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  1. Ok thanks. He is a very arrogant person and will probably just get angry and pout with people telling him what to do but ill try.
  2. when I first started I actually didn't do too bad considering I was massively unprepared and had my pants falling off with all the stuff I put in them (mags and other things like that) but I still did ok. But still I did a massive amount of research before I went to play so that could be some help. Also I will try taking him that sounds like a good idea :) My dad also plays so we could go with my dad and his dad and I could get the kid to rush up and not stay in the back the whole time and he would see how complicated it really is to have a good strategy and tactics other than just going and shooting people :)
  3. he's getting the money by convincing his dad he absolutely needs it to shoot targets and get into the sport. He also is trying to say that 600$ EOtechs and real steel accessories are amazingly important. I think he just has the mindset that alberty kind've stated that the most expensive is the best and makes you better than everyone else.
  4. He only bought it because it was one of the most expensive and it said magpul on it.
  5. So my younger friend who lives near me is like 10 and apparently his dad wants to get into airsoft. So he comes up to me after spring break and says hey I got an airsoft gun its a King Arms M4 I think. So I said ok those are pretty good guns are you going to go to a field anytime soon? He said no my dad just wants to shoot targets in the backyard (He's most likely lying about his dad wanting it because I can tell by how he is talking) So then he tells me about all this stuff like a new rail system and a stock and all this other stuff and he's never even been in a backyard war. So I know I'm kind've stressing over this but listen what happens next. We get back from the weekend and we hang out and he says that he bought a 385$ gun with a special recoil feature (its just a blowback) and he said he doesn't even know what brand it is and I asked him and he said it has magpul and it isn't a G&P and I asked him what kind and he said Magpul. I have been trying to warn him that he shouldn't go around buying guns when you have zero attachments or tactical gear and that if your just going to shoot in your backyard you shouldn't buy a 400$ gun but of course he doesn't listen how should I try to help him?
  6. I went ahead and got the ESS but thanks to all anyways.
  7. You should get that PTS MKM Mega Arms that has a keymod with it and sits flish eit recoever
  8. My opinion is to get the G&P. Although the 230-250 versions are pretty much only front-wired so if you don't want that then I would go G&G. Also the G&P have wonderful internals and and externals are great for the price and they are my favorite guns to use stock.
  9. For effiency go JG Blue, For effiency AND speed go Lonex A2
  10. For correcting Aoe will a sorbo and a neopad really be any more beneficial then to just a normal sorbopad without a neopad?
  11. (Im sorry if I already posted this I posted it in the wrong section and asked the moderators to move or delete it so I coupdnt find it so I think they deleted it.) Ok so on the Noveske NSR rails can you still attach rail addons to yhe bottlm of it even though its not keymod in that portion? And if not can I fit my afg on the bottom with oit the rail add ons or is that only for the vfg?
  12. IMO the king arms will have better internals but the externals will be about the samr so personally k would go with internals over externals and get the king arms but its entirely up to you and what you want to get.
  13. If you want a cheaper mosfet they have hamsterfets on brillarmory that I know people running 30+c 11.1v lipos at like 35 rps and no problems whatsoever and it is only 20$ but of course those higher grade ones will give you better but if your trying to save money and don't want a 100$ mosfet than there you go. And also If I could get a VFC Scar-L I would but I am working on a custom M4 right now so I just don't have the money for both of them.
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