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  1. I would go for the EF CQR. I've fielded with one before, and IMO the externals feel more solid than a G&G's CM. I don't have anything to say about the KA's M933 as I've never used it.
  2. True. My WE 1911 won't last much longer. The nozzle has been replaced so many times and is a PITA. I might as well buy a used KJW or something, but there's always the option of holstering my KWA MP7 :P As for the M14... I'll might as well swap the stock brass barrel with a Prometheus steel TBB, replace the HS motor with a Lonex A1/A2 HT, and perhaps do something with the hopup. I'm trying to stay away from opening the GB because I'm not too good with GB work. Last time I tried opening a V2 GB, it exploded on me and the GB took helluva long time to put back together, let alone taking apart the more complicated V7 GB.
  3. Hey guys, I currently have 2 G&P M14s. One use as my primary, and the other is back at Evike for warranty service. I'm kind of a small guy (5'6''), so the M14 is a bit hard for me to lug around. I plan to sell the other M14 once it gets back from Evike, so I have approx. $200 to spare. Should I use this money to upgrade the crap out of my existing G&P M14 and buy some new gear, or should I just purchase a completely new gun that weighs less? To all you M4 users out there, running around with a M14 for 5+ hours isn't too pleasant. I could always go to the gym if weight is too much of a problem. Just want to hear out the opinions. I do understand that if I buy a new gun, I won't have money to upgrade either of them and they will most likely be left stock. Thanks.
  4. Thanks for the reply. For me, my G&P M14 was shipped by UPS and it came 1 day early at 2pm. I guess USPS is the way to go if I want a guarantee that the package will arrive before 6…
  5. Does anyone know the stock barrel's inner diameter for G&P products? Just wanting to know, since I might consider swapping the stock barrel of my G&P M14 with a TBB.
  6. Hey guys, I'm considering buying a APEX Mk13 Mod 4 from AEX, but the options for shipping were technically narrowed down to USPS or FedEx (no UPS!). Apparently, I have encountered an incident a few years back where my GBB pistol was stolen right out of my mailbox when it was shipped with USPS Priority Mail. The problem is that I work til 9pm at night, while my wife is at home until 6pm and then leaves to work at a hospital. There are some naughty teens in my neighborhood, so I'm afraid the gun will be stolen just like what happened to my pistol. I would like to get the package shipped BEFORE 6pm so at least my wife can securely pick it up, not to mention that most teens in our neighborhood are at school before 4pm. I have the following options of shipping: 1. FedEx Home Delivery: Gets to residential areas by 7pm ($20) 2. FedEx Express Saver: Gets to residential areas by 7pm ($25) 3. FedEx 2 Day: Gets to residential areas by 7pm ($41) 4. FedEx 2 Day AM: Gets to residential areas by 12pm (noon) <--this option is available from 6MM Gunworks, who offer the same gun for the same price but with this shipping option (pricey; costs $51!) 5. Priority Mail (USPS): I assume it comes with the regular mail, so approx. 1pm ($38) I have no experience with FedEx before, so I can't exactly vouch if the package is likely to come before 7pm or not. Also, if FedEx requires a signature, neither me or my wife will be home to receive the package. Please help! Thanks. -lonex420
  7. This should be under the "What gun should I get" section. Also, I've never had any experience with the LT S System, but all I've heard about LT is that their internals are bad. As for the G&G Raider... I've fielded with one before and it's pretty decent. Nice weight but low FPS. More suited for CQB than anything else. I would recommend a Elite Force M4 (these things feel really solid; IMO, they're a better choice than the G&G Raider) or a KWA CQR. Every M4 variant (excluding the S Systems) are sportlines. This means there's always a proline variant. G&G has their metal/top tech M4 series. SRC has their "comspec" sportline and a proline series as well, but they're pretty expensive. Elite Force has a "Competition" and "Elite" series, with the competition series sub-$200 and the Elite series $200+
  8. Evike answered the RMA and sent the shipping label. 2 days... not too bad. I would expect them to replace the gun though, since the externals look horrendous. It's as if a tech took it apart but a random guy on the street put it back together. 6 days and the EAB package hasn't arrived yet.
  9. Good. I just don't want to pay $60 worth of extra shipping and then send it to Evike for "repairs". Anyways, thanks guys. I'll give Evike another 2-3 days to respond to my RMA, and if not, I'll just send another one or call. BTW, do any of you guys know about eliteairsoftbatteries.com's shipping? It's been 5 business days and my order still hasn't come to my house. I chose the 2 day flat rate shipping via USPS. If you give them even 1-3 business days of handling and processing, it should have been here by today, latest. This is my first time ordering off them (usually I would use Evike or ASGI), so I really have no idea what's going on. To make it even worse, I checked out as guest so I have no access to the order information whatsoever.
  10. Hi guys, Apparently, I recently ordered my second G&P M14. However, upon arrival, I immediately saw that the gun was definitely not new. There were missing screws, misaligned parts, gaps and a ton of scratches. What should I do? I've already issued a RMA, but I heard that Evike's RMA process takes insanely long. I need to get this done within a 14 day warranty period so that Evike will cover all shipping costs. Would it be smart to just take the gun and not do anything about it, since I might end up paying shipping and labor fees? Or should I push on and demand a replacement? Just by comparing it to my other G&P M14, it is evident that most screws that are missing can only be accessible or removed/replaced from the inside, which means Evike must tinkered with the internals before sending it to me. I did not open the GB, or take apart the gun at all as I fear it will void the warranty. Thanks.
  11. Bump! Looking for the FAL Para version!
  12. A group of 12 yo's with crossman springers... playing a care package game (retrieve the objective to back to spawn point). Total massacre.
  13. Looking for a FNFAL, preferably the para version (PEQ w/ folding stock), though I will consider any other KA, E1, LT/JG FAL variants. Must be in WORKING CONDITION. Willing to pay: King ArmsFAL, $200 for short or long barreled ECHO 1 FAL, $160 for SOF 2&3, $170 for SOF 1 JG FAL: $150 for long/mid length with full stock, $160 for para version Lancer Tactical FAL: $140 for long/mid length with full stock, $150 for para version All prices can be nnegotiated. Prices will be heavily dependent on item condition and must include shipping. If there is a package deal (I.e., extra magazines), prices are subject to rise. So... offer up guys! PM me if interested. We can discuss further from then on.
  14. How much would the shipping be from there to the east coast? Just want to get a general idea; I don't want to send an inquiry just yet.
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