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  1. But what about the barrel lock? It would just fall off if there's nothing holding it in place. Wouldn't there be any muzzle thread showing if I tighten it down? Also what silencer would I have to get for that?
  2. Hey guys! I just watched a video on YouTube by SamAndNiko where they built a polarstar where the upper receiver didn't have an outer barrel but only a suppressor attached to it. Here's the link: Now my question is if there's a piece on the market which allows me to attach a silencer directly to the upper receiver. If that's not the case does someone know what thread size a standard upper receiver has so I might be able to find an adapter somewhere else? Thanks to everyone in advance!
  3. Hey guys, I know there are a lot of people asking what optic to get but I'm a bit more specific about this question. Here's my situatuon: I play in a woodland scenario and have a lot of different light conditions. Now I'm looking for a red dot sight which has little to no reflection since I don't want to lose my target when aiming down sight. I have used some optics where I could barely see anything. Some optic manufacturers I came across while looking for a red dot were sightmark & vortex but it would be nice if there was something a bit cheaper than that. (Preferably under 200$) Also it would be nice if the sight is not to bulky and doesn't interrupt my view as much which would allow for fast target acquisition. Thanks to everyone in advance!
  4. Hey fellow airsofters! I'm thinking about converting my KWA M16 to a shorter CQB-ready gun. Here's my current setup: Stock Hop-up Unit & Bucking Madbull 509mm 6.01 Tightbore Polarstar Fusion Engine V2 Gen.3 (Blue Nozzle) Now I'd still like to use it for woodland scenarios but make it a lot more mobile and CQB-ready. I'm planning on getting a 7.5" outer barrel, a 100mm foamfilled silencer (heard that would make P*'s deadly quiet), a 9" Noveske R.I.S. and last but not least a 260mm 6.23 Orga inner barrel. My question is if a longer (6.23mm widebore barrel) does have any effect on precision. I know that there will be a decrease in range which I might compensate with a red nozzle and a flat-/r-hop. I hope there's someone who can help me. Thanks in advance! Best regards iCO ArgoOne
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