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  1. Okay, so I found these clone system 7 M9 mags from cop9gun, and I'm wondering if they're even usable or not. Reason being, is that they're really cheap (half price compared to KSC m9 mags!), and I have a limited amount of spendable income. Link: http://cop9gun.com/prshop/en/magazine-using-for-airsoft/728-bell-m9-pistol-magazine-green-gas.html
  2. So... There was this time that a guy's foot was poking out of cover, so I lit him up on the shoe. Funny thing was that he started jumping on the spot (like the ground's lava ), so I just shot even more. He eventually got the message. In the same match, I shot someone in the leg, but he didn't call himself. So when I was walking back to the safe area during the match (I was hit); I told him that he was hit, he called himself afterwards.
  3. Jeans, T Shirt, Camouflage Jacket, and Shemagh, everything else is optional. OPFOR FTW! When It comes to CQB, I might do a flecktarn/tactical vest loadout, since I have one sitting in my drawer being unused (CQB in Hong Kong is kinda "themed" so flecktarn will do.)
  4. Yep will try a GBBR when I get the chance. And as for impossible to find, I meant that it is impossible to find in HK shops... Sorry for the confusion.
  5. 16kuokhc1

    Jing Gong BB's

    Okay, so I called them up (since I cannot go anywhere during the holidays ) and they were actually pretty friendly... Maybe my friend's bad image of wgcshop was caused by his lack of knowlege of buying procedures. (eg. He should have called them up in advanced for a certain item that he wanted on wgc's website, rather than just walk in and expect the item to be there.) And also, I think we've been diverting from the original topic a bit too much...
  6. The 9.6v battery has been tested by a prolonged full auto burst on my friend's MP5 The connectors on my AEG seem to be fine, as my 8.4v works perfect. Haven't tried another 9.6v battery or a 10.8v battery in my gun, so I'm guessing the same problem might happen w/ voltages above 8.4v And I haven't tried out swapping the motor... Should my motor f**k up, this may be my chance to swap from a balanced motor, to a neo high speed one (unless if that'll muck up my trigger response) EDIT: Tried out my 9.6v battery... Ran perfectly okay for some reason. However, I've also noticed that the connector's quite loose. So thanks for all the help guys!
  7. Well, it's better than pot metal
  8. Thing is, is that the battery works fine in my friend's AEG.... So it's a gun problem.
  9. 16kuokhc1

    Jing Gong BB's

    No, what I meant is that whenever I buy BBs, I go around Kwong Wa Street... (The local hobby store at yuen long sells goldenball bbs for 50% more, outrageous!). And I've heard from a friend that WGC are very unfriendly to locales, but completely friendly to foreigners... Not too sure on that claim, though (there is such thing as being a bad customer...).
  10. Erm.... What does that mean? Also, (in more detail) what would happen is that whenever I used the full auto function on my AK, the gun will shoot fine for some shots; then what happens is that the gun will not fire, but instead "lock up" like what happens when your AEG is out of battery. However, what's odd is that the battery works fine on other guns, and this gun works fine on my 8.4v...
  11. But not "Fly away from enemy" type of inaccuracy... And also, the durability should be fine. If I remember correct, the ACM ones were steel. If anything was lacking, it was the shite wood (crack on the pistol grip, yuck!)
  12. So, this year's the year of the shotty, no? So, whilst browsing airsoft shotguns in HK, I found this: http://airsoft.tiger111hk.com/p28047/S&T-M870-Sheriff-Shotgun-%28Medium,-Black%29/product_info.html I think it is a one-up to the standard SY/AY/ A&K/ACM shotgun, since it seems to have a better wood finish (as well as being more pricier) I'm hoping that this has better accuracy compared to the ACM ones...
  13. I'm not sure why, but I'm sure that I can make it (the next step is if I'm actually willing)
  14. Actually... Airsofting seems to be VERY legal in China... After all, the media is run by the government https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=28&v=nmq7MKFqU-A (Note: My bad if this is a necro, just trying to add something related to the discussion)
  15. Oh.... So it's just the SAI guys. Well oops. Maybe if someone made a "Used and abused" Picture thread.
  16. No, it's not that... It's just that I don't see many scratched up glocks on forums, but I see the "ubah-supah-chizh-costa-expensive" glocks instead... Maybe it's just a Hong Kong thing (and one of the reasons I dislike HKOTG.) But hey, different strokes for different folks :smile:
  17. 16kuokhc1

    Jing Gong BB's

    For me, I just walk around in Kwong Wa, since I live in Hong Kong :smile: Anyhow, KSC are the best ones I have used, but I just use goldenball since they're so damned cheap .
  18. Hello, so I have a dboys AKS74u and it works fine externally, but one minor issue with it is that after one year of use, the wires in the gun start heating up like crazy with a 9.6v battery (eg. the included one)... My only upgrade is an Alien Airsoft 16tpa motor. Also, the insulating material on the motor connectors is torn, so the metal is showing... Is there any other possible problems?
  19. Sorry if this is considered a necro, but after some field use, This gun has been dropped and the magazine feed lips/gas escape has been covered in dust. Nevertheless, after a quick wipe and blow, the gun's been working cool again. Also, I've managed to closely miss targets at range (100 feet?), which is beyond my expectations already. As a final note, some of the more experienced players (as in-players that tell me to toss my dboys AK to get a GBBR...) actually asked me to let them fire my Mak... Of course I let them fire it... And they were impressed. The only issue that I have with the makarov is that the frane is too large for standard grips, Holsters are impossible to find, and the finish isn't exactly durable (but after all, it's a makarov. You're supposed to abuse it, unlike glocks and such...)
  20. Another thing to do is to try squinting your eyes, which should make the red dot clearer if you have eye problems. Another solution is to add transparent plastic screen protectors, which will make the reticle slightly more clearer. (I did not I had this problem, so when I was complaining about excessive ghosting before purchase, the shop person looked at me as if I was crazy.) Edit: Oops, Necro-post. Please delete as see fit.
  21. The Range of CYMA now extends greatly, from their direct marui clones (plastic and all!) running you at $90-$100 USD, all the way to their LCT clones being at $150-$200. Another alternative are the Dboys Full Steel and Wood models, that are rare, but surpass CYMA in terms of externals. Internals shouldn't be that big of an issue, since they have upgraded their internals now (before, they had plastic bushings, but now they use metal instead). Also, changing out internals is cheaper than externals.
  22. An even bigger question for CYMA: Why the heck aren't these in HK? Mainland China is close to HK. so shipping shouldn't a problem... And HK does lots of CQB due to a steadily decreasing available landscape... And also that some shops sell double eagle m3 shells, but not shotgun...
  23. Here's a review here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j44FOqrQIH0#t=120 as anyone can see, it seems to be normal sized and an average performer. As far as my concerns go, I'm happy that we now get a normal shotgun that's tri-shot (as opposed to benellis all over the place.)
  24. https://translate.google.com.hk/translate?sl=fr&tl=en&js=y&prev=_t&hl=en&ie=UTF-8&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.airsoft-entrepot.fr%2Fcatalogsearch%2Fresult%2F%3Fq%3DCM35&edit-text=&act=url Okay.... The more expensive models have metal bodies, whilst the cheaper models have plastic bodies. I think that these are the potential replacements for the disappearing Double Eagle M3s...
  25. Yes, I didn't state anything incorrectly. I've found a series of CYMA trishots that are Full metal, in the shape of the Remington 870. What do you guys think? http://www.airsoft-entrepot.fr/catalogsearch/result/?q=CM35
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