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  1. Bump. And here is an imgur link for pics. Timestamped to yesterday. http://imgur.com/a/KEolY
  2. Slighlty early bump... Just that this time works better for me. AND PICS! Scratch that, No clue how to upload pics from computer. Any assistance available?
  3. that's all I want. An M240. Just give me yours. I prefer f2f for trades, But I will ship. That being said, you ship first unless your feedback is ridiculously better (my good feedback is located on airsoft society). I MUST know anything and everything that is wrong with it (if it isn't pristine). I have to trade the following: -we scar-l: Aim sports ACOG style sight, bipod, 300mm angel custom tbb, reaps bucking, foregrip, aluminum nozzle, 6 mags, full set of extra internals. It is black. $850 new. works flawlessly. -G&G GR15: Integrally suppressed as of now, new matrix 3000 high speed motor, infinity high speed gearset, flip up sight set, foregrip, battery, midcaps and hicaps. only issue is the upper cracked and a small piece fell out, as well as the charging handle. $450ish new. No performance issues, solely cosmetic. -Classic Army Sportsline MOE M4 in tan. Unsure what is wrong, but if I figure it out, it's trade value goes up. new was $250. again, don't know what is going on. ONLY IF I HAVE TO, these are on the block: -Astro a50 wireless headset with full tx unit and micro. 350ish new -Logitech g700s mouse. Light use, amazing to use. 100ish new -Fender Squier Jazz bass. Not much to say, tons of fun, comes with amp. Pick and choose what you please from the above, but only to a limit. I don't want to get screwed over in a deal. PM me or post here. Best ways to reach me are these. PLEASE GIVE ME MY DREAM GUN. I WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER. Pics will come up soon.
  4. Hey, I can help you out with some tech work, assuming you trust shipping your gun to a total stranger lol. But seriously, I have good feedback on airsoft society.
  5. Wow. This was posted over a year ago and I didn't notice it. PLEASE open an airsoft store and field in colorado Springs! That would be amazing. Especially if you carried all of the necessities.
  6. You wouldn't be interested in any other trades? Nevermind, just noticed it is sold
  7. I am very interested in your mp7. I am pming you now.
  8. Very interested in your mp7. Would you consider a two gun deal trade? I have an amoeba m4 ccp with lipo and 2 high caps (210), as well as a cybergun famas with NiMH and 1 high cap (170). I would also include a red dot sight (40) and 8 mid caps (50). total new value being at 470. thanks
  9. Interested in the smg pouch, chrono, and bipod. Can you do a package? Or would you be interested in a trade for a famas or amoeba m4 ccp?
  10. I really want either (or both) of these guns. what I have available to trade is as follows: I have a fully upgraded A&k m249 I am looking to trade. Around 2k rounds through it after being totally rebuilt. Got it in a trade, replaced almost every internal part, and made sure it worked properly. Currently cranks 30+ RPS at 350ish FPS. Unsure on previous owner usage, though, they took amazing care of it. almost no external damage. 2 reasons to buy this gun, it is a beast that is intimidating, and you don't have it yet. Everyone compliments me on it, and after they hear it, they fear it (no rhyme intended). only external issue is a small crack in the barrel cover. Features include: quick change barrel system quick change spring system large battery storage for the biggest of batteries Upgrades include: Deans wiring Matrix turbo motor Classic army gears Polycarbonate piston head Full steel tooth piston Steel cylinder Aluminum cylinder head 6.03 550mm barrel Shark flash hider Feed cover with top rail and iron sight 11.1 lipo with deans New microswitch Package includes all upgrades, box mag, gun, and battery Can use m4 mags. I also have a cybergun famas with no upgrades. Comes with 8.4 battery and high cap. Shoots a little over 350. very little use, little wear Lastly is an ares amoeba m4 ccp. This comes with a 7.4 lipo and 2 high caps. Shoots around 320. Very little use, no wear Accessories also available include 8 elite force m4 Midcaps (tan), lipo balance charger, lipo guard, and a red dot sight. trades I am looking for specifically are GBB Scars (preferably WE), KWA MP7, KWA Kriss Vector. Thanks for looking!
  11. I am interested. If you still have one, I would really like one. Thanks!
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