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  1. I have had a G&G F2000 for four years now, and ever since a week or two into owning the gun, the semi ceased to work. Until last year, I had no interest in diving into the internals of any gun. Now, however, I am gaining some knowledge about internals, and I believe it is a trigger contact problem. I actually had a problem just recently where my full auto trigger contact fell off. I ended up soldering on a piece of aluminum, and that fixed the problem. So if you can't find a replacement contact, there is a work around. Also, a way to test for a good connection in the contact is to hold some pliers down on the top flat part of the contact, then engage the trigger enough to reach the semi contact, and if there is a spark created, then there is good connection, and it might be something different. If there is no spark, then I would try my aluminum solution. Also, I really haven't bothered to try fixing the semi problem on mine because the two-stage trigger works well enough for me. I am also shocked that bbs aren't going very far for you, as I can easily reach out to 150 feet with mine. Hope this info helps. I might try to see about the connection in mine and I will post back with results if I get the time today.
  2. Can't say for sure what the exact fps is, but KWA smgs do generally run at 350 - 400 fps. As for release date, I thought they said they were trying to get it out this summer. But then again it is KWA...
  3. I have no idea if this would work, but have you tried reseating all the internals? I have come across some problems where all it is is something slightly off center and then it works fine. Also, did the blowback unit you installed drastically increase the blowback? Because extra blowback could cause something to come out of its place. Don't know if any of this is helpful, just thought I would send out some suggestions. Good luck.
  4. Going with the price range given, I would have to agree that a KJW 1911 is probably the best way to go. I had one a while back (now passed down to my cousin, still working fine) and it was decent for my first gbb pistol. I now have since moved on to a KWA HK45, and now I will never go to another manufacturer for a pistol. That being said, I would ideally recommend the KWA 1911 MKIV, but given the price range, a KJW 1911 is affordable and will still get the job done.
  5. KWA has never let me down, at least in the gbb world, so I would go with the SR7 IF you don't plan on upgrading internally. However, if you think you might upgrade, then the G&P is also an excellent choice. As for which G&P model, that sentry looks pretty nice.
  6. I agree with Daishain, definitely ask about playing with them. Worst case, if your friends really aren't interested in getting further into airsoft than just backyard wars, then you yourself can make an inquiry. I joined a team just recently, but none of my friends are really that interested. Just because I am on a team though, doesn't mean I can't play casually with my friends outside of the team. So definitely ask them, and you could also ask the landowners themselves if you and your friends can use the woods as well.
  7. If I were you, I'd take a look at this one: http://www.evike.com/products/43727/ The stockless will be easier to transport as a secondary, and since it is spring, you don't have to worry about refilling the gas, and a spring shotgun is easier to take out quickly for target shooting. The shotgun above also has a metal barrel. Hope this helps. Cobra
  8. Honestly, I would pass if I were you. The fps advertised is 300 with .12 gram bbs which is quite terrible for a sniper rifle. A sniper rifle should usually be shooting 450 - 500 fps with .20 gram bbs. If you want a sniper rifle, I would recommend saving up your money and instead get this: http://www.evike.com/products/39682/ It comes with a scope and bipod, and is a much better rifle than the hobbytron rifle. Cobra
  9. In my opinion, there is a really big price difference. With a P*, you are looking at a $650 - $700 gun, and an HPA which can range from $70 - $120 for a decent one. So now you're up to roughly $720, at the lowest price of gun and tank. So say you use this setup for a year or so, and your fusion engine completely breaks. Now you're out ~$500. So over a year you have spent ~$1220. Then there is also the price of refilling your air tank. With an aeg, you are looking at ~$350 - $400 for a nice one. Plus a battery, so add $30. Now like you said, for a complete overhaul of the internal components, it would be $200-$300, so lets place it in the middle at $250. So now you're up to $680, which is only $40 cheaper than a P*. However, if something ever breaks in an aeg, it is fairly cheap to replace it. So over a year you might be spending ~$800. Honestly, it really all does come down to ones opinion. In my opinion (on airsoft guns in general), I prefer a GBB rife to any aeg. Also in my opinion based on the topic, the P* is not worth it because you are spending so much at one time just to get a gun working. With a $400 aeg, you can choose to upgrade it at any pace you want, and you end up spending money over a long period of time instead of dropping a ton of money all at once. Also, something that turned me away from a P* is the hose that connects to the HPA tank (I used to play paintball and that was one thing that always bothered me). If you are looking for something different though, and can spare dropping the money all at once, and are prepared to possibly have to replace the fusion engine, then go for it. If you would rather not have to save up a lot of money right away, then go for another aeg and upgrade at your own pace. Hope this helps. Cobra
  10. Wow I didn't know that Tanaka's were discontinued. Anyway, I had my eye on the Tokyo Marui 870, but it's too expensive right now for me. Same would probably go for the ACM clone. One of the main reasons I am looking at the ~$50 tri shot models is because I am starting college next year, so a spring shotgun is budget friendly, yet it is still a great gun.
  11. That is a beautiful looking shotgun alberty! You're making me want the ASG SAS again. About how long is your M3?
  12. I don't know why but I don't really like the look of the stockless shotguns, and I also prefer the stock because I feel I would be able to get more rapid fire shots down range with another point of contact. I also run goggles and a sniper veil cover for lower face protection (not much, but I don't want to eat a bb), so sighting shouldn't be a problem. Thank you for the suggestion though; all suggestions are welcome!
  13. Scott, I would love to get a Tanaka or Maruzen shotgun, as they are probably the best and realistic, but I don't have that kind of money right now. And Friar, I know I would probably adjust pretty quickly to the longer barrel, but I think I will stick with the choice of the M3. Thank you for your input though. And as far as fps goes, they are both roughly 270 - 300 fps with .2s. Also, I'm not sure if there are aftermarket springs for tri shots. If anyone finds a link to some though, post it up.
  14. Thank you for the fast reply, and based on your response, I think I will go for the UTG M3. Thanks again!
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