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  1. Oh hey, we're suka buddies! Well, time for more AK pics. With "Polymer" Furniture: With Wood: With Polymer and Wood furniture together! Now, with wood furniture a Chicom vest and an ACM kobra
  2. For A good sling to use for the AK, it really depends. The Dboys slings are awesome and usable straight from the box, but I'm not so sure about the CYMA slings. Another good option for slings are real steel surplus slings, since they're so f***ing cheap. First off, I was referring to the dboys real wood & Full Steel models (which uses stamped steel), rather than their fake wood & partially steel models. So, with my experience of the fake wood version, I took out the gearbox and found that the bushings were metal, so I'm guessing dboys have improved (either that, or my retailer must've been really, really nice )
  3. I myself own a dboys AKS-74u (aka, the 'suka')and it's accuracy is decent enough (can hit a stop sign sized target at 100 ft consistently) and it also used metal bushings. It's steel stock is quite wobbly (1-2mm of wobble), but a pin with higher tolerance should fix that. Also, you might want to check the CYMA CM040, which are ak74 type rifles with polymer furniture instead.
  4. Well, might as well get the CYMA anyways, thanks!
  5. Hey hello! Wondering if these batteries are any good? (Note, 7.2v 200mAh). http://airsoft.tiger111hk.com/m259/BOL/p28063/BOL-7.2V-200mAh-Micro-Ni-MH-Battery/product_info.html I think that 200mAh is a typo, so has anyone have any experience with these?
  6. 16kuokhc1

    Jing Gong BB's

    Thanks! Probably will buy these if Goldenball is not available.
  7. Well, I've heard that the CYMA RPK is around the $200 USD mark and that should be really heavy since it's mainly steel... Same goes for the JG version... The dboys Wood/Steel series is also heavy, under $200 USD, and they now have good (enough) internals compared to before. (Eg, can hit 100ft accurately, metal bushings)
  8. 6 shots per target. And *shoecase*, I mucked up the test with the suppressor. Here are the two tests anyways (since I am not allowed to edit :-/) Note: For both the images, the pen colors were inverted since I accidentally picked up the wrong pen whilst circling the accuracy test w/ suppressor.
  9. Yep, Looked again, Looks more like a cross between a M23 SPLAV and a Flyye LBT... I might as well be better off getting a Chicom; Speaking of which, anyone know where to get a Chicom (or a replica of it) in Hong Kong?
  10. 16kuokhc1

