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  1. Hi! New review of a little treasure 😉 Review of the M712 GBB, manufactured by WE and modified by SWIT AIRSOFT. This version has a very realistic appearence thanks to real MAUSER markings done with CNC tools. The M712 manufactured by WE is an excellent replica. Internals are reliable, inner barrel and hop-up rubber are MARUI standard allowing upgrade and disassembly is easy. This version from SWIT AIRSOFT has the best externals compared to others M712 like HFC, MARUSHIN, TERCEL or KWC. In fact contrary to stock replicas that have no marking or chinese markings, here, there are german realistic markings from MAUSER on it and it’s wonderful. They are deeply engraved by CNC tools and well realized. You’ll find in the box an ABS stock that allows you to transform it in a GBB carbine or simply use it as a holster. Performances are fine, fast firing, full-auto mode, good accuracy and range, simply use heavy bb’s as the hop-up rubber is a bit strong. The replica is delivered with a long 27 bb’s magazine but you can buy spare short 11 bb’s magazines from WE or ARMORER WORKS that are completely compatible. This replica will suit all airsoft players, easy to use and maintenance, particularly WW2/WW1 players or for post-apocalyptic games. Full test in VIDEO! And some HD photos HERE!
  2. Hi everybody ! First please forgive my bad english, it is not my native language. As there is a lot of expectations about the new King Arms M1 Carbine, I share the review I've done so you can choose buying it or no before it is out of stock ! I translated some part of it in english, the other parts will be translated soon with new chapters ;) Hope you will enjoy that ! Just clic here : https://oioiairsoft.wordpress.com/2015/08/13/m1-carbine-king-arms-review/
  3. View the entire review here : http://oioiairsoft.wordpress.com/2014/03/31/tt33-we-review/ (both french and english versions) Conclusion : I was very disappointed with my only WE replica, a Browning HP 1935, one of their first GBB. But I must say that the brand seems to have dramatically changed, their next-generation GBB are acclaimed by players. WE gives us here a ww2 GBB with a very good finish, exemplary at this price and perfectly playable - after a little cleaning - with reasonably good performance. The most demanding players can always upgrade it. What about the price, it is the cheapest on the market and yet probably the best choice compared to its KWA and SRC competitors. Positive things : - Price. - Exemplary finish. - Good kick ! - Disassembly amazingly simple. Neutral things : - Performance. - Nice cardboard box and manual in several languages, but rather poor bundle: replica and manual. Negative things : - Too powerfull. - Requires a complete degreasing. Oioi. View the entire review here : http://oioiairsoft.wordpress.com/2014/03/31/tt33-we-review/ (both french and english versions)
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