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  1. PRIMARY: A&K/MATRIX PKM (AEG, ~400 FPS) 1 5000 round box magazine that came standard with it A flashlight that I ziptied onto the end of the barrel, as it has no rails that far down A letter opener (dulled) that is in the same ziptie setup as the flashlight BACKUP: CYMA AK-47 folding stock (AEG, also ~400 FPS) Two 600 round magazines, one standard, one from an AK-74 style rifle One 900 round long magazine from my RPK I don't know if a removed folding stock counts as an attachment, but whatever. SIDEARM: (I don't remember the brand name) Non GBB CO2 pistol, looks like a glock/APS hybrid and has ~350 FPS One magazine, holds about 18 rounds I've put a small laser light onto it's underslung rail. APPAREL: OD green BDU pants and shirt, OD green INTERCEPTOR vest with groin, neck, shoulder guards, and plastic SAPI plates Black hard-knuckle shooting gloves Black GP-6 gas mask (Filter removed) Black knee and elbow pads Black combat boots, size 15.5 OD green assault helmet OD green/grey trim hiking backpack for supplies TACTICAL GEAR: Two cases of 20,000 ct .2 gram bio-BBs One case of 5,000 ct .25 gram BBs for my Dragunov, which I sometimes carry as a tertiary weapon. OD green/black shemagh, in case it gets cold or the gas mask just isn't working how I want it to. Two metal canteens of water, for when I overheat. Both are always gone by the end of a match. A mean Soviet attitude, for kicking :censored2:.
  2. Myles, I called Evike and no luck. No, I don't have the money. I need a new CO2 pistol, and a quality full mask that doesn't fog up.
  3. Hey there all you airsofters! I have a question for ya. I have the JG Scorpion R2, a clone of the old WELL one, and I'm in kind of a dilemma here. It didn't come with a battery cover. The gun works fine, I love it. It's the ultimate secondary. I've done away with all of my pistols except my CO2 non blowback. But like I said, the Scorpion didn't come with a battery cover, so due to the movement of the gun's mechanism in full auto, I can get off maybe 10 rounds before the battery falls out of the grip due to the shock. What can I do here? I don't know where to order a replacement cover, Evike doesn't have one. I've thought about taping it, but that's just kind of eh. Is there a hotfix of some kind for this, or a place to order a new one? I'd be much obliged.
  4. http://www.evike.com/products/30100/ This is seriously one of the best CQC weapons I've ever come across. I run this as a backup for my PKM, or as my primary on CQB fields and it works great. You can get it with an 80 round hi-cap or a 370 round drum mag. It's FPS isn't the highest, but is well within working CQC FPS. It's small enough to carry with you without a sling (I have mine in a magazine dump pouch on my vest) and it's also small enough to operate one handed. It has a folding stock that works pretty well, and I could see it helping a lot in CQC. (I don't use the stock much because my vest's shoulder guards make shouldering some weapons awkward) Now I know this wasn't on your list of gun models, but at least give it a look and SERIOUSLY consider it. It's built as solid as a tank and you will find no better gun for $75, and honestly, I think that gun is worth $150 or more.
  5. That's why the RPK has a bipod and I use normal AK clips with it instead of the long one it came with.
  6. To each their own. However, with M4s, it's "To everyone, overused assault rifles that have no flavor". (I am a fan of the FSB though, so cudos to you.)
  7. I DO concentrate on how my loadout is. I go for the Soviet-era (I have Russian ancestry.) soldier look. I'm getting another shipment of goodies soon, actually. Anyway, I ranted because the M4/Special Forces stuff is SO boring to see over and over again. Every single game I've been to, there's at least one team that's solid Special Forces with nothing but M4s. No LMGs, no DMRs, just M4s. My buddies and I (Have been to one game) Run with: AK-47, AK-47, AK-47, RPK (Me.), AK-47, SVD with PSO-1 scope. And all our AKs are different. One has a wood grip attached to the heat shield and a side folding stock, one is just standard, one has an under folding stock, and one is the synthetic version that looks like an AK-101 (Still a 47 though). Even on the website for my team, I specify that we don't use M4s and that the look of US soldiers just gets tiring.
  8. So... What's up with everyone having M4s and M16s? There's actually way more M4s than 16s. If you go into any known airsoft superstore, or even a hobby shop, two-thirds of their products are M4s or M16s. Why? There's nothing particularly special about an M4. It's just another airsoft gun. So what's the point? Everyone and their grandma likes to play as U.S. special forces (Another overused thing) and use M4s. You could have, say, an M4 with X stock, and X FPS, X red dot sight, and X inch grouping at 50 feet. An AK could have the same internals, same specs, and people will still buy the M4. In all honesty, all the outfits of U.S. Special Forces carrying M4s and using desert camo is getting tiring. When will people buy something besides M4s and go with a different scheme than Special Forces? My buddies and I all use AKs, except for one AUG and a G3A3 for marksman rifles.
  9. True true. But if they bought guns off me, why couldn't they just buy from websites with giftcards or something? Either way it all comes down to their lack of cash. Yes, I know. They are interested though. I mean if they weren't, would we have sat in a Skype call for 2 hours today and schemed tactics?
  10. You do present a good argument, but I'm inclined to disagree (With only part of it). My buddies and I sort of form a squad, some of us standard troops, and two of them crew my CYMA RPK. (Don't ask why it's a team weapon, that's just how it worked out.) I put in $15 dollars worth of madbull bucking into it, and added a 450-ish FPS spring. It's accuracy grew considerably at the distance we were shooting at with it before, and consistently chrono'd around 445. It's hard hitting, accurate, and micromanaged well with two operators. Couldn't ask for a better support team, unless of course you grabbed a Soviet DShK team and gave them an airsoft HMG on a tripod.
  11. Oh, you mean they buy the guns and all from me? Sounds good. I have a few I don't use. We're all between 14-16. (Hence the noobishness.)
  12. I'm definitely not paying field fees, for 8+ people that gets really expensive if it all comes from one person. I am running a little light on BBs right now, for all 8 magazines for my G3 at 500 BBs a mag, that's 4K. And my 3 different AK mags (900 for one, 600 for the other two) is another 2.1K. I only have 5K BBs left, so I can't even fill my own guns up for the time being.
  13. So recently I got a bunch of buddies together on Skype and asked what they thought of airsoft. (I had been playing airsoft with one of them for around 4 years before.) Everyone said "Oh, I think it's cool." So I asked if they wanted to form a team and go to skirmishes, and maybe the occasional MilSim and such. Again, everyone thought that was awesome. I'm trying to organize everything and get everyone else some proper armament so that we don't get decimated, and it's getting to be very expensive and labor intensive. Nobody seems to want to buy their own guns, so instead of getting the RPG-7 I wanted for my loadout, I know am getting two more AK-47s for more people to use. My concerns with this are: It's not that I don't have space to own all of this, but my old wooden bedframe on which I lay out my guns "Armory style" is running out of room. Nobody else wants to pay for their own guns, and whenever I ask if they can get an AK for themselves, they reply with "I'm broke right now, sorry man." I have to be responsible for maintenance on 15+ guns, some of which I won't even get to use in battle, and some of which already have issues (I.E. my AK from JG has a broken folding stock, so I just keep it underneath, the RPK has a small battery, etc..) What do you guys think about this situation? I'm not sure what to do.
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