    Jing Gong BB's

    Hey, hello! Recently, I've found some BB's in the online store of my favorite ACM supplier (cop9gun) http://cop9gun.com/prshop/en/spares-accessories/724-jinggong-6mm-plastic-pellets-bb-in-bag.html I'm just wondering if they are comparable to Goldenball or not.
  11. Would disagree with you a lot. I myself owns a dboys aks74u, and it works very good (discount the jamming fake bolt, but that's minor) And two of my friends own JG MP5sd SMG's, and they work fine too. The only exception is with my friend with his Galaxy MP5, but that's mainly due to the fact he charged the battery for too long (on a dumb charger)
  12. I don't have a Chronograph, so I use the poor man's chrono. As a rough estimate, the FPS without the extended barrel is 260-280 FPS, whilst the extended barrel will bring up the FPS to 360. (0.64 joules and 1.2 joules respectively.)
  13. Hey hello, Recently, I've found a "Russian Chest Rig" on airsoft tiger 111 Hk right below: http://airsoft.tiger111hk.com/Airsoft-Combat-Gear-Tactical-Vest/c2_37/p12903/Russian-Tactical-Chest-Rig-Magazine-Carrier-Vest-(OD)/product_info.html However, what I noticed was that whilst it had the magazine pockets of the SPLAV m23, it's side pockets are different from the normal configuration (since the SPLAV m23 has two utility pouches per side). So, is there any chest rig like this, or is this a really, really inaccurate copy (at 10% of the price!)
  14. Yeah, pretty much. I just use the term "power" since the FPS changes when you use a different weight BB, but the Power (in joules) doesn't.
  15. Sorry for the double post, but I just can't seem to find the edit button. Onto whatever I'm doing this update for, I've recently done a shooting test, and here are the results of 15 feet and 30 feet tests on A4 paper without and with barrel extension, 0.25g goldenball: Without suppressor: And With Suppressor (and extended inner barrel) As you can see, the barrel extension enables for the pistol to shoot more accurately as well as with more power as seen in the 15 feet tests. In the 30 feet tests, all the shots were a bit high. It could be due to the following reasons: Hopup shooting upwards (unlikely) Sights are at different heights (likely) My aiming sucks (most likely) And as a bonus, here's a picture of Putin with the PMm and an odd configuration for hearing protection.
  16. Introduction: Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, Comrades and Capitalists, today I will be reviewing the WE tech Makarov PMm GBB pistol. The first Green Gas powered blowback Makarov in the whole history of airsoft (suck it, KWA!) Real steel History: The Makarov PM is a Russian designed handgun designed to replace the earlier TT33 handguns as well as the Nagant Revolvers used during WWII. It used a 9x18mm round and had an 8 round single stack magazine. The Makarov PM was initially introduced in the year 1949. Various copies have been made by other com-bloc countries such as China, Bulgaria and East Germany. The PMm variant has been introduced in 1991, which has a double stacked mag containing 12 rounds. More can be found here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Makarov_pistol In the box The box that the Makarov came in was pretty standard with a picture of the pistol and the text “马可洛夫” Which is a direct phonetic translation of “Makarov”. Inside the box, you will find a mock suppressor, Inner barrel extension and the Gun itself. No extra pellets. The gun is kept in an egg-carton type of material like how WE stores their Glocks. As far as my concerns go, it’s more eco-friendly than foam. Externals and Initial thoughts The finish on this gun seems to be fairly good with a (most likely) faux semi-glossy black machined finish on the slide, a matte black finish on the frame and slide release, and a matte brown colour on the hammer and safety (appears on actual Makarov PM, not the PMm). Nothing much to be said about the suppressor, which is a plain matte black finish on metal (presumably aluminium alloy since it’s so light). The Gun has a magazine release on the bottom of the gun which I like, since the mag doesn’t always have to drop out every time you holster your gun. The magazine itself also has a glossy exterior finish. I have also noted that the release valve is smaller than normal on this gun (most likely to accommodate the small size of the magazine.) Also, on this gun, the sights are nothing special just your standard everyday pistol sights. Something's telling me that the rear sight is a bit high, but that's also in real steel, so it's fine. Disassembly and Internals To disassemble this gun, what you’d have to do is to pull the trigger guard down, pull slide up and force forward without the loading nozzle getting caught in the barrel. Upon lifting the slide, I noticed the slide to be fairly light, giving me the feeling that the slide is made out of aluminium. Inside the slide, there is there is the blowback housing and loading nozzle. The loading nozzle seems to be made of plastic (also referred to as “polymer” by certain brands) whilst the blowback housing is seated right above the loading nozzle, out of sight. Hopup is adjusted by pushing a knob on the barrel left/right and the hopup bucking should be compatible with VSR type hopup bucking. I’m not sure about if the Chamber is compatible (most likely not). Around the barrel, there is a recoil spring which feels considerably harder to rack than all other GBB pistols I own (a WE Glock and KSC M93r) To reassemble, reverse the process of disassembly. And while we're at it, here's a picture of the pistol disassembled Shooting To fire, what one must do is to load up the magazine with 14 6mm bb pellets and load the magazine into the gun. Trigger pull is very long on double action, but comfortable in single action. The accuracy of this gun is pretty good for stock, being able to hit an aluminium can from 15 meters (I Will do a proper grouping test later). The recoil is also a bit very crisp and hard, making it a joy to shoot. It is also very gas efficient, being able to fire off around 50 shots per magazine, which is roughly 3 full mag refills and a few extra shots. I will try to upload a video soon. Upgrades, Modifications and Accessories At time of writing, there are no mods or upgrades directly for the WE Makarov, but I think that it will accept Bakail 654k grips and grips designed for the real double stack Makarov. Various holsters are also available, ranging from East German leather holsters, to the legendary EFA-2k. Overall Overall, I think that this pistol does its job of being a faithful replica of the Makarov PMm and since it’s the first Makarov styled GBB on the Market, I will also give it extra points for that too. Pros: +Good Kick +Good Gas Efficiency +Accurate +The Fist Makarov styled GBB +Has suppressor for power increase Cons -Power -Total Range (due to power) -Hard to holster with suppressor (so it's either low power, or no holster.)
  17. My vote's for the Kalashnikov, since I'm a Chinese (No, Hong Kong is not in Japan now). Also, airsoft AKs tend to have less stress points than M4 as well as being made out of stronger materials (steel vs aluminum alloy). Not to mention the superior V3 gearbox.
  18. Spring:Bunch of crappy spring pistols, MP5 "Youth" Electric: TM Mac 11. Gas: WE Glock, WE Makarov and KSC M93r Electric: Dboys AKS74u,JG Skorpion
  19. Okay, just got my WE PMm Makarov today. On the box, it showed the gun as well as a soviet emblem (hammer & sickle) and the Chinese characters "马可洛夫" which is a rough phonetic translation of "makarov" Fitting was pretty good, with no major wobbling at all. The grip is unlike the older PM styled grip at all, but I prefer this grip more since it's very comfortable. The recoil spring is also much more stiffer than most other GBB pistols, giving a very nice feel when you rack or release the slide. Haven't tried shooting w/ bb's, but when dry firing, the recoil seems pretty nice. So for it's first impressions, It seems like a good buy. Proper review coming up later.
  20. Yeah, would recommend the dboys AKS74u. I abuse it like crazy and it still works good.
  21. Okay, looks like WE has finally released some spare mags for their makarov. They're avalible at bunny airsoft (as well as some other retailers, of course). http://www.bunnyworkshop.com.hk/airsoft/WE-16-rds-Magazine-for-Makarov-PMM-GBB-Airsoft-Pistol-Black Also, I believe that grips for the double stack makarovs as well as the baikal airgun will fit, so anyone looking for the classic PM look can use the bakelite grips offered here (only problem is that they are around £30) http://www.rusmilitary.com/html/airgun_mp654K.htm I've also heard from the Canadian airgun forum that you can modify Bulgarian PM grips to fit the eider frame of the PMM. (http://www.airgunforum.ca/forums/topic38931.html) Can anyone vertify this?
  22. Put the propane/green gas to the fill valve and listen until the hissing stops.
  23. Depends what you want and How much you want it for. Want a Glock? Get a KSC, Tokyo Marui or KJW, they're all good. Wouldn't recommend the WE version if you can afford something better, Want a Hi Capa or 1911? Tokyo Marui's your best bet, but KJW's pretty decent (Would only get WE for the awesome Dragon styled slide). Want a M9? Marui M9a1, KSC m9 (the M93r is pretty similar), KJW m9, then WE. In that order.
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