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  1. Looking to finish an exterior upgrade on a KA M4. Need the following to complete the upgrade/conversion. All Black for AEG. MOE Carbine Hand Guard MOE grip MOE trigger guard MBUS II (only need rear, but I'll take both if you have it). **Got one** ***Long Shot I'm sure , but I could also use the pivot pin for a FRONT PTS MBUS II. Sure someone has one laying around broken and still has the pin. I have the spring, just need the pin.*** I could get these components new, but figure their might be some members here with these parts laying around and could use some Christmas cash, so I'll try this route first. Thanks.
  2. I understand not wanting to "poke the bear". Conversely, Governor Brown has proven to be quite level headed on issues that would have significant impact on an industry. Adding a "stripe" of color is not my concern. Can you for one minute tell me that this is the end? Will Deleon say "Cool, I'm done"? I believe exactly the opposite will occur. Once you capitulate to a arrogant fool like Deleon, he becomes empowered and will without a doubt re-introduce the bill in it's original form next year, the year after and on and on until we have as one poster said so accurately "Clown Guns". Here's why: The anti 2A crowd has shifted from actual gun legislation that always fails to targeting the youth's interest in guns/shooting. If they can make "toys" illegal or with wild colors (undesirable), the interest will slowly fade and the core value of the 2A quickly becomes a distant memory. Would you be motivated to protect a right you care nothing about. You should, but no vested interest leads to "no interest". Our youth continue to be bombarded with "guns are bad" FUD and eventually with lie after lie, they will believe it. Most terrifying is they are the voters and political leaders of the future.
  3. Exactly. States are prohibited from passing ex post facto laws by clause 1 of Article I, Section 10 of the Constitution. The Supreme Court has said this is only applicable to criminal matters. Not being a legal scholar, I'm not sure if this is applicable. Not complying with the requirements would become a criminal matter so it may be covered. Like Sharxbyte said, our legislature pretty much does what it want's regardless of Constitutional muster! Like I said earlier, I'm a little disappointed it appears the industry caved in and "helped draft" the current law. I believe Governor Brown would have vetoed the original legislation (full color) as punitive and financially damaging to the industry.
  4. On another note, wonder how hard it would be to move to 7mm bb's? Law covers 6mm and 8mm specifically.
  5. All good solid points! I personally believe the way they intend to erode the 2A is to target the young people. They know most of the current adults aren't buying it. If they can remove the "toys", the odds of them being interested in "real steel" is greatly diminished. The anti 2A crowd has figured this out. Our youth are being taught every day in school that "good intentions" outweigh "effective results" and they are willing to accept an erosion of rights. It's a long term, incremental plan. If the 2A is a moldable and pliable right, which ones are next? The 1st, 4th, 5th, etc......?
  6. Thanks for the video. It does clear up the law. Couple of thoughts. First and foremost, those guns look ridiculous. Second, this law will do nothing to improve safety. In fact, I predict we will have more tragic incidents because once they become more "toy like" kids will be more inclined to carry them in public. No LEO should assume a gun with a 2cm blue band on the handle (which they can't see) and a blue trigger guard is a "toy". Good way to not make it home that evening. This was meaningless legislation that is merely a gateway to the original intent (all fluorescent guns). This version will do nothing if not increase incidents. Make no mistake, Deleon's intent is to remove guns of any kind from the public. I will also predict in 2 years the original (all fluorescent) bill will be reintroduced and passed. The tick tock you hear is the death clock for airsoft in CA. While I understand $$$, the fact is the industry caved and once you do, you will be expected to fall in line from now on. Governor Brown is no dummy, and based on the economic impact would have vetoed the bill in its original form. Sometimes we are our own worst enemy!!!!
  7. Quote 20150. (a) Any person who changes, alters, removes, or obliterates any coloration or markings that are required by any applicable state or federal law or regulation, for any imitation firearm, or any device described in subdivision (b) of Section 16700, in a way that makes the imitation firearm or device look more like a firearm, is guilty of a misdemeanor. (b) This section does not apply to a manufacturer, importer, or distributor of imitation firearms. © This section does not apply to lawful use in theatrical productions, including motion pictures, television, and stage productions. Seems to me the solution is to make every game an official "motion picture". Someone always has a GoPro at my games. Ha Ha.
  8. Being in sales and marketing, my suspicion is that they will try CA compliant products....for now. But unlike real steel weapons which still look like weapons, fluorescent striped airsoft products over the long term will not sell. Sure they might for 8-12 year olds, but in the end it will kill the industry. After all, what demographic buys airsoft products? At 51, I won't continue my milsim fun and games with something that looks something like a Super Soaker. I suspect that I am not alone. What I really believe is going on is a concerted effort to shrink the market for "toy" guns. If you can reduce the toys I.E. take them out of the hands of youth substituting other activities, the appeal goes away and it's easier for gun control policies to be enacted on a complacent younger generation. People tend to care less about something they know nothing about or have no interest in! In the meantime, get ready for some serious price gouging on pre SB199 guns before the law is enacted.
  9. Well, SB199 was signed into law. Get ready for blaze orange, pink, green and yellow airsoft M4's, AK's and any other milsim weapon. Sometimes I hate this fricken' state. I need to leave.
  10. Last day tomorrow. Call, email, fax NOW. Whatever it takes. Governor Brown has shown moments of reason on other gun issues.
  11. This shows how worthless this legislation is. This is a Ruger 1022 in a Nerf Gun shell. Bright colors mean nothing. No LEO should assume any firearm regardless of appearance is a toy.
  12. This bill would require all Airsoft firearms to be mostly colored in fluorescent colors. Consider the impact on MILSIM as we know it. Nice load out with a fluorescent orange M4 or AK or ? 5 of the largest airsoft retailers are in CA. For those of you outside of CA, I realize you probably could care less what happens here. Understand if it happens here, it could happen to your state. We are all in this together. If you are a CA resident please contact Governor Brown immediately and ask him to VETO this legislation. Be POLITE! Let him know the impact on our community (MILSIM) and that this is bad legislation that will have zero impact on increasing public safety and a detrimental fiscal effect on a thriving industry in CA. Link below will get you to a form to fill out. Under "Choose your subject" you can select SB199. https://govnews.ca.g...39mail/mail.php
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