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  1. Hi, I just got the Krytac spr rifle and I want to make it a DMR. I know I need to put in a rhop or flat hop and to stabilize the barrel and everything but I am wondering what parts I need to get like barrels, springs, and hop up nubs. Also, how would I make a flat hop and stabilize the barrel? What are some other modifications to extend the range and accuracy?
  2. I want to buy an airsoft gun that I can use for both an assault type gameplay and sniper gameplay. I have a budget of $350-400 and I just want something that would last. Im thinking of the VFC Scar-H. I was thinking of putting a simple 2-4x red dot or powered scope on it and maybe a canted red dot on the side. Can anyone recommend a good gun for assault and sniper styles for $350-400? I would buy the Scar-H SSR but it is a bit out of my price range. I also like to have it made out of metal and it to be able to fire automatic or burst at least. I could just remove the zoomed sight for more close quarter matches. Another question, is the VFC Scar-H a good gun in terms of accuracy, internals, range, and longevity?
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