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  1. Thank you for your answer Airborn 101, I will definitely make sure to make the changes you suggested. Do you have a suggestion on which MOSFET would be good to use? Which type bucking should I go for in this case, if certain brands are better than others I mean? I did read about bushings being more reliable than ball bearings in other forums too so I was really uncertain whether I should use them or not, now that you have told me I will swap them out for some solid bushings instead. After making the suggested changes to my build are there any parts I should consider changing or will I be good? Thank you for pointing me to your guide as well it has some really good info. Thanks again...
  2. Upgrading a JG G36C for all round performance... Hey guys, I’m pretty new to this stuff but I’m a quick learner when it comes to technical things like these, so please don’t write me off the first thing you do when reading this… I’m actually an electronics technician who loves to build computers but also along with some friends here in Sweden developed a love for AEG’s the last year and a half or so. We’re a group of guys in their mid thirties who lately have gotten in touch with our inner youth by going out into the woods once in a while to try to kill each other using plastic BB’s. We all love it, it gets the adrenaline going and as it turnes out, it is a really good work out as well. The first rifle I bought was a JG G36C because it was affordable and I didn’t know if this was going be a lasting thing or not so I didn’t go buy the best thing on the market. Now, a year and a half later we’re still loving it and I’m actually looking into upgrading my JG G36C, which I absolutely love by the way. In fact I’m pretty obsessed with it, the past two weeks the only thing I’ve been doing is going through Youtube and forums like these just to learn about the sport and it has only increased my interest for this sh*t even more. The reason I’m writing this here is that I would like to get some input from players who are more experienced when it comes to customizing AEG’s. Like I said I have been doing some serious research the past couple of weeks and this is what I came up with… I would like to build an all round rifle with good FPS, RPS and also good accuracy, nothing overkill on any front but just a balanced gun. After reading and watching and reading and watching these are the parts I ended up ordering for my gun and I would just like some input on whether I should change some things around or not. For the moment I have a stock JG V.3 Gearbox. What I would like to get is about 400FPS and 15-20 RPS with good grouping at about 160 Feet. I have already ordered all these parts and what I plan on doing is installing a… *Lonex Titan A2 High Torque Motor *Madbull Ultimate Tight Bore 6.03mm 455mm barrel *8.25in Mock Silencer (The inner barrel will end flush with the silencer tip) *Lonex G36 Aluminum Hop Up Unit *Dream Army H-Spacer *Lonex 70 Bucking *Deep Fire Cylinder Type B for a 380-509mm barrels *Lonex Blue Piston 10 Steel Teeth *Guarder Stainless Steel Cylinder Head *Airlabs Sorbo Pad 70D Hardness *Guarder Enhanced Ventilation Piston Head (Taking the ball bearing off, leaving it only on the Guide) *Guarder Ball Bearing Metal Spring Guide *Guarder SP120 Spring *PicoAB Mosfet with active break *Deep Fire 16WG Wiring *JBU 7mm Ball Bearings *JG Original 18:1 Gear Set (From what I gathered they are pretty good) *Turnigy Nano-Tech 1800mAh 11.1V 3S 20-40C LiPo I’ve also read all about swiss cheesing and do not think it is something I should have to do for this set up. If any of you more experienced modders have any pointers for me regarding my set up I would really appreciate some of your input, what I should change, what I should avoid and what I should modify to reach my goal. I thank you all in advance…
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