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  1. Yes but what I am trying to say that the website for goldenball USA is made by the CFO of ASMS. Does that not seem just a little bit sketchy to anyone?
  2. So I have been doing some research lately and while people have suspected that Goldenball USA is fraud it seems like the suspicion is normally put down by someone saying something that says the company is not a fraud. So I noticed that the only people that sell these "Goldenball USA" bbs are airsoft megastore even on amazon they are only sold by wait for it, you guessed it! Airsoft Megastore. So I thought I should check the whois on those websites and they are made from the same person(George Cohen), from the same address and even use the same email (George<AT>airsoftmegastore.com). So I thought I should share this with other people so I decided to make an account on a forum and maybe other people will share it with other forums (if my research proves to be true). Sources: http://who.godaddy.com/whoisstd.aspx?domai...+kbZR+AisqQs%3d http://who.godaddy.com/whoisstd.aspx?domai...prog_id=GoDaddy http://www.linkedin.com/pub/george-cohen/19/741/863
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