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  1. The thing is, im kinda picky about my airsoft guns, aaand the m4s like the VFC M4 Tactical E Series have been sold out for months...
  2. I want to build an M4 from scratch and I was wondering how I could make the bolt catch and charging handle function? Like pull back on the charging handle, it exposes the hop up, then press the bolt catch and it closes.
  3. I'm looking for metal mid caps $15 or under that would fit in a VFC or Elite Force M4. Thanks!
  4. I don't like multicam black. It looks ugly to me. I'd rather just run straight black.
  5. I want to use A-TACS FG BDU's with OD and foliage green gear. But would it make my camo'd BDU useless? Like if I run an OD helmet, plate carrier, etc, would my camo still be effective?
  6. Would a Tan helmet, combat shirt, belt, and goggles look right with OD everything else? (Including plate carrier)? I'm trying to build a loadout but am having trouble with coloration. Thanks!
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