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  1. I'm running a large airsoft op in 2 weeks, and since none of our members use forums it seems, I thought I'd ask you guys what you thought and if it could use improvement. Operation: Broken Dreams is a Mil-Sim operation simulating a prison riot at a top secret facility code-named: The Raft. The Raft is a top secret maximum security military facility; in addition to housing some of the world’s most dangerous criminals it is also home to some of the most advanced and dangerous military projects. Prisoners at The Raft rioted yesterday taking several hostages. Military Police have been dispatched to quarantine the area and prevent any prisoners from escaping. In addition to hostages the prisoners have also gained control of a top secret weaponized strain of a pathogen Code-named: Clean Slate and are threatening to release it unless they receive a cash payment of $100 million dollars US. Military Police Officer: Uniform requirements: Greens, woodland, multi-cam, blues, etc. Team size: Unlimited. Special Positions: Commander, Squad Leaders, Medics, Riot Shields Your Role as a Convict: Uniform requirements: jump suits, prison orange, super villain, blue smocks, jeans, etc. Team size: Unlimited. Special Positions: Commander/Boss Your Role as a Black Mesa Operative: To retrieve all evidence of the experiments at The Raft, if unable to extract the evidence, destroy with explosives, and terminate any opposing forces. Uniform requirements: Black camo, Urban camo, Red camo, Black tac-vests, Gray camo, Marpat, and Cadpat. Team size: 10 Special Positions: Team Leader Medics The Flow of objectives are at the bottom, but towards the end of the game, the bomb is detonated no matter what, causing all players near to be changed into zombies. Any players left alive must switch to pistols, shotguns, snipers, or launchers. No automatics will be allowed to be fired as the battle "has drained the resources of the teams" any players that die from being shot or "bitten" will be become zombies after waiting 30 seconds. if a zombie is killed they must go to a respawn point. Hostages are going to be 6 blow up dolls, dressed and scattered throughout the field in 2s. Black Mesa Operatives will complete their kill order by taking "selfies" with the hostages simulating them verifying the kill. You kill the zombies by shooting them. Players don't have respawns unless they're zombies. Because its the end game, the team that "wins" is the team that survives. My thought process behind the "selfies" was if they had adequate time to snap a photo of themselves with the blow up doll, then it was obviously killed by the mercs. And shooting wouldnt work because they couldn't call hits since its a doll. Im not sure why the MPs would need a flag since to rescue them they have to transport them to a designated "safe area"
  2. Hey Alaskan's or future JBER, Wasilla, Palmer, Anchorage, Peter's Creek, or other military personnel moving or in Alaska! our airsoft club is looking for you to come play some fun and challenging games with us. We have over 300 members of various skill and experience level. We have two fields, one small and one large. Find us on facebook group here or our website and forums here we hold games every weekend and a large milsim event at the end of every month. We're also looking into forming an airsoft League for our teams to compete to see who's best
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