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  1. Hey guys, long time no see. I recently bought a TM HK45 about a year ago, thinking that I'd play airsoft more, but I didnt have the time. Now since it's summer, I can and I'm looking for a good metal slide for under $200.
  2. Hey guys, long time no talk! Tbh I only remember a few of yall like Renegade, Guges, Airborne, Alberty and idk more of u guys lol. Anyway, I have some guns I wanna sell on ebay because I'm behind on my schools payment plan and I need to sell stuff to make up for it. Anyway, I'm not authorized to sell on here but I need some help for like ebay. I have a KWA never used in game mp9 with that angry gun mock suppressor but I can't get the damn supressor off so theres no orange tip... I have a perfect TM HK45 which im not sure if I wanna sell yet but again, no orange tip and I got it off uncompany and I took off the putty covering the trades and I lost the box it came in because it was inside out anyway. Also, I have a KSC Glock 18c again, no tip lol. Mainly, how do I go about selling guns without orange tips? I tried looking for orange tips on the internet but cant find any.
  3. Hey everyone, long time no see. As much as I don't want to, I have to help pay for car insurance :L and this is a good place to start. All of the details are in the ebay listing, internal work was done by airborne such as shimming and wiring to deans in the buffer tube. http://www.PLEASE DO NOT LINK TO EBAY SITES. COPY AND PASTE AD DETAILS HERE - THEIR ADS GO AWAY AFTER 90 DAYS/...984.m1555.l2649 Text me if you have any questions 631-428-8407.
  4. Metro 2035, one of the best games ever. I actually might read 2036 and also play it. Did you read the books Jack?
  5. I can't wait to see Guges input on this lol he's gonna roast me.
  6. I feel like Secondwind is the only person who took this seriously, I'm not done with this theory obviously. But think of it as an atom bomb within the black hole. If a black hole can fill up, think of it as like a bag of microwavable popcorn, all the heat is forming objects (popcorn) but in this case the heat from the radiation is going to form and explosion within the blackhole and demolish it and what ever fragments if you will fly off into the galaxy will evolve. Sure I'm not saying in like 100 years this will happen but you know?
  7. Okay so in philosophy I was asked about somthing I believe in and I said aliens. And I tried explaining this to my brother ( I swear hes a dumbass) He says it doesn't make sense so I'd like feedback from u guys. What is something you believe without having it proven to yourself? Why do you believe it? I believe in aliens, but not the technology advanced aliens that fly spaceships and have huge eyes. I believe aliens are more like from the movie Alien, a large insect like creature that lives on a whole different universe that we haven’t lived on yet. We always hear that there is life on mars but even though nothing has been seen but there is space around it, there is no end of space and according to Cornell university, everyday we discover new planets but they’re not part of our solar system. Think about it, why should earth only have life? Why not Venus, Mars, Saturn or Pluto and so forth? An alien can be a fish from Mars as there has been proof that there is liquid, not frozen water on Mars. What do all species have? Water. Or you could jump back to Hawking’s theory of black holes that white dwarfs, and neutron stars are sucked into the black hole and cannot escape. If you think about it, those neutron stars and white dwarfs that are stuck into the black hole can be forming almost a nuclear reactor and could form other life forms then after all the radiation from the stars form and eventually split after time then it can cause another big bang theory within the black hole and then release all of that fused radiation from the stars explode allover space then there could be aliens but the question is when?
  8. I don't see a purpose in grenade launchers when mounted on rifles. I had one briefly then sold it to Alberty, plus some CQB fields prohibit them.
  9. Hey guys, im in the spring semester of my freshman year of college and I just declared my major. I'll be studying Forensics science, then get an advanced degree in forensics anthropology. And finally enroll in a police academy so I can become a detective like Batman ;). Anyway, what did you guys study?
  10. http://www.evike.com/products/49359/ while we're on topic of sex toys lol. But I've always wanted to get a star wars lightsaber and use it as a melee weapon.
  11. for example look at their m40 sniper . although the shotguns intrigue me.
  12. There are also thread taps that I believe will basically re thread the barrel. Simply put it on the end of a drill and yeah.
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