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  1. Looks like Redwolf has caught on! Anyone got info on spare mags, though? Can't seem to find any.
  2. Well, for some reason, WE included an inner barrel extension that you screw in. Also included is a mock silencer. The FPS to 360 FPS (1.2j) increases when you screw in the inner barrel extension. Problem solved! But in all honesty, I agree with Guges, since primaries exist for a reason.
  3. Just did a quick walk-in tokyo model company. When I inquired them, they stated that they did not have the makarov in stock and that they're saying that it's in a pre-order sort of state (to be fair, I don't think that they're too big on WE handguns, since they also don't have the m84) However, the WE makarov's still being considered released, since two stores in Kwong Wa Street (Hero Arms and Armed Forces) have the makarov. (I believe those stores are heavily afflicted with WE, since 80% of their products are WE) Foe both stores, the black one's around $750 HKD and the silver one's &900 HKD. The silver one has a much better finish IMO. Also, anyone know of WE's p38 and p99?
  4. As for the gas efficiency, It could go through 1 magazine, which is relatively better compared to some of the 1911 clones on the market. Also, I don't think KWA's been very honest with their release dates, with the CZ75 auto one year overdue already, and their Makarov still unheard of. Really a shame for KWA, since they're beaten by WE in terms of Russian pistols.
  5. You know you could just do this instead: open the top cover, remove the upper hand, turn little lever for the lower hand guard (located on the left side of the barrel in the lower handguard, behind the front sight block), then push the lower handguard forth and remove it. Here's a video:
  6. Well, just after I vowed not to buy from WE again, this popped up in some stores in HK (along with the M84 a few months back)... Looks like I've rekindled my interest in WE... Especially since they're trying somethings original. Makarov Black (extended inner barrel and mock silencer included) http://www.tokyo-model.com.hk/shop/we-makarov-gas-blow-backblack-p-11330.html?zenid=n9f72vpb0360e4gcp78k8i9p11&cPath=58 Makarov Silver (also w/ inner barrel and mock silencer) http://www.tokyo-model.com.hk/shop/we-makarov-gas-blow-backsilver-p-11331.html?cPath=58 From what I've seen, the silver version has a (seemingly) brushed silver appearance and the black one has a nice glossy-looking finish (to replicate bluing or something). Also, the price point seems nice. Also, Bunny Workshop's produced a video review below:
  7. Okay if you're fine with the low power and no blowback. They have upgrade parts available such as hopup and power upgrades (since it's a Marui clone). Great if you play in the cold a lot. Personally, I think that the WE P226, like their Glocks are good for the price, but if the buyer can afford something better (eg. KJW P226), they should just get that instead.
  8. Well, I'd reccomend the dboys AKS74u ($130 USD) along with an alien airsoft "speed" motor, running at 16 TPA on neo magnets, which is actually more like an SHS torque motor. Would also recommend midcaps. That's what I personally run. Will plan on using 16:1 gears (rather than 18:1) later on for better ROF and trigger response.
  9. Hello forum, recently, I've been searching around for a good (cheap) 1911 styled handgun and found these two pistols get the best reviews. What I'm mainly looking for is good tolerances (little wobble), best build materials, Looking around, a lot of forums state that R27 is better, but I don't see how the R27 is better than the KP07 when: -The R27 has very iffy tolerances (lots of wobble) -The KP07 has an enhanced loading nozzle -KJW Mags are much better than ARMY mags -The KP07 should be just as TM comparable as the R27 So, can anyone enlighten me?
  10. There's a Hi Capa AEP out already, which is hopefully similar enough. http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/tokyo-marui-hi-capa-e-fixed-slide-aep-pistol.html#.VKKytGcAKA
  11. Well, thanks for the cleanup! I did not know what to call it, and it looks closest to a salient slide, so I just put salient for this thread's title. And yes. I know WE Glocks are sh*te compared to other alternatives. My loading nozzle in my G19 broke after 1 year of service, planning to get it replaced soon. However, WE seems to be upping their game with their M84 berettas. The Black finish looks amazing (I've seen it first hand at a store), so I'm planning to get that sooner or later(either that, or a HFC Desert Eagle).
  12. I think these should be of the same production quality of the WE G19, but with a New Look. Since Salient arms are all the craze, I might as well put this here. (Also, I don't think anyone makes an airsoft salient arms slide for the WE G19 or the KJW G23): Black Slide, Silver Barrel, Tan Frame http://www.uncompany.com/pageproductdetails.asp?prodid=36534 Silver Slide, Gold Barrel, Tan Frame http://www.uncompany.com/pageproductdetails.asp?prodid=36535 Black Slide, Gold Barrel, Tan Frame http://www.uncompany.com/pageproductdetails.asp?prodid=36536 Silver Slide, Silver Barrel, Black Frame http://www.uncompany.com/pageproductdetails.asp?prodid=36580 Silver Slide, Silver Barrel, Tan Frame http://www.uncompany.com/pageproductdetails.asp?prodid=36581 So, anyone has their opinion on these?
