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  1. Because Evike does not carry the Maple Leaf nub. For the degree of the bucking, you need to figure out what FPS your gun shoots at and make a decision based on that. I would also suggest a flat-hop but it's more DIY than buying a Maple Leaf bucking and nub.
  2. MODI JPC is $50. If you don't like the JPC look into Flyye and Pantac, both make some great low profile rigs under $100. Don't buy a Condor vest.
  3. Thanks guys, I appreciate the input :) Right now I am looking to purchase from Tiger111hk. Almost all of the reviews I've read of this retailer are from those who have bought gear or parts. Do you know how well they handle shipping guns to CONUS?
  4. Hey guys, I've been interested in a compact Glock for a while and these two are pretty much the only ones in my budget, and I'm very much torn between them. I've done some research but never shot or handled these in person. The KJW is about $10 cheaper and has a better reputation than WE, but does not come in a Gen4 variant which is what I want. Also it seems like many websites have stopped carrying this pistol, for example eHobby which listed it for $62 but as of last week the page no longer exists. The WE is a bit more expensive and I know I'm gambling with the QC, but I've read that WE's Glocks have the fewest problems of their pistol lineup, and they come in Gen4 which is a huge plus for me. So my questions to you guys are, am I missing anything concerning these two pistols, and which one would you buy on a tight budget and why? Thanks for reading, B.A.M.F.
  5. Gotcha, I wasn't aware of that. My field rents out CA870 clones with that type of mag so I figured they would work. My bad.
  6. http://www.evike.com/products/25476/
  7. S&T and King Arms both make a gas powered Mosin, and Dboys has a shell-fed 98K springer as well. All of these are under $200.
  8. Sorry, I should have elaborated, but you are proving my point. Because HPA users don't run a sling they don't know that an air line can be as obstructive as a sling.
  9. Most of the HPA users I've seen do not run any form of sling.
  10. Neither Go with a JG M4. Only $10 more than the EF, but way better.
  11. Yes. They are releasing an M4 GBBR and tri shot AA12 AEG soon, and probably some other models too.
  12. Nope, it's 10.44:1 and 20.15:1 To answer your question, the 10.44:1's.
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