. That is perhaps something that should have been asked prior to buying it. I any event, that gun is apparently just KJW's KP05 with some extra licensed engravings slapped on and a higher price tag. http://www.evike.com/products/29580/ I actually do have the KP05, and it has worked quite well for me thus far, though I haven't had it for very long. Of note: -its a hi capa style, which means a larger capacity for both BBs and gas than normal. It will also have a slightly wider profile than normal. Not an issue for me at all, but someone with small hands may notice -For the sake of upgrade/replacement, most of it will be compatible with TM 5.1 parts (with the notable exception of the grip, which is pretty much exclusive) -in many cases, this model has a loose thumb safety. If yours does as well, there's a simple fix involving glue and paper you can find online. All in all, that gun is a mid tier work horse. KJW has occasional production issues, but they are usually simple to deal with if they pop up. Many users (who take care of the thing properly), have had this gun perform admirably for them for years of heavy use. P.S. Very cheap and simple upgrade http://www.clandestineairsoft.com/barrels-...rrel-p-549.html Pop one of those in for a decent power and accuracy boost compared to the standard brass barrel. Its no Prometheus, much less a PDI, but we are talking about a pistol here, not a DMR. It also could be worth it to lap the sucker, but only if you got the kit for something else as well.
  20. Need to be a bit more specific. Are you looking for a generic run of the mill assault rifle? Most beginners seem to be. The most popular rifles in that category would be the US AR15 (better known as its variants the M4 and M16), German G36, and Russian AK47/74 Beyond that, information on where and how it will be used would be quite helpful as well.
  21. It isn't too tough to extrapolate. If I'm guestimating the actual values correctly, starting speed of 255, ending speed of somewhere around 80, about 22 fps slower than the 1.5j mark
  22. Are you sure you want to? Typically a loose hop up adjustment has some play when it comes to holding your setting where you want it.
  23. Mark II of the list is up, we've more than doubled the number of entries in less than 24 hours. Thanks guys. EDIT: make that mark 2.1, after a quick addition based on Guges' last post Two things: -I would like to ask what ammunition you find works best with those barrels -Secondly, I would like to make it clear that I do not intend to imply that a tightbore barrel cannot be quite accurate. As I understand it, it is a numbers game, and diameter is the less important factor. Using a barrel with a better internal surface finish and consistency will make it less likely that a bb will bounce around, using a wider bore barrel will make it less likely that any bouncing that does occur will screw with your accuracy. If you are already working with a barrel that has an excellent internal surface (and most decent after market TBBs have exactly that), the diameter of the barrel has much less of an impact. My point is that the relationship does not work the way most people think it does.
  24. Even if your area has no ordnances that specifically apply to airsoft guns, it is best to treat it as if it were a real firearm. At the minimum that means you need a proper carrying case.
  25. Not really no. A lack of major problems just means that the fit is close enough to avoid a lockup, not that it is close enough to avoid all problems. Side to side play can and probably is causing a loss of power and increased wear and tear. Replace the shims.
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