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  1. Would you be interested in trades? I have king srms svd bnew w/ pso scope and g&p m14?
  2. I'm looking to trade for HPA set up. What I have is listed below 1.WE svd dragunov GBB platinum edition w/ pso scope, 3 mags (1 green gas and 2 hpa w/ 2 green gas fill valve) 2. King Arms svd dragunov AEG w/ pso scope, 1 mag 200rds, battery, charger, and original box and manuals. 3. G&P m14 w/ 1 mag 4. KWA kriss vector w/ rocket valve(installed) and dangerwerx valve, 14mm adapter, flash hider, red dot, red laser, flashlight mount and 2 mags w/ pouches ( 1 green gas and 1 hpa w/ 1 green gas fill valve) 5. M&P w/ nebula lower frame, costa slide, sai trigger and 4 green gas mags. 6. Western arms hi capa infinity w/ infinity metal slide, infinity trigger, 120% recoil and hammer spring and 1 green gas mag.
  3. <AT>Mac 2 pics and how much? <AT>Guges Mk3 ok
  4. I'm looking to buy a VLTOR upper receiver for aeg preferred in color black pm or comment pics and prices thank you
  5. WTS Western arms colt mkIV 1 mag w/ compensator $220 shipped Western arms SV infinity 1mag w/ metal slide, upgraded hammer, and 150% recoil spring $250 shipped Message me if your interested (bottom right infinity is not for sale)
  6. Post your list of your best to worst airsoft brand.
  7. Hi everyone just wanna ask if you guys know where can I buy the screws for Tokyo Marui AK47 stock. I needed the one that use to connect the gun to the stock(fixed) its 3pcs.
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