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  1. Longer. Means shorter distance for flute valve to travel before it reaches the front and cuts off gas supplied to propel the BB, giving you lower FPS.
  2. Probably because if the hammer were to rest on the frame it would be pressing the valve open letting out all the Co2.
  3. Co2 aren't affected by cold weather as much, but if you use propane as GG Co2 is more expensive. Also you can top off GG gas mags and always be sure you have a full charge of gas in all your mags. You gen use GG in a Co2 KJW 1911 though so I suggest just get the Co2 version. GG 1911s don't come with a cut out in the mag well to accommodate Co2 cartridges so you don't have the option with GG only 1911s.
  4. Congrats! Curious to know what your experience is with it.
  5. Looking at the piece I'm not surprised at all at the way it broke. It split at the screw hole. At the speed the bolt seems to be traveling it's a pretty violent action for a tiny piece of plastic to interrupt. When you get yours and take a look at it you'll see what I mean and hope to god it doesn't break after 2-3 stops. Not a huge deal for me as the piece isn't too hard to replicate out of some metal. I would've loved to have seen them somehow hook up the magazine disconnect mechanism to function as the last round disconnect though instead of having to interrupt the bolt itself at all. Oh well. Also my issue wasn't misfeeding. It's more of a failure to feed meaning no bb's are released into the chamber at all. It seems to feed fine now. I'm guessing the spring for the bb retaining arm in the magazine have weakened. Though now on occasion if I eject the mag when there's still bb's inside 1 or 2 bb's would come free. Not good because there are too many nooks and crannies inside the stock and firing mechanism and no ejection port. Havn't been a huge issue yet. Overall I'm still happy with my purchase, though a bit frustrated at these issues. Spent hours making a bolt catch and figuring out the stock to modify the selector, as well as received several blisters and bruises on my fingers trying to restore the flash hider and squeezing the horrible trigger on semi before I managed to fix it. She's working fine and looking fine now, but for $300 I expected much less drama right out of the gate though I understand the flash hider isn't WE's fault and the trigger to be fair was functional. But a metal bolt catch I think should've been obvious. Also I think some people might wonder if a red dot version will ever come out. I don't see any sort of provision in the packaging for that layout. I don't know take that as you will...
  6. Just got it in my hands. Probably less thank 3 days in transit. $340 including shipping. I must say I'm impressed in relieved. Couple of things I noticed right off the bat: Bullet sticker is not present... %#$. Though they did put in a "foldable bottle." Where the flash hider threads onto is plastic. EHA CA glued a orange muzzle device onto that. Will be a pain to get off and I'd be wary of attaching any muzzle device longer than 4 or 5 inches. Comes with dildo speed loader. But to be fair it's of really decent quality. The trigger has it's own trigger spring in addition to the sear spring. Some people's complaints about the trigger pull may be related to this The follower actuates an internal bolt stop made of plastic. So no "deadman's click" and I question its longevity. There's a magazine disconnect that actuates on a contraption that actually blocks the firing pin. Depressing the button that protrudes out the left side of the magwell(?) opening overrides the disconnect and allow the gun to be fired without a magazine inserted as the gun actually has it's own internal expansion chamber. Update: Took the orange thing off and found that the threads are basically filled in with CA glue. Can't use acetone as it'll risk dissolving the "outer barrel." Might need to use a die on it. Update: Doesn't feed reliably. The bb's are retained in the mag by a spring loaded retainer at the feed lips. A nipple on the hopup assembly lifts the retainer out of the way when the mag is inserted. Doesn't really work reliably. Might be a tolerance issue or just needs some breaking in I'm not sure. And yes the 2 stage full auto mode works just fine. ROF is definitely out of this world. Update: BOLT CATCH ALREADY BROKE WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't say I'm too surprised but comeonnnnn... Update: Fashioned myself a bolt catch out of some scrap pot metal with a dremel. Took me an hour and a half. It's working like it's supposed to. Heavy trigger pull on semi is actually mainly caused by the selector. It stops the trigger RIGHT before the semi break. Pulling it harder will flex some components allowing you to release the sear. Wanted to get at the selector and file it down a bit but can't because the trigger doesn't come out like in real steel. I think the only way to do it is by taking apart the stock which I havn't figured out a way to do yet since the mag catch is holding the stock together. In real steel you can access the mag catch hook from the bottom ejection port and release the assembly that way but in the WE version all access is blocked by the internal expansion chamber which I don't think comes out either unless the stock is apart. Can't think of any easy way to do it at this time... Update: WE P90 mag catch actually works differently. There is still a hook on the underside of the mag catch but it's tiny and easily defeated. The main thing that retains the mag catch are the hooks underneath the flanges on both sides. Both need to be pulled out ward to release the mag catch.
