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  1. Thanks for sharing the information about hobbytron. I am also planning to buy one airsoft gun for my self. Price is also in budget and many option to buy.
  2. There a many choice but I prefer you to go for Sniper RIFLE. When choosing what you want, take into consideration availability of parts, complexity, where you intend to use it, and what you intend to use it for. For your first airsoft gun, I'd strongly recommend against buying a Sniper rifle. You like it.
  3. Most tri-barreled shotguns don't have an FPS over 350 unless the testers were using .12g BB's, which could potentially harm the gun itself. I prefer you to go for Maruzen or Tanaka shell-ejecting airsoft shotguns.
  4. Beautiful gun, it is good if you go to gun expert to solve any type of fault in your gun.
  5. The length of the barrel has no effect on the distance the paintball will travel. If you want to get more range from gun, allows for the paintball to get backspin once it's left the barrel which causes it to fly further. a 20 inch barrel is simply 4 inches longer than a 16 inch barrel. M4 are shorter then the AR, AR takes 223.
  6. I like Savage is the best combination of accuracy and price. Get a large calibre like .300 WSM or .338. Perfect for sniping and it is under $700.
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    Hello everyone, I am new member. It is nice platform to know and share some informative things.
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