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  1. Because the pawn shop wants $140 for a well used JG, that probably was priced at $130 when new.
  2. It's a JG 6618. Obviously, at this price (I.e. more expensive when it was new) this is a non-starter proposition.
  3. When it comes to half finger gloves, I use Mechanix CG Framer. There is also Mechanix M-Pact Fingerless.
  4. ESS Land ops military surplus is probably your best option. About $25 USD shipped for a new pair easily on eBay. Another thing to consider though is the fogging problem.
  5. This thread includes a poll. Somebody took a part in it, and his/her selection made this thread "recently updated".
  6. The middle one, with Zentica folding stock must have cost youa reptty penny to build. Did you use LCT AK as a base?
  7. Excellent short overview. Shared on my Facebook page. Too bad nobody carries WAS gear in the US.
  8. Airrattle is selling off King Arms CQB Sig 516 (I.e. Swiss M4) for $150USD. If I didn't own an M4 style gun already, I would have jumped on that deal in no time. I can't comment on internals, but externally-wise it's a very solid gun, I've used and with exception of idiotic crane-stock battery setup (it wasn't my gun so I didn't replace the stock) found to issues with it whatsoever.
  9. Press down on the stock (while holding the hinge with your thumb) close to the hinge to fold. Here is a youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_QCW_LRJexM#t=108
  10. Medium regular seems to be most popular size overall in the real world.
  11. Well, google image search is your best friend. There are several styles of 6094. LBT has created this type of vest. here is th epic of 6094a in multicam http://reibert.info/attachments/lbt-6094amc-jpg.3971704/
  12. Are we discussing "real steel" AK vs M4 or airsoft ones? Cause I'm thoroughly confused myself. In terms of AEGs, another thing to notice is that companies are pretty much making the same AKs in terms of appearance while when it comes to M4s there are infinitely more variety straight out of the box to suit every taste.
  13. In terms of AK ergonomics and "foreign parts". If you look at the pics of AKs fielded by Russia's best special forces units, their AKs are totally Americanized with M4 crane stocks, EoTech optics, foregrips, rails, you name it. And still some of them carry "M4-style" rifles made under license in Russia by Orsis. And yes, I can handle the weight of E&L, but why if M4 platform is just as effective and is better ergonomically. M16/M4 passed the test of time way better than AK in my opinion. That being said, if it came to 1:1 and I had my choice, I would have picked SCAR-L rifle, but that's not relevant to the topic.
  14. Here is my view. When I was an airsofter on a limited budget, I preferred AKs. In my opinion, in sub-$200 range CYMA adn ECHO1 (I don't know if they are re-brands or not) beat comparable M4s in terms of value. As years gone by, and I could afford better gear and AEGs, I switched to M4. Now, I have both AK and M4, and I have to tell you that I prefer M4 all the way. For the record I own Krytac M4 CRB and E&L AK PMC. They are both, solid internally, and E&L really pulled all the stops to make its AKs as realistic as possible. However, it just goes to show how deficient is AK compared to M4. It's rough, quite heavy and has poor ergonomics especially for a short guy like myself. Funny thing is that in my lifetime, I probably shot at least 5,000 rounds on various AKs, I don't remember them being as heavy as E&L version.
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