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  1. Thanks for all the advice! Probably will pick up the CYMA RPK soon And also, I'd think that you can just skip the waiting if you don't get a lemon of this: http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/big-dragon-gas-blow-back-converstion-kit-for-dboy-ak74-aeg.html
  2. Hello, so I'm having doubts on which gun to get, as in Hong Kong, both of them are $1500 HKD ($200 USD) here. CYMA Advantage: -Proper RPK reciever -Solid bolt -Better Wood Finish -Steel -Internals -Russian trademarks -VFC style assembily Neutral: Cost CA advantage: -Comes With Drum mag -Brand Reliability -Normally costs double everywhere else! So... Should I get Classic army for brand reliability and the extra drum mag or CYMA for its neumerous good reviews?
  3. Recently stained my AK wood with Kiwi Brown Shoe Polish and Buffing. Finish seems nice, not too sure about durability of the finish.
  4. Hello, I'm wondering if this stock for the AK is Compatable with VFC styled ak fixed stock recievers (eg. CYMA, dboys, etc.) http://airsoft.tiger111hk.com/Airsoft-Guns-Upgrade-Parts-Stocks/c5_146/p24754/Army-Force-Steel-Romanian-Wire-Stock-for-AIMS/AKM-AEG/product_info.html Thanks!
  5. CYMA, JG, Dboys, G&G (their Combat Machine line), ARES Ameoba, the list goes on and on.
  6. Aks74u. Shoots bad, but never fails (unless if someone else uses it).
  7. Normally, I carry 5 midcaps for my AK. One in the gun and 4 in the chicom. For my makarov, it's one in the gun and one in the pouch. Should I use my Skorpion, it's just one hicap drummag.
  8. Heh, odd... Maybe I'll try to see if muzzle loading (eg. Loading a single BB through an open ejection port) and mag-loading changes anything...
  9. Won't be a problem once I get some thinner grips (eg. Pearce 10 round grips)
  10. Have the PC356. Brilliant springer. Hopup provides a good amount of lift for .25s ( I think marui supplied me with .28s, since the sample BBs drop, but my goldenball .25s fly straight) Also, it disassembles, so you can troll some of your more inexperienced friends!
  11. Eh. New hopup and 85mm tightbore. Make sure the hopup rubber & barrel are VSR and/or TM pistol Compatable. Other parts Probally will not fit Also, marui mags will not fit without problem.
  12. Best place... Well, I love my city, so HK retailers! (Had wonderful experience w/ ehobby & UNcompany) And for upgrades, MAYBE metal parts, but otherwise, stock's okay (provided you use propane in the cold and sister in warm. I remember that Marui Glocks do not have metal skeletons) Just stay away from the hopup , as Marui's known to have the best hopups.
  13. ^True. And the finishing on the barrel's abhorrent, as it scratched off after ~20 shots/racks. It's an okay sidearm, but it's VERY proprietary as marui internals will not fit (or as some reports state, even mags won't fit!); so toss it (or sell it to a poor sod) once it breaks (for the latter option, you're going to have it fixed, by a retailer). As for preformance: WE glocks are okay, but should you insert a mag that's too long, you might damage the loading nozzle. If one wants a unique (but proprietary) sidearm, get the newer WE compact models (M84, Makarov) as they preform slightly better and draw serious attention. Finishing wears quickly, but consistently and in a nice manner. Otherwise, if you can save up, get a marui! (If you can't get KJW or HFC... The former seemingly makes better berettas)
  14. Nevermind, already brought a marui springer. Mods can you please lock/delete this thread?
  15. So, looks like I'll just make do with my stock inner barrel for now. After all, I hope I don't plan on making my "suka" into a DMR later
  16. Speaking of Custom compensators, here's some that I posted in a different thread long ago: http://www.airsoftforum.com/board/topic/290596-new-aluminum-outer-barrels-for-ns2-kwa-m9/
  17. Eh. I'm guessing this mag'll work, then. http://www.evike.com/products/25384/
  18. You CAN use green gas in them, though. http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/kwc-gas-valve-for-mini-uzi-sigma-sw40f-desert-eagle-co2-version.html
  19. WE makarov. Compact, Unique and Snappy for slightly less than $100... I use it personally in two skirmishes, and it has served me well. Other alternatives (which I have not used) are KJW pistols (which run at $90-$100) and Maruis (Run $100-$150).
  20. Hello, and sorry if I sound indifferent to the responses to my previous topic (note: I took all considerations into mind) and I'm just wondering which springer's better for plinking (ie. Has better performance) Marui 1911 spring: http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/tokyo-marui-m1911a1-government-spring-pistol-hg-hop-up.html#.VS_YF9kayc0 TSD SD87: http://airsoft.tiger111hk.com/m169/Gold-Arrows/p14704/Gold-Arrows-M870-Spring-shotgun-Rifle-with-4-Shell-(M180-D2)/product_info.html
  21. Okay, so I just stumbled across this review on a HK airsoft facebook group, and seemingly WE has improved their hi-capa by the following: Better molding, Slide is most likely CNC aluminum, Finish improved, Short-Stroked OOTB, Hopup is seated better, and half-decent night sights. Review's found here (It's in Chinese, but you can use google translate.): http://hongkongchingclub.blogspot.hk/2015/04/we-new-hi-cap.html
  22. Well, that's an improvement at least. Seems like a good candidate for a budget hi-capa build, as a metal SAI slide will cost $199 whist this whole pistol costs $95 (and the $15 Plastic SAI slides are pretty much crap).
  23. Are you talking about the bucking? As far as my concerns go, AEG hopup buckings are universal.
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