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  1. So, the BBU from an ARMY MEU won't fit into the Marui MEU slide (so therefore the stock BBU would end up being used along with the rest of the stock ARMY slide on a m1911 frame), so therefore I'm looking for a new BBU. Would the guarder fit into a Marui slide without modification? http://www.redwolfairsoft.com/redwolf/airsoft/Accessories_GBB_Other_WA_M4_Parts_Guarder_Light_Weight_Nozzle_Housing_For_Tokyo_Marui_M1911_MEU_Hi_Capa_5_1.htm Or how about the 5ku blowback housing? http://sealairsoft.com/pro_details.php?product_id=4019 Also, am I able to fit a 4.3 rear sight onto a MEU? This will allow me to use standard BBUs without the rear sight cut and that there is a larger variety of 4.3 sights on the market if it'll fit.
  2. I've owned the JG VZ61, and whilst it was okay for CQB, the battery life was pitiful, so I sold it. IMO, one should do the lipo mod on it.
  3. In addition to what others have suggested, I'd wait on the WE C96... It should be coming out soon enough (hopefully may) Reason? Well, it's a C96. And WE's newer stuff seem to be quite good.
  4. I'd say go for it! VFC has a reputable brand, and (I think) they sell for $250 retail.
  5. If you want an Armalite, get G&P; if that's too expensive, buy CYMA. If you want a Kalashkinov, get a dboys full steel (if you're handy with internal upgrades), or a CYMA (if you want something to get going straight away with).
  6. Yeah.... If you can, get a G&P, they're not that expensive. Or if you're truly desperate, I'd pick the CYMA; they seem to be well received here.
  7. Just related to the OP; but in my opinion, do not listen to anyone sponsored. It's kinda obvious, but people who are sponsored are obviously going to money and goodies from those who sponsor them.... Especially if they advertise their products. Same applies to retailers (it's shameful to hear people who advertise the APS TNT barrel just cause Redwolf TV said so).
  8. Can verify on this. Whilst the facebook community I'm around has some decent techs, there's just some people at my age (15) who are seriously in need of learning. There's this one guy who suggested the APS TNT inner barrel and the Miracle barrel to me after seeing them from some retailer videos (I had to explain to him that a Madbull barrel and a hopup upgrade pretty much does the same job)...
  9. According to a HK airsoft group on facebook, it is reported that Marui Gold Match pistols have a great deal of lemons with the inner barrel alignment. Here's a quotation: "Update!- I went back to Guns and Guys. They beat my expectations and were super nice about it. Tried fixing my gun for free and made improvement by adding oring to help center the inner barrel. It still wasn't perfect. And they showed me that ALL gold match have the same problem." Is anyone else in the world having the same problem? Or is it that TM just hates Hong Kong?
  10. Sorry if I came out unclear, but the ACM clone I was referring to is the metal-bodied one which uses the original-style feed lips (reference: http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/sy-40rd-magazine-for-8870-series-shotgun.html) whilst the one you linked uses a different style of feed lips. Thanks for a reply, though. Anyone else?
  11. Hello, throughout my whole airsofting career, I have noticed that I'm in need (or want) of a shotgun due to their iconic appearances in movies (famous example: Hard Boiled). Due to this, I plan to go with the ACM clone of the CA870. Example here: http://www.surplusstore.co.uk/bb-guns/realistic-bb-rifles/by-model/other/6mm-acm-pump-action-shotgun.html Now, enough of exposition. The point is, is that I'm wondering if extended mags for these are available, as I want to make it a bit like the norinco hawk pump-action shotgun (the one with the external magazine). I'm thinking about something like these mags: but the only problem is that they wouldn't work in a ca870. So, does anyone have any experience with modding CA870 magazines (or maybe any other type of midcap)? All help appreciated, thanks.
  12. Well if you look online, it would be pretty easy to find guides on converting a Maui VSR (or a JG BAR-10, or any other similar clones) into WWII rifles. Lee Enfield conversion example: http://crapworks.blogspot.hk/2013/04/converting-airsoft-vsr-to-lee-enfield.html
  13. Thanks, knew that my religous studies at school will pay off
  14. Well, not meaning to be rude, but my suggestion is to ditch the scope mount and learn to use the iron sights. This will allow you to draw your secondary quicker, as well as making it less easily snag on to things. Also, scope mounts for handguns are intended for use when your handgun is your primary weapon, as they are intended for use on race guns. There's a good reason why not much (if any) real combatants use red dots on their handguns.
  15. Oh hello, welcome to the forum! Just a quick question, your name here seems quite interesting! If I'm correct, did you get it from the Hindu goddess of the same name?
  16. Since I play with a lot of newbies, here's a list of some hilarious failures that I have seen (I still consider myself a newbie, since I still have lots to learn :-D) ACM sniper rifle where the stock and the barrel separated during the game. ACM AK held together by masking tape (blue electrical tape would be fine, but masking tape is plain disrespectful) Marui Hi Capa left on shelf, found disassembled neatly after a game. Classic Army m4 charging handle completely comes out by pulling on it ARES Ameoba almost blows up after putting 11.1v Lipo And of course, my Rusty, Misfeeding (probably due to magazines that need modification, or a bad loading nozzle) AKS74u and my extremely rattly WE Makarov pistol. Both of which I'm proud of.
  17. Eh, tonic water, sarse (some HK coke-root beer hybrid), or Coke.
  18. Meister Arms AK Gen1.... Basically a brand new gen 1 E&L for Cheap
  19. Hello, just've been trying to use the search feature on this forum; and it shows up with no results. Just to make sure it isn't my problem, I've searched "AK47".... Still no results. Can this problem get fixed soon?
  20. I'll be the devil's advocate here. Assuming you have a VFC-styled AK (you can see which CYMA AKs are VFC styled here: http://forum.mnairsoft.org/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=38937 ), the AKs are actually very robust and will last you longer than an m4 due to the design which would allow for less handguard wobble and/or stock wobble (unless if you get the folding stocks, duh). In addition, the V3 gearbox of the AK is superior to the V2 gearbox of the M4 in terms of motor stability and durability.
  21. It's because E&L has excellent externals (they're even ridiculously durable, you could search up an E&L ak torture test on youtube!) and is normally considered the "Realsword of Russian AKs". E&L also states that they previously made real firearms, but don't quote me on that. And also, whilst G&G are good, the other brands you listed are better due to (most likely) better finishing.
  22. Judging from WE's P38, I think that the finishing is going to be a darned good blue-like finish. (Which should justify it's price, which is just as high as a marui) From my experience with the WE Makarov, it should actually be more snappier than a KJW 1911 with short stroking (Yes, I've tried both the Makarov and a Short Stroked KJW 1911), which is fairly good for WE's abhorrent Track Record.
  23. With a little bit of work, yes it'll work in the CYMA CM048, and the CM052 is just a modified version of the CYMA CM048: The only off-putting things about this is that 1. There are no GBB drum mags for AKs and 2. The build quality's gonna suck, and lemons are (reportedly) common. But when you have an LMG, your Job is to spray, and I don't thnk GBBs are really meant for that.
  24. Whilst browsing facebook, I found on WE's facebook page that they are making a new m712. Judging from WE's newer pistols, I'm thinking this is going to be a good pistol. Thoughts? https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.968396776517764.1073741886.302822296408552&type=1
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