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  1. I'm about to get a propane adapter to start running my TM M9 on propane just because I can't afford green gas and I'm not using duster. The gun has worked exceptionally with Green gas for the past year or so (of use, the gun was purchased in 11'). The gun has a guarder recoil spring, (can't remember the percentage) and everything else is stock. Is there anything else I should have in my gun to help increase it's longevity with propane? I have a couple extra bucks I'm willing to spend to increase my guns reliability and performance. A buddy of mine told me that the barrel and slide will be the number one problem, and I'm not to worried about the slide as new plastic slides are like 8 bucks. I was however looking into a whole new barrel assembly (metal) due to the fact the older TM M9s don't have an adjustable hop-up and apparently can't be replaced with a new bucking (please tell me this isn't true). Is there anything else that I could buy now and replace, so I don't have to deal with any parts breaking on me? Also, please let me know (linking pictures) if my hop-up unit is able to take a new bucking possibly a reaps, angel custom, something besides this to be honest. Thanks, Colby H.
  2. Where can I find it? I've been looking everywhere for it.
  3. I can't find a new m9 hop up assembly with or without the barrel, have you seen one? If so please show me.
  4. I just did some research and found its the chamber, so am I screwed with this hop-up? I'm so confused, are there any old TM M9 compatible buckings?
  5. So is that the shape of the inner barrel thats interfering, or the hop up chamber?
  6. I get that its a fixed hop up, but I don't see why I can't put on a whole new bucking over the inner barrel?
  7. I'm looking for a new hop-up bucking for my TM M9 Tactical Master due to the lack of hop and inconsistency when I modified it myself. The stock bucking isn't getting the job done, with bbs falling after just 50 feet, even though the gun is shooting hard for a Marui (green gas, 280+). I originally used electrical tape under the bucking, but that didn't make much of a difference. I was looking at the Reaps and the Angel Custom. I was told to go with the Reaps, but the Maple Leaf also caught my eye. Anything to make this Marui shoot straight past 75 feet lol. Thanks, Colby
  8. 24 out of 26 shots made it out fine, but I still didn't fix my original problem. So I placed another piece of electrical tape, and now my hop up is almost perfect, with 26/26 shots out of the barrel just fine, and a little more range and hop on the BB. Thanks for the advice once again. This will work until I decide when to get a new inner barrel and bucking.
  9. Thanks for the help man, I cut a small piece of electrical tape and placed in under the bucking and that seems to have done the trick for now. I was only able to put 4-5 rounds into it, and that was just to see if the chambering issue had been fixed (bb overshooting the hop-up due to not enough hop-up; falling out the end of the barrel) and it seems to work for now. I have not yet been able to go outside and see if it had given any hop to the bb when fired at range. It's like 1 am here and had to be quiet containing my excitement and my shooting. I'll get back to you, and again thanks for the help. Colby H.
  10. When the gun was working properly, my shots with Green gas and .2s had no hop whatsoever, it was shooting at 270-310 and I wasnt getting any range, as the bbs were almost going straight down after 30 feet. Right now I'm trying to get the gun to function after the cycle, because each time it cycles, the bb is getting placed to far into the barrel, and sliding down the barrel, almost like overshooting the hop up chamber.
  11. can I replace the bucking to have an adjustable one? or an improved one atleast?
  12. I was messing around with my TM tac master M9 and noticed that the hop-up on it was terrible, and that I needed to fix it. I have been searching all around to find a tutorial on how to do it for the M9s without the new wheel TM has added. I disassembled the gun and found where the barrel and inner barrel meet, but can't separated it. When I put the gun back together, bbs fall straight out of the barrel unless I shoot pointing upwards, which I'm assuming is a hopup issue, as there is basically no hop on the gun, and not enough of a chamber to hold the bb from flying down the barrel. How do I get to the inner barrel to adjust it?
  13. No gas was injected in the magazine, the release valve was too long when it came, and got stuck in the magwell.
  14. Yes, the mag is stuck, and by pushing the pin, what do you mean? I tried pushing an emery board and all it did was make contact with the valve, but its stuck still.
  15. I just ordered 2 WE/ TM compatible M9 Mags, a black one and a chrome one. The black one fit just fine. The chrome one had a longer release valve but still fit until about halfway, when the valve got caught in some type of door in the magwell. What do I do?
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