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  1. I was mainly looking at KJW because they all seem to be around my price range and I haven't found many others in my price range. KJW does make a G23 though correct? I have shot real steel 1911s, SIGs, and M9s and didn't have a strong preference towards one of the three. And the only reason up like co2 is I already have some and it's easier to get but it doesn't really matter. Thanks for the help
  2. So like one of their 1911s? I am mainly deciding between one of their 1911s, hi-caps 1911, or their p226
  3. Sorry for posting so many threads in this section but this should be the last one. I'm trying to decide on my first quality GBB pistol and have pretty much narrowed it down to KJW as far as brand. I would prefer c02 powered but it really isn't that important. So which KJW around $120 would you guys recommend?
  4. Would you recommend all KJW pistols? I was thinking about this one KJW p226 What do you think?
  5. What pistol around $100 would you recommend? The glock aspect really isn't that important.
  6. I can't decide between the Elite force 1911 tac and the WE ISSC m22. I like the WE because it's a glock but I've heard good things about the Elite Force and I like that it's c02. Which would you guys recommend? Links Elite force WE Thanks
  7. Yeah I just found one on ASGI that come with a battery and charger so I will purchase it from. Thanks for the help
  8. Is the one on airrattle non-blowback? If so should I just order that one? Or should I just get this one?: Airsoft GI
  9. I am pretty sure I am going to purchase a g&g cm16 raider as my first serious airsofting gun but was looking at where to buy one and noticed two different sites listed the same gun as having very different velocities but are the same price. Are one of the the sites incorrect? If the guns are different which should I purchase? Site 1 Site 2
  10. Sorry to keep bumping this but which gun of the ones I listed would have the best accuracy/range? And what would be a gun close to my price range(maybe a little more) that would have better accuracy/range?
  11. Sorry if this seems like a stupid question but I am probably going to purchase a JG 614 advanced RIS and am worried that the FPS may be to high(listed at 400-410)for the 400 FPS fields. What do you guys think? Here's a link: JG 614
  12. So which would you recommend (the price of the JG is also appealing to me because it leaves room for other gear)
  13. Is there something wrong with it being on blowout? Thanks for the response
  14. I have been looking for a quality AEG m4 around $150. I've done some research and have found some guns I'm interested in but need help making a decision. So far I'm deciding between the following: JG 614 I was leaning towards this but the FPS seems a little high. Would it be ok on a 400 FPS field? It is listed as 400-410. G&G combat machine CM16 Elite force M4 I'm open to other suggestions as well. Thanks
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