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  1. All of the things you listed are interesting options, but are you planning to play in games regularly? If yes, you may be better off looking more common models than those. Those models you have listed are more for collecting and showing off than taking the demands of regular gameplay and the occasional damage.

    I could care less about a more common model, I dislike armalite platforms and I own a couple AKs and an mp5k primary weapons. Just want something new and unique.

  2. You have a generous family, and it depends. Do you want a wall hanger or a skirmishable gun? The tanaka Arisaka is almost $1k and as much as I want it I would never skirmish it. I'm guessing you would be ordering off of an over seas website for the Arisaka and the RS so just a tip, don't buy from Ehobbyasia, their customer service is awful and each gun I've bought from them has came with an issue. But anyway, it's up to you and what you want to use the gun for.

    Both my parents have good careers and well I really don't buy stuff. My birthday and christmas is when I really buy any non food thing. I found an arisaka on Tokyo hobby for $600 though. There's a Gewehr on airsplat for 450 and also a RS for similar cost.

  3. I have a hfc box cannon and I'm thinking of buying the marushin 13rd 6mm mags because they look pleasing to look at without that part mag sticking out and I heard somewhere along the lines that the hfc version is essentially a clone of the marushin and thus compatibility. I just want to do some research before shelling out money for something that I probably cannot use or can use.

  4. Ok, so I recently had a mandarin-style jacket/shirt made at my local tailor. It's the shirt with the high collar. I had it made with cotton fabric of khaki color because wool is too hot. I'm planning to do a couple of modifications to the collar and shoulders to make it a little more "military". I'm going to buy white scrubs and dye it either khaki or a dark olive drab. I'm planning to make a loadout/kit similar to this.


    And this


    I'm wondering if this would be a suitable and acceptable outfit if there was ever a ww2 airsoft game taking event in my area. I think these outfits would be very interesting and different from the usual things you see at a ww2 airsoft event.

  5. I would like to do an early modern chinese loadout based on Chinese warlord and 1911 Xinhai revolution troops but I don't know where to find the uniforms for it. It is literally impossible to find the hat too. Not even eBay or etsy sells them. Most early Chinese troops wore a peaked cap, a standup collar or rise and fall collar, trousers, gaiters/puttees, and some form of shoes. They also carried a canvas bandolier to keep ammo in. But there are no sites that sell reproductions of them at all. All except for a pair of cotton Chinese shoes that I have. The weapons are self explanatory. Any wooden mauser-based rifle or lee Enfield or a thompson smg and any ww2 era pistol of your pickings.

    These are some pictures I would like to base my uniform off of.






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