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  1. I just got a echo 1 p90 through a trade and the hi cap mags don't feed food, and I mean they feed awful. The mid caps fine. Is it just my gun or is it normal. Also with the high caps it sometimes shoots really soft 5 feet then hits the ground why?
  2. I have a mp5 sd6 and the hand guard is not good in my opinion. Its has no rails and it seems somewhat flimsy. I was wondering if I could get some PVC pipe of the same size and sand it to make it fit. If I could get the PVC to fit it would be more durable, and I could add rails. Any thoughts?
  3. Thanks for the suggestions I think I'll make one before I buy one and see how it works.
  4. Thanks, that looks very nice actually. I might consider it because its cheaper than most and its a $35 experiment.
  5. I was thinking of getting a sound amplifier, and was looking for anyone else's thoughts? I have a mock suppressor but it's there just for looks because don't have a barrel extension. I thought that a sound amplifier would be cool for cqb, and it would make my gun sound better. I also want to know if I should pay $40-$60 for a amplifier. I know that you can make one, and I have the supplies to do so. Has anyone done this, suggestions? If I make one and decide I don't like it its not $40-$60 down the toilet.
  6. That is an interesting item, I'll take that into consideration, thanks.
  7. Thanks for the input. Il take that in consideration.
  8. If I put my shemagh in cool water and put it around/on face/head will it keep me cool? Or is it just annoying, or useful? I play both field and indoor. In the field sometimes the sun is hot as ever, and indoors is just hot. If so, how would I do it? Do I just put the whole thing in cool water and ring it out?
  9. In my opinion PCs it more effective and universal especially with MOLLE it makes it so you can put any mag pouches anywhere and other accessories. A vest in my opinion is ok but I like how the PC sits on your body, the vest is usually not very customizable and uncomfortable . Chest rigs are ok if they fit your loadout and you only want to carry mags personally I don't like them just because of looks and they really only hold mags, but if you want light weight and something to hold your mags a chest rig is good then.
  10. That's cool, I like how you did it yourself.
  11. I like the 870 model of a shotgun, and I would like to see the one they come out with. What exactly are you taking about with the shells, the m500 doesn't use shells, is an mod or upgrade because that would be sweet?
  12. I think you messed something up I wasn't talking about a sniper rifle or my first airsoft gun.
  13. Thanks for the replies. I saw your post on someone else's shotgun question and I thought it was funny.
  14. I still agree with you I was just saying.
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