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  1. That is horribly dangerous, and falls under our discussion of explosives rule. Sorry - if you want a legitimate potato cannon, look into http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spud_gun#Pneumatic_Launchers
  2. Make sure you're using quality BBs - I once had a friend let an elongated BB slip into his hicap feed, and we had to take the whole sucker apart to remove it, as it was stuck inside the spring. Try to wind it up, then release the BBs into the air by pulling back the...whatsitcalled - notch maybe? See if alot of BBs shoot out. That will tell you if the problem is with the mag, or with how the mag is connecting to the gun. If only a few pop out, then you will probably have to take the mag apart to check the spring.
  3. Shooterman, these topics normally don't end well, as everyone has their own opinions, and they often clash. If you'd like more information, please ask more specific questions such as a comparison in range between CA and TM M4's. Topic Closed.
  4. If you'd like to look at other airsoft news articles, I'd suggest you check out this post. http://www.airsoftforum.com/board/index.ph...c=59546&hl= Michael Colello did a great job, and our own Domskidan was featured!
  5. This question is pretty vague, nowayitskevin. I'd appreciate it if we got YOUR input on the topic (why you're asking, what you already know...etc). And here is the solution for all things trigger spring, in case you guys didn't know.
  6. Next time someone who hasn't had first hand experience with speed monkey posts here, they're getting a 3 day ban. No questions. I'm sick of you guys whining about other people breaking the rules, then turning around and doing the exact same thing.
  7. This is your one and only warning regarding bumping.
  8. Well, you now have two choices. Deal with the PMs, or peddle it elsewhere.
  9. The original poster is banned, and it's like two years old. Please watch what you're doing, vanderbleek.
  10. Your profile is almost complete. The phone number section is filled out improperly. And yes, the Sig Request section is part of these forums.
  11. Closed. When selling new items, follow the rules regarding new items. Let me know if you want to fix it via PM.
  12. Closed. It's frustrating when people don't follow the forum policies. They're in place for a reason. ADD BY OneSouth Sometimes. Sometimes not. How big is the bird? Most of the time it would probably injure the bird. Even if it flies off it could still be injured and die of those injuries later. Especially if it prevents the bird from finding enough food. A real hunter tries to insure a quick and clean kill of game every time. Granted it doesn't always work out. Except for a few varmint species any killed animal is used for food either by the hunter, a friend, or donated to organizations that use it to feed the hungry. Most cities have laws against shooting song birds within city limits. If you want to hunt small game then please purchase a .22, do it legally, and make sure anything killed isn't wasted. I've been young before and understand the urge to shoot things. Especially birds and little animals that move. However all of us grow up and understand it was a stupid thing to do. We can't claim ignorance because we all knew better at the time. We also used a real BB gun that would penetrate a human's arm or a .22. Airsoft isn't for this. Ask your Dad or a family friend to take you squirrel hunting! Legally! Best of luck! Some of my best memories revolve around hunting. END ... Moral of the story? Don't shoot animals with airsoft. That's not their purpose, and it is cruel. If you want to hunt, go hunting. LEGALLY.
  13. Check this out. OH WOW! It's a HUMOR FORUM! No way! I thought those only existed as subforums on AIRSOFT BOARDS!
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