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  1. Hey guys, quick question to you KWA owners out there. Is it safe to use propane on the M9 PTP? Would you use propane over green gas and why? Is the pistol able to use propane without modification? I'm new to KWA and I'm not too sure if the gun can handle it. Thank you in advance for your help!
  2. How effective would you say it would be?
  3. Hey guys, quick question on R-hops. Instead of using the M nub, can I use a flat hop nub such as the namazu?
  4. Specifically the polymer version. Should I get the large version or short? what're your experience fps or accuracy wise? overall would you recommend and say its worth it? Thanks in advance for your help http://www.evike.com/products/40528/
  5. Thanks for the advice, I'm gonna be getting some .25 soon. I'd just like to know if the type zero can cause low compression in a 363. I see what you mean by joule creep, I honk that's a good idea. Do you think flat hopping could fix my range problem? I had a theory that maybe my lonex soft bucking might be the problem. I checked it for damage and there isn't any noticeable damage, my hopup is stock, I was thinking about getting a prowin, a lonex purple, and a firefly flat nub. What do you think?
  6. Paper in the magwell, and finger on the nozzle during firing. Before the new cylinder I did the piston head into the cylinder covering up the air nozzle in the Mechbox, it had perfect compression. Haven't done the same to the new cylinder.
  7. Thank you for the in depth reply, I appreciate it. Now the spring in the gun is actually an m110 and fires at 360, I had to settle for that because I didn't want to mess with the gun any further. I only took the weapon to the tech because the 140 was too hard to install, the tech instead told me that all he could do was change the cylinder and put a 110. everything in the weapon was installed by me. The mechbox window is radiused, I've got a Sorbo, I have a g&g polycarbonate piston and a lonex POM ball bearing piston head too. And my gun is non-blowback and aoe is corrected. Sorry I should've mentioned this earlier. With this being said, do you think there is a compression issue lowering the range? Or could that be a different thing?
  8. hey guys, I was just wondering if using a type 0 cylinder with a 363 mm barrel could cause compression issues. I'm asking because the range on my gun at the moment is about 70-90 feet after a swapping of the cylinder.
  9. I was using that spring to compensate for my fps issue on my gun, I was shooting 280 fps with the stock spring in the cm, I wanted an fps over 400 to dmr, the techs said the job was done with the cylinder. And what do you mean by overkill? Also, can this affect compression to the point where range is around 90-110 feet?
  10. hey guys, I've got a quick question to ask; can a 363mm barrel take a type o cylinder? I took my gun to a tech to fit in a 140 spring, and they said using this cylinder got the job done without the spring, but as we all know, this can cause compression issues. I'd like to know if this is what is causing range issues on my gun. (G&g cm16-L)
  11. Hey guys, I need some help. I'm looking for an eotech 552 replica/clone. Can anyone point me in the right direction for a quality one, that has trades, and dosen't break the bank? Any help is appreciated, thank you in advance, cheers.
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