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  1. I don't think APS puts tightbores in their guns stock... After all, it's more profitable if they didn't (sine people would buy their gun AND their tightbore)
  2. The 93r is a good pistol, but it' too finicky for field use and too unreliable for the price. I just use mine for CQB and Plinking.
  3. I don't think you could find one of those, but re-soldering your OEM charger shouldn't be too difficult.
  4. Eh, It's an alright gun, one of the CQB fields I went to use it as a rental. As far as my concerns go, It's a pretty reliable compact SMG. However, if you plan on using it on field, an AK or G36 would be a much better choice.
  5. Okay, it's not really huge news since the trades aren't correct (like their previous "SAI" glocks), however what's interesting is that WE could've gone and redone their hi-capas to a higher quality (like how they have redone their M9s.) http://www.cobraairsoft.com/product_info.php?products_id=6499&osCsid=68df2f6202cb833344db609b68b0fbb7
  6. Mostly loud, sometimes quite, Very rarely suicide runs...
  7. Yeah, it's annoying. To make matters worse, the pistol AEP batteries are different from the SMG AEP batteries (I've learnt it the hard way), so that sucks more. I'm guessing that CYMA G18c batteries will work with your marui, should you find them anywhere.
  8. Clean my Mom's car, sell old airsoft, Christmas/Birthday gift, make bets...
  9. Well, BASRs are manually cycled, and $50 springers are manually cycled... My concept is that the OP can use something that has the same range/accuracy as a stock china AEG which is manually cycled, so the OP will adjust his/her tactics to allow for a limited amount of firepower. TLDR: Pretty much using springers for training.
  10. Yep. As well as the Desert Eagle and the P226 (methinks)... The USP, NBBs and Revolvers aren't.
  11. Either that, or if none of your friends use a BASR, you can just try out an abhorrently cheap springer rifle/shotgun ($25-$50) and you could sell it later or use it as a loaner (since they have the same range & accuracy as a stock ACM AEG, but not the ROF)
  12. The single shot one first (if not the m1 carbine), then after 2 months the new 870 tri-shots should go international(e) so I'll buy the newer 870 once that happens.
  13. Would be pointless for me to buy a trishot if I'm going to buy the 870 (and also that I've contacted ehobby to get some of these shottys to see how well they sell) and I also want a single shot specifically, just for the heck of it.
  14. The first one's actually not really a clone of anything and it uses marui shell type mags. Also, I am waiting for the 870 to come to HK.
  15. Hey hello forum! I'm looking for a cheap, reliable (enough) springer to muck around with as well as to lend to some poor shmuck use as a loaner. So which one is better? The SD87 (or as the OEM calls it, the 180 shotgun) or the m2 carbine? SD87 (M180d2): http://airsoft.tiger111hk.com/m169/Gold-Arrows/p14704/Gold-Arrows-M870-Spring-shotgun-Rifle-with-4-Shell-%28M180-D2%29/product_info.html M2 Carbine: http://cop9gun.com/prshop/en/other-airsoft-series/624-m2-carbine-bolt-action-rifle.html
  16. No matter what, I would advise neodymium motors mainly due to the increased strength compared to normal motors in relation to amount of ROF lost What FPS/Power are you running? If it's over 1.2 joules (360 FPS), you might need a torque motor (16 TPA and over) if you do not want your trigger response to suffer. However, if your gun is less than 1.2 joules, a hi-speed (less than 16 TPA) motor will do. If your gun's at 1.2 joules, I would highly recommend the alien airsoft 16 TPA torque motor (which is most likely a rebrand of SHS) as it gives me pretty good trigger response and ROF. Here's my review here: http://www.airsoftforum.com/board/topic/290625-alien-airsoft-high-speed-motor/
  17. I was referring to the HFC brand. You know, the ones here (only the semi automatic GBB pistols): http://www.uncompany.com/pageproduct.asp?subcatid=342
  18. Really? If I remember correct, their M9 (semi only, not full auto), p226s and Deagles were marui clones... Which ones aren't marui clones?
  19. Oh,mistaken it for the shorter version! Silly me! At that price point, they do seem like the Matrix steel not-so-Prometheus barrels.... The steel 6.03 angry gun barrel at $25 seems nice, though... http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/angry-gun-6-03-stainless-steel-precision-inner-barrel-285mm-mc51-1.html#.VSazItkazTp
  20. I'd wholeheartedly agree with you for the new WE handguns (as the hopup bucking and inner barrel are pretty much the only replaceable parts), but however, most of the others I mentioned ( eg most of KJW gbb pistols, most of HFC GBB pistols) are marui clones so thus they are very upgradable. Exceptions include: KJW CZ75 and the HFC USP (and the KJW USP, but you shouldn't be buying that if you do read reviews on forums)
  21. Hey, hello forum! I've just decided to jump deeper into the world of teching and I'm just wondering about anyone's experiences with this barrel: http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/a-p-s-6-03-stainless-steel-inner-barrel-290mm.html#.VSai_Nkayc0 It seems to be very cheap, but I'm not too sure of the quality. However, I already have an alternative option should the aforementioned barrel suck. I'm still open to suggestions, though
  22. $100 for a gas pistol.... For WE, Their Newer pistols (TT33, m84, Makarov PMM) are pretty good for the price, but I'd avoid their other pistols. KJW's generally good and under/is $100 (except for their USP) HFC's also decent for budget GBBs Avoid ACM gas pistols.
  23. For Hong Kong, It's always the armalites and glocks... Thanks, Magpul. It's rare to find anyone using snipers, but when you do, it's a m700/VSR. And shotguns? For some reason, I have never seen one fielded!
  24. Well, thanks a bunch! Will consider on some extra mags if I get to use my 93r more often...
  25. Have you considered the JG M4s heard they're pretty good for the price.? http://www.airsplat.com/jg-m4-electric-airsoft-gun-rifle-6604.html
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