  13. Oh well, looks like I'm just going to have to stick to 240 fps, since I don't want to reduce my ROF and/or increase stress on my gearbox. Thanks for all your help!
  14. Oh well, so how much will the FPS increase with a tightbore? I'm guessing around 10 FPS increase from what I've heard about putting a tightbore into an AEP G18c.
  15. Yeah, I did take apart the gun already and I know the gearbox is small. I also noted that the AEP inner barrel will not fit w/ a AEG inner barrel. I think I'd just get a MP7 AEP inner barrel and cut it down. Also, I'm just aiming for a 20 fps increase (my Skorpion only shoots 240 fps)
  16. Thanks! However, I believe this motor is more closer to a SHS torque motor (16tpa), so If you already have high speed gears and a low powered spring, please get a SHS high speed motor (the Element High speed also works well).
  17. I think the WELL r1 UZI needs to be added (http://airsoft.tiger111hk.com/p19337/WELL-UZI-Submachine-Gun-AEG%28-Foldable-Stock%29%28Black%29%28R1%29/product_info.html) as well as the JG skorpion & the JG MAC-10
  18. Hello forum! Just recently, I've brought a brand new JG Skorpion and so far, I'm really liking it! However, I am a bit disappointed with the FPS so I'm wondering if I could use a MP5k (110mm) inner barrel in this?
  19. Here is my Dboys AKS74u I got for my birthday last year: Upgraded with an Alien Airsoft High Speed (read: SHS Balanced Motor). The fake wood handguards replaced with an APS Solid Wood Handguard (the only place that sells the dboys laminated handguard overprices it by $8 USD). I also made 3 fakelite magazines using red and orange paint.
  20. Only problem is that the suppressor seems a bit too shiny, but otherwise, good work!
  21. Hello airsoftforum! 16kuokhc1 from HK here. I've heard that propane is much more cheaper than Greengas. However, the only problem for me is that most camping stores here sell butane instead (the only propane bottle I saw had some other stuff in it). So, anyone knows where to get propane?
  22. Would suggest the KSC 93r, almost just like the KWA/KSC M9, but w/ 3rd burst & full auto. Only downsides? Magazine tolarances too fine (mag follower gets stuck) and the extended mag is impossible to repair once you drop it (happens too much with the 93r's weak mag catch). Solution? Use the m9 mags.
  23. Seems nice enough in his videos, but his reviews are very misleading or borderline untrue. Also very rarely reviews anything that goes above $150 if it isn't a KWA pistol (good luck fining a tokyo marui on his channel).
  24. Well, since it looks like you have that much money; I think that the CYMA and the ICS would be lowballing a tad bit. If you want an AK type AEG, I would suggest a Realsword type 56, LCT AK or VFC AK since they have awesome externals (and okay internals). For M4's, you can't go wrong with G&P, G&G (top tech, not combat machine!) and KWA (special mention: Magpul LM4 AEG; it's simulated recoil rivals the Marui recoil shock). If you aren't that concerned on externals, you could always nab an ACM/Sportline AEG and overhaul it's internals Disclaimer: I am a middle school student with pretty much no money, so I have zero firsthand experience; all my information comes from online sources (such as forums and reviews).
  25. Alien Airsoft High Speed Motor Review Hello forum! Today I will be reviewing the Alien Airsoft High Speed Motor. In this review, we will go through the motor's packaging and performance out of the box (or bag, in this case). Performance will be focused on the trigger response and ROF. Packaging: Comes in a plastic bag. Done. Picture below. First impressions: First thing I noticed when taking this motor out of the box was that everything that contained iron sticks to it when it comes into contact, ranging from the gearbox motor cage to some screws. Just to show how strong the magnets are, here is a picture of a keychain being supported only by the motor's magnet inside of the gun's grip. Also, the motor had a red dot on the post of the motor spring that is closest to the positive plug. It is industry standard, but still a nice feature . And, just for reference, here is the motor inside the motor cage. Note that it has a red endbell with a silver can, leading to some people to suspect it is a rebrand of King Arms or ZCI. I have yet to testify. Performance: With the motor installed, I quickly rushed to test it out and the first thing I noticed when trying it out with a 9.6 volt battery was that the trigger response was instantaneous, along with the ROF which went up to 20 RPS which is around 66% more RPS than stock. Testing with a 8.4v battery gave less significant results,with 15 RPS compared to stock 11 RPS (around 36% increase) with a okay trigger response. Tests: Stock Motor, Partial Charge: Upgraded motor, Partial Charge: Upgraded motor, full charge: All tests preformed with: 8.4v battery and 9.6v battery (battery swap also in video) M100 spring (stock) 18:0 gears (stock again) As you could see here, the motor gave a crisp trigger response and ROF. Conclusion: I would recommend this motor as it is avalible from UN company for just $19 USD right now (http://www.uncompany.com/pageproductdetails.asp?prodid=35064) and even at non-discounted price ($33 USD), it preforms well against it's competition (eg. The GP2000 speed motor) at a similar price.
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