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  1. Hi im new at this forum and I tryed to use search for this proplem and google also. Little about me and my goals with this gun. My name is Joonas and I live in Finland by a lake. Ive played airsoft since age of 8 and kinda ended when I was about 20-21 now im 26 and my guns in the closet are making me wanna start gaming a bit. I have 2 super guns that are tuned and cared well but they are already seen their best days. systema ptw m4 max is my old granny that I have been playing but the batterys are dead and not intrested of buying new ones atleast not for now. my other beaty is tm g-spec with teflon cylinder laylax zero-t pdi ver 2 hop. 6.00 barrel spring range from m150-m210 with the m210 spring ive chronoed .2grams for 231m/s and ive got lots of range and accuracy with .43g but now it has been killed during last game when teflon cylinder gave up its threads also, Finally, it lasted about 4 years whitout breaking anything. ok so my guns are "old" and not so interesting anymore. now im trying to burst up my enthuasism <- is that right ? whatever, with the tanaka and my hicapa, basically just because "ease of playing" just gas in mags and mainteinance after games, no worries about breaking parts, atleast not so often. and now I need help from experienced people of this tanaka upgrades. Money is no proplem, I put lots of money to my guns thats why I love them so much :D ok lets go to the business. I swapped my old VFC aks74 AEG to preban tanaka m700 yeasterday with some kid and I noticed this gun has had hard time with no mainteinance when something gets broken, the cocking piece and handle is so worn up that I think it shouldnt work anymore. And old user had made cool camo paint for it :D it had some greenish and maybe a bit of bluish almost like metallic shine, definetly not a Matte :D today I will sand it off and paint it with olive matt. Basically my biggest proplem is the threads in the preban bolt where the 2 pieces connects with 2 screws. threads are gone from the other and the others is also ready to go :D but I was planning to just drill bigger holes and rethread old ones if I can find proper screws to those. unless anyone has better solution for it ? I can only see new powerbolts and stuff in aftermarket stores and I believe I cannot use those to swap with preban bolt or is it called PCS ? and with swapping I mean if the new powerbolt cuts in half and use the rear end of that with the old pcs Front. but I want to upgrade my bolt to its full potential of accuracy or consistency but I still would like to keep the PCS bolt. ive seen GnG power pack and I think the plunge set is not compatible with my bolt or are those used to somewhere else ? Sorry about if I sound like a newbie because I am one with this gas m700. its my 1st gas rifle and I still havent realised wich thing I can swap with what cause there is so big shortage of parts for these. From so far I have ordered Creation hop up system and cocking piece and planning to get the vsr hop chamber mod if I can find one in stock + vsr inner barrel and make nylon spacers with lathe in the barrel. sorry if whole thread is messy but it paints better picture of the flow of my mind :D best regards Joonas
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