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  1. Interesting. however I said "Classic GBB " Not Classics in general. I've owned classic kokusai GBB M16s, ASAHI Sterlings, JAC M16 variants of all sorts, MGC M16A2. I know the differences
  2. If you're basically hooking up an air source to a tube that has pellets feed into it, then shot out past the hopup bucking, you're basically making a hose. I've seen it done before, and while the accuracy is close to an AEG's, you're also spewing out pellets at an abysmal rate. As to your "how did classic GBB rifles work"... they were basically large GBB pistols
  3. If I remember correctly, the electric part cycles the bolt and feeds the pellets. The gas then fires them. Mags will be hard to come by.
  4. You may want to repost this in the correct forum, as it wont get much attention in the "classic Airsoft" forums
  5. It's metal, and it screws on. Solid as a rock MY AIM is SINNFEINP90 if any of you have questions
  6. Top did have talks about putting in the escort system, but they arent out yet
  7. THATS HOW. You put it in, and it sticks out a little bit. So you cover it with a supressor.
  8. It's TM I've owned it for a month, an I believe I'm the second owner. It is firing strong, with a great ROF for an 8.4. Only problem is that it's missing the charging handle
  9. Only breaking up into the 3 parts listed above. I'm not going to ship little things to 8 different people.
  10. No. The barrel ends an inch from the ned of the supressor
  11. Ok, there seemed to be little interest in the MP5 as a whole, so I'm breaking it up. Prices are as follows: MP5 SD with standard foreward grip, 1 mag, battery, sliding stock, and full stock-$160 shipped MP5 high cap mags, $45 for all 3 Rail system, plus the foreward grip, minus the supressor and pins(you will need to use the ones that came with your mp5), highest offer over $50 by the end of the day. EDIT: (gun is upgraded to ~360fps, with a M4 tightbore) NO TRADES! Unless you happen to have a laptop with at least 128 mb of video ram Will be mmoving in a month, and don't need any more airsoft stuff
  12. To clarify, For $150 you get everything BUT the rails, and 3 mags.
  13. Launcher is actually SPF. I'll sell the upgraded MP5 with full stock, sliding stock, a high cap mag, battery, and extra battery cover for $150 shipped if anyone's interested
  14. everything pictured here(except the broken M203 on the right) for $120 shipped
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