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  1. This is what broke in two The back piece is the only thing remaining. I have to use a tool to adjust the hop up now.
  2. I was shooting targets in my backyard because I had nothing else better to do and when I went to adjust my hop up, the thing broke in two. Do I have to buy a another hop up unit or do they sell the adjuster separately?
  3. I'm trying to look for this gun after seeing this at PPS's website http://www.pps-airsoft.com/Show_P.asp?ID=2072 It's a chiang kai shek rifle. It's my favorite real steel rifle and would be great for a future loadout. I don't know if any Asian or american retailers have this in stock. Please, any assistance would be helpful. Thank you.
  4. I could care less about a more common model, I dislike armalite platforms and I own a couple AKs and an mp5k primary weapons. Just want something new and unique.
  5. Both my parents have good careers and well I really don't buy stuff. My birthday and christmas is when I really buy any non food thing. I found an arisaka on Tokyo hobby for $600 though. There's a Gewehr on airsplat for 450 and also a RS for similar cost.
  6. My parents and my aunt said they'd get me an airsoft gun for Christmas. I don't know as in stuck between a G&G kar98, a RS Type 97, and a Tanaka arisaka. It's so hard to choose between the bunch as I waited all year to get any of them. But I can only choose one. Which one should I get?
  7. I have a hfc box cannon and I'm thinking of buying the marushin 13rd 6mm mags because they look pleasing to look at without that part mag sticking out and I heard somewhere along the lines that the hfc version is essentially a clone of the marushin and thus compatibility. I just want to do some research before shelling out money for something that I probably cannot use or can use.
  8. Ok, so I recently had a mandarin-style jacket/shirt made at my local tailor. It's the shirt with the high collar. I had it made with cotton fabric of khaki color because wool is too hot. I'm planning to do a couple of modifications to the collar and shoulders to make it a little more "military". I'm going to buy white scrubs and dye it either khaki or a dark olive drab. I'm planning to make a loadout/kit similar to this. And this I'm wondering if this would be a suitable and acceptable outfit if there was ever a ww2 airsoft game taking event in my area. I think these outfits would be very interesting and different from the usual things you see at a ww2 airsoft event.
  9. I would like to do an early modern chinese loadout based on Chinese warlord and 1911 Xinhai revolution troops but I don't know where to find the uniforms for it. It is literally impossible to find the hat too. Not even eBay or etsy sells them. Most early Chinese troops wore a peaked cap, a standup collar or rise and fall collar, trousers, gaiters/puttees, and some form of shoes. They also carried a canvas bandolier to keep ammo in. But there are no sites that sell reproductions of them at all. All except for a pair of cotton Chinese shoes that I have. The weapons are self explanatory. Any wooden mauser-based rifle or lee Enfield or a thompson smg and any ww2 era pistol of your pickings. These are some pictures I would like to base my uniform off of.
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