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  1. Where? I can't seem to find it on arnies! Edit: Nevermind guys, here you go! http://www.airsoft-forums.co.uk/index.php/topic/23635-first-ak12-in-production/page-3
  2. Hello, Ever since I started playing airsoft, I've always wanted an AK-12. Not sure why, maybe just because it's so sexy. Anyway, yesterday I found out someone actually finally made an AK-12, but of course, it had to be WELL. This is a $60 LPEG, and I expect nothing of the internals. Before I buy, does anyone know if a version 3 gearbox and motor would fit in????? Airsoft Megastore has this same gun, and they're saying it uses a 300rd hi-cap, and an 8.4v nunchuck battery, and as far as I've seen, most LPEG's have proprietary batteries or they have large tamiya connectors, not small. Could this possibly have an actual plastic version 3 gearbox inside it? Thank you.
  3. How long would you guys expect this M4 to last, assuming I use it once a week for about 8 hours (on and off)?
  4. How about http://www.evike.com/products/50712 I see it was just released this month on Evike. Is it any good? Will the EBB break the gun?
  5. No, the Bo-Dynamics/Lonex M4, the Umarex H&K MP5A4 and the CYMA AKS-74u
  6. Does anyone know anything about these new guns??
  7. Are any of these three good? Umarex H&K MP5A4 Bo-Dynamics / Lonex LT 595 SBR CYMA Full Metal & Real Wood AKS-74U I really like the MP5A4, however it seems brand new and has almost no reviews or any info I can find online really. Same goes for the Bo-Dynamics M4, but my friend said the EBB on it will break the gun. The AK also seems like a good choice for me. Can anyone point me to the best of the three and give me some background on that MP5 and Bo-Dynamics LT 595 SBR?
  8. Hello, Christmas is around the corner and I need to find a gun I like soon. I don't want to spend much more than $250 at the max. I love anything GBB, but I'll give AEG's a chance too. I saw the SRC AK74u, but there's not much info on it. I'd like to stay under 350 FPS (field limit), however if I can change the FPS via a NPAS or a spring, I'll do so. I love compact weapons as well. What should I get? Thanks.
  9. Hello, I have a HFC M11A1 (99% compatible with KWA's, except for mags). I'm wondering what I could upgrade to improve accuracy. My field's FPS limit is 350, and my gun barely shoots under 350. What can I upgrade to improve accuracy without causing a FPS increase?? Thanks.
  10. Hello, Since christmas is right around the corner, I was thinking that I'd get a new gun. I'm looking into the SRC AK74U. Are these any good? I see a lot of good reviews, however where I play, the FPS limit is 350, and this gun shoots around 410-420. Is there any way I could get this to shoot under 350?? Thanks.
  11. The PDW takes the M4 hopups. Also, I think the top of the ejection port is needed, because that's what the charging handle mounts onto. Is there anywhere I can buy a PDW ejection port? I lost mine, and I can probably modify GHK's kit to work with a LT PDW.
  12. And as far as I've seen that PDW's shell is extremely durable and flexible
  13. It is the polymer one, but I'm just going to use it temporarily. I know M4 internals fit in it, but I'm worried about the ejection port. How would I get it to fit if M4's and PDW's have different ejection ports?
  14. Would that GHK drop-in kit work in a Lancer Tactical PDW? I've got an old one sitting around, and since I don't have a lot to spend, it would be pretty cool to make a GBB PDW without having to spend $300 for the WE PDW.
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