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  1. I'm not judging anyone. I'm simply expressing my opinion, on a forum, that was made for expressing opinions. None of the "rules" in the Bible are strictly for "desert savages". They all have a place in modern society. The Roman Government never followed those standards. Only the Jews. And following the footsteps of the Romans, the founding fathers of America didn't think it was a good idea to put those in place.
  2. Limbs and private parts are not comparable. God made limbs to help us with our daily lives, and it says nowhere in the Bible that we have to use our limbs for one thing or another. Privates parts, God said to use for one specific thing. That is sexual intercourse with the opposite gender.
  3. I first used XP and 2000. I'm using XP right now... I like windows 7 though. My favorite thing about Windows XP is that you can navigate through the files easily. This may just be me, or I might just be really accustom to it, but I still like it :) I've heard that Windows 8 is really complex. With that info in mind, if I were to get a new computer, I'd probably get Windows 7 64bit.
  4. Well, at least we have thunder chargers. Also, I hope you don't mind me asking, but I cant seem to find the page with the G-36's. would you mind putting like a link or something?
  5. Never played it :o Gaming consoles are a waste of money.
  6. I agree. Homosexuals are just confused. Nothing more. If you ask a homosexual, they will say they never wanted to be this way, and they would rather be 'straight'. The reason they think there that way is, in the case of a male, the absence or abuse of a father. However, Jesus can be that father that they were lacking. And I wouldn't call it "Religion", more like Christianity.
  7. Vending Machine is a game that I saw from another forum. This is how you play, Basically what you do is you put in a coin and see what the person below you gives you. For example: *puts in coin* you get a .50 cal machine-gun Or something like that. So I'll start. *Puts in coin*
  8. I don't know exactly what type of charger/batteries you are getting, but coming from the RC (car) world, the airsoft dealers are ripping you guys off. Example: This Modify battery is $58. http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?...roducts_id=9971 This SkyLipo battery is the exact same thing, except it has more capacity, and its 15 bucks! http://www.hobbypartz.com/77p-sl1600-3s1p-30c-3333.html Now, I know you guys are probably thinking, what in the world is SkyLipo? But, I assure you guys, they make quality batteries, that I have experience with. So, the only thing that would hold you or me back from getting this is, the size, and the connectors. So, I'm not sure what size the batteries they use in the Airsoft world, but if it's all the same size, then things just got a lot easier for you guys. And for the connectors, all you need to do is solder different connectors on or buy an adapter.
  9. Hello everyone, I got a spring pistol about a year ago, and decided I liked the hobby and want to get another gun. However, I am kind of clueless when it comes to Airsoft . I'm looking for an M4 AEG, but I'm open to other options, and I want to keep it under $150, preferably $100 so I have some room for upgrades. I'm thinking about CQB, so it would probably need to be under 350 FPS. Semi and full auto, no question, and I wont need a charger, However I will need a battery(ies) but I'd be willing to buy that/them separately. One caught my eye from another thread, it's a JG M4A1. I was really excited because it fitted my needs (and wants) almost perfectly. Is this a good starter gun? If not, what would you suggest? http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?...oducts_id=16155 Thanks
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