  7. Well it's in Kentucky now and they just did a "import scan." Says it'll be delivered by the end of today too. Somehow I doubt that. I'm just hoping it gets to me at all... EDIT: Louisville, KY, United States 11/04/2015 3:53 A.M. Departure Scan 11/04/2015 2:15 A.M. Import Scan 11/04/2015 1:01 A.M. Arrival Scan Anchorage, AK, United States 11/03/2015 3:25 P.M. Departure Scan 11/03/2015 12:52 P.M. Arrival Scan 11/03/2015 12:28 P.M. The package is awaiting clearing agency review. / Your package was released by the clearing agency So it seems like they did some screening at the airport in Alaska but nothing in Kentucky before it departed there... I'm confused... EDIT: Maspeth, NY, United States 11/04/2015 7:28 A.M. Out For Delivery Jamaica, NY, United States 11/04/2015 6:12 A.M. Departure Scan 11/04/2015 5:44 A.M. Arrival Scan Well I'll be...
  8. So UPS tracking said it's arrived in Alaska. Are they going to screen it there? And if they do are they going to screen it anymore times before it gets to where I live?
  9. This one is with UPS actually if that means anything...
  10. 11/02/2015 2:25 P.M. The package is awaiting clearing agency review. / The package is at the clearing agency awaiting final release I'm a little worried. Does this mean they'll cut open the package and look inside for sure?
  11. I don't see why anyone would make a steel slide stop with a bearing axle on it. I always though that they put bearing sleeves over the the axles on some slide stops because some alloys they use to make these aren't strong enough.
  12. The thing is I'm not supposed to have airsoft in NYC or replicas of any type eventhough the police aren't that strict about it and wont really come after you as long as they don't see it. I was even caught with one on college campus when an RA saw the mags on my desk that I was fixing. All they did was told me to bring it back home and don't bring it back to campus. I just keep it in a bag when I goto Long Island to play which is like a 15 minute drive. I'm just not sure what the story is regarding deliveries from overseas. In the past my guns have always come to me in bits and pieces as I've built most of my guns and this is the first time I've ordered a complete piece from overseas to NYC no less. Do they look through every piece of mail? And if it doesn't go through is my money completely gone? Is there anything I can do to get at least some of it back?
  13. So it now just occurred to me since I recently moved from Long Island to NYC, what are my chances of being $#&@ed by customs? I ordered mine from eHobbyAsia. And if it does get seized is there anything I can do or would I be completely and utterly %$#ed out of my $350?
  14. The original M1911 was blued and the M1911A1 was parkerized so I'm thinking Inokatsu finished these with either. If that's the case you'd want a steel part as you can't do either of these to aluminum or alloys.
  15. From the videos I've seen on youtube I did see some incidences of some people letting out 2 round bursts when in single mode. I just assumed it to be just a short reset at the time. But now that I think about it it might be that the travel between the semi stage break and the full auto stage break may be too short or that the selector isn't securing the trigger from the full auto stage adequately enough in semi mode. Don't know for sure if that is the problem, how bad it is or how easy it is to fix. Really dying for someone on here to get their hands on one soon and give us some insight.
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