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  1. Hello, looking for a TM ZEKE kit for my UZI. Please let me know if you have one.
  2. Looking to buy magazines for my KTW M1873 Randall, pm me any offers. Thanks!
  3. Can't seem to find these anywhere (and I'm not sure if they're the same as the full length rifle's magazines). Does anyone have some spare magazines for a KTW M1873 Randall they'd be willing to sell? If not, can anyone point me in the direction of where I could find some? Thanks again.
  4. My MP7 is having an issue where the trigger will lock on safe, but if you pull with enough force, it will fire (still on safe). Does that sound like a sear issue or a bar issue?
  5. Does Maple Leaf make a AEP bucking, and are AEP barrels interchangeable? There are plenty of MP7 barrels available, but next to none for the Mac.
  6. I'm throwing together a custom AEP, built off of the JG/TM Mac-10 platform and a HPA engine. Question is, what kind of upgrades are possible for the Mac? Is it compatible with any AEP barrels/bucking or are they specific to the model (like the hop-up). Searching on the internet has given no answer, so now I'm here. Thanks again guys.
  7. Could have swore the older m10s had a metal upper receiver, maybe I'm thinking of another manufacturer. Thanks for the info!
  8. Not sure if it would be considered a classic, but I figured this was the best way to find one. I'm looking for a older TM Mac-10, the ones that had metal bodies. I would appreciate any offers, or suggestions on where to find one. EDIT: I've been informed there were no metal-bodied Mac-10 models by Marui (whoops), still interested in one if someone has one to let go. Cheers
  9. Searching for a SG M82/107, I have many things available for trade, or I can purchase outright, or a bit of both. Please PM if you're interested.
  10. A magazine mostly, the valve on my only mag is shot, and replacement parts are impossible to find.
  11. If he doesn't take it, I'll grab that Deagle. Been needing parts (hate to hijack).
  12. Bump, also looking for C02 Desert Eagle mags (Cybergun)
  13. Title says all, looking to trade (possible pay if the deal is decent enough) for a Desert Eagle. Mostly looking for a TM, but I will not pay anywhere close to retail for your TM, although I am willing to chip in a decent hunk of change for one with a guarder kit or a decent stockpile of mags. PM me if you have anything to offer, and I'll consider most anything